ABCD Annual Releases

ABCD Annual Release Data are curated data sets including tabulated behavioral, questionnaire, and imaging data as well as raw behavioral, imaging, and genotyping data. After undergoing thorough quality assurance procedures, curated data are combined into a NDA Study and assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). All personally identifiable information is removed from the data to ensure participant confidentiality and anonymity.

ABCD releases are cumulative, i.e., the latest annual release includes the most up-to-date data from all measurement timepoints. We recommend using data from the latest release as it represents the most complete collection of ABCD data and includes fixes for data issues present in preceding releases. Differences between the original release contents and the latest annual release are documented in the Release Notes, available at

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All ABCD Annual Releases

Release DOI Date
Curated Annual Release 5.0 10.15154/8873-zj65 06/16/2023
Curated Annual Release 4.0 10.15154/1523041 10/27/2021
Curated Annual Release 3.0 10.15154/1520591 11/02/2020
Curated Annual Release 2.0.1 10.15154/1504041 07/08/2019
Curated Annual Release 2.0 10.15154/1503209 3/26/2019
Interim Annual Release 1.1 10.15154/1460410 10/31/2018
Curated Annual Release 1.0 10.15154/1412097 2/12/2018

Visit this page for updates concerning Annual Release Data. Older Annual Releases are available only for the purpose of citing the contents, for those who conducted an analysis using that release.