Query ABCD Study Data

ABCD data are shared through two different types of releases. The Fast Track data include only unprocessed imaging data, and are released on a rolling basis. Curated annual releases of ABCD data, including all assessment domains will be available annually.

Learn about the data currently available through the ABCD Study's two release schedules, or begin querying data:

Fast Track Releases

Annual Curated Releases


NDA Query Tool


The data included in the 3.0 Curated Annual Release can be viewed below. Changes to these data as additional releases are made available are documented in change logs within each release.

The NIMH Data Archive organizes data from specific projects into Collections, which display summary information and allow for a single point of access. The ABCD Study's data are made available in NDA Collection 2573, and approved researchers can access the full data set there.

Vist Request Access to begin the process to access shared data. If you are approved for access, go to Getting Files for more information on how to find and access images. Learn more about the two data releases and how to filter, download or access data in the cloud.

Additionally, when they become available, ABCD NDA Studies will link publications and analytical pipelines directly to the underlying subsets of ABCD Study data.