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Sharing Regimen

NIH-funded researchers who share data with an NIMH Data Archive (NDA) data repository agree to the applicable Data Sharing Terms and Conditions in the table below. Researchers are expected or required to deposit data (including, but not limited to, clinical, genomic, imaging, and phenotypic data) from experiments involving human subjects into this infrastructure. All data should be de-identified and should be collected from subjects who have broadly consented to share their data for research use or who have consented to share their data for research, with data use limitations.

Data will be shared with authorized users upon publication (via an NDA Study) or 1-2 years after the grant end date specified on the first Notice of Award, as defined in the applicable Data Sharing Terms and Conditions.

Submission Cycles

Data submission can start at any time. Per the NDA Data Sharing Terms and Conditions, NDA Collections' Data Expected section should be complete within six months of the grant award. The Data Expected section will be accessible in your NDA Collection only after you submit your NDA Data Submission Agreement (DSA), so don’t wait to submit your DSA.

We encourage researchers to begin defining their Data Expected section as soon as possible, allowing the NDA Data Curation team sufficient time to map data collection instruments to the NDA Data Dictionary. More information on requesting changes to existing data structures in the NDA Data Dictionary, creating new data structures, and information on how to submit data can be found in the Data Submission tutorial. Data submission must be completed through the NDA Validation and Upload tool. More information regarding NDA's Data Harmonization Approach can be found here.

NDA Bi-annual Submission Deadlines:

  • January 15th 
  • July 15th

NIAAADA  Bi-annual Submission Deadlines:

  • April 1st 
  • October 1st


Effective Date Expiration Date Title System
01/01/2020 Current NIMH Data Archive Data Sharing Terms and Conditions




3/11/2022 Current NIAAADA Data Sharing Terms and Conditions NIAAADA
12/16/2021 3/11/2022 NIAAADA Data Sharing Terms and Conditions NIAAADA
07/31/2019    12/16/2021     NIAAADA Data Sharing Terms and Conditions NIAAADA
07/01/2015 12/31/2019 NIMH Data Archive Data Sharing Terms and Conditions

Clinical Trials



09/15/2014 06/30/2015 National Database for Clinical Trials Related to Mental Illness (NDCT) Data Sharing Plan

Clinical Trials

03/06/2014 06/30/2015 Grantees Data Sharing Policty to be included in Terms and Conditions of Awards


09/15/2014 06/30/2015 Research Domain Criteria Database (RDoCdb) Data Sharing Plan



If you have specific questions regarding which of your data falls into which category, please contact your program officer.


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