ABCD Curated Annual Release 3.0

The ABCD Study's Curated Annual Release 3.0 is available to those who have completed the process to gain access to the ABCD Data Repository.

Shared data may change in ongoing updates. The 3.0 Release will be permanently available as a persistent data set defined in NDA Study 901. NDA Study 901 has been assigned the DOI 10.15154/1519007.

Pre-packaged datasets

Release 3.0 is available in a single pre-packaged dataset available through the "Shared Packages" view of your Packages dashboard. The package contains data from the entire Curated Annual Release 3.0, except for the associated images. This will be most useful for users interested in the phenotypic, clinical, genotyping, mobile actigraphy, and data derived from MRI images. Fast Track data (raw images) are not included in these packages.

The package, titled ABCDStudyNDA, will include default NDA variable names for all data elements. This package can be used to create a miNDAR, a cloud-hosted Oracle database as an alternative to downloading it.

Access Pre-Packaged Datasets


Raw and Minimally Processed Imaging Data

The raw MRI images and the minimally processed imaging files are over 100TB in size which may make data transfer difficult.  To access those images, you can use Computational Credits and compute on the data in the cloud without downloading the needed files in their entirety (see here). If you feel that you really need the full imaging data please contact the NDA help desk ( to obtain help in getting the data that you need.

Building a Custom Package

You can also use the query tool to find a subset of the data that are directly relevant to your research questions and download that subset as needed.

All ABCD data, including raw imaging data from fast track updates will be deposited in the ABCD Study Collection 2573. The Shared Data tab lists all data currently available from both Fast Track and Curated Annual Releases.