The ABCD Study's Curated Annual Release 2.0 is now available. The ABCD Study began sharing its Fast Track imaging data in July 2017. All ABCD Study data is stored in the NIMH Data Archive Collection #2573.

Problems have been identified with imaging data tables and associated data dictionaries for the following instruments: abcd_dti_p101, abcd_dti_p201, abcd_ddtidp101, abcd_ddtidp201, abcd_dmdtifp201, abcd_midasemdp201, abcd_midr1bwdp201, abcd_tr2bwdp201, abcd_midabwdp201, abcd_tmidr1semdp201, abcd_tr2semdp201. Corrected files will be available soon. An error was also discovered in imaging data collected from Siemens scanners between September 2017 and December 2017 where structural images are flipped left-right. These data will be updated in a patch release later this year.


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Authorized users are now able to use the ABCD Data Exploration and Analysis Portal (DEAP). The DEAP allows users to analyze ABCD Study data online, while providing appropriate statistical models and tools that take advantage of the study design.​


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