Request Access

Qualified researchers can request access to ABCD shared data. To get started log into NDA using a Research Auth Service (RAS) identity, create an NDA account, or link your existing NDA account. Once approved, you'll have access to query and download all data available in the repository. Summary data is available to all. For detailed information on the process or criteria for access, visit Access Review.

To request access, follow these steps:

  1. Create an NDA account.

  2. Go to your Data Permissions dashboard.

  3. Complete the access request instructions

The Data Permissions Dashboard is a single location you can access with your account and use to request or renew access electronically to one or many repositories in NDA, including ABCD and others.

If you are unable to complete the automated Data Use Certification (DUC) process described above, you can also complete the PDF manually and email a signed copy to