The ABCD Study's Data Release 4.0 is now available ( Please refer to the Release Notes for important information on how to interpret and use the ABCD Study data. Release Notes are updated throughout the year and we encourage users to check for updates regularly. Publicly available release notes can be downloaded here

Only researchers with an approved NDA Data Use Certification (DUC) may obtain ABCD Study data. Click the button below to create an NDA account and apply for data access.

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The ABCD data repository contains several datasets. These include curated and tabulated behavioral and imaging data (plain text, comma-separated values files), associated data and studies, and trial-level data. Minimally processed and FastTrack MRI data are also available. Click the button below to learn more about what data are available and select data packages for download. The data dictionaries for all tabulated data can be accessed here

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The ABCD Study provides the Data Exploration and Analysis Portal (DEAP), a web application that allows users to conduct advanced statistical analyses with ABCD data. DEAP access is available to all users with current access to the ABCD Study. Use your NDA credentials to log in and begin exploring and analyzing the data.

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