NDA Office Hours

Submission Cycle Office Hours

NDA is offering additional Office Hours during the month of January to answer your submission cycle questions for the January 15, 2022 submission deadline. Register now!

Please send any questions you'd like answered to the NDA Help Desk!

NDA will host one NDA Office Hours session for submitters who still need submission cycle guidance after the January 15 deadline.

Date Time Zoom Registration Link
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST Register


For more frequently asked submission cycle questions and answers: Navigating the NDA Data Submission Process


NDA Webinars

You can now watch webinars on-demand.

#1) New Grantee Orientation Webinars

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New Grantee Orientation webinars are geared toward researchers new to NDA data sharing and will cover the entire data submission and sharing process. Researchers and data managers at any stage of data sharing are welcome to attend. 

A special emphasis will be placed on tasks to be addressed immediately after the grant award to help researchers get organized in preparation for data collection and sharing.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to NDA Permission Groups, NDA Collections, Consent Language, GUIDs, Data Expected lists, Submission & Sharing Cycles, NDA Data Dictionary, Automated Communications, and resources for help.

#2) Data Harmonization Webinars

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Data Harmonization training webinars are strongly suggested for first-time submitters as well as those who would like a refresher to teach users how to prepare to submit data.

Starting early in the preparation process saves time, makes data submission easier, and allows time if you need assistance. The webinars will include the full submission process from the initial paperwork to the successful upload.

#3) Data Validation & Submission Webinars

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This webinar is offered around the two submission cycles (Jan 15th and July 15th) to help prepare users involved in submitting data to understand the process of validation, error handling, submission, and post-submission Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC).

#4) Data Access Webinars

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NIMH Data Archive (NDA) Data Access webinars will cover full data access functionality to instruct users on how to access data.  Jupyter Notebooks will be used to illustrate the topics with informational slides and sample code. 


NDA Tutorials

Tutorials on how to Contribute Data:

Using the Validation and Upload Tool

This set of video tutorials demonstrates how to use the NDA Validation and Upload Tool to verify your data are consistent with your Data Dictionary structures and how to upload them to the NDA. Alternately, data can be validated through a python package and command-line client that was developed to allow users to programmatically validate, package, submit, and/or download data.

Data Submission

Designed for data managers, this data submission training provides a walkthrough of the process to prepare and upload data to NDA.

Submission for Principal Investigators

Similar to the Data Submission tutorial, this training covers the entire lifecycle of a data submission project, intended for the principal investigators of contributing projects.

Tutorials on how to Get Data:

Creating an NDA Study

For those accessing data for secondary analysis or contributing their own data, an NDA Study should be created in anticipation of a publication or other result. This training will assist you in creating your Study.

Accessing Shared Data

Learn how to request access to shared data, use NDA's query tools to find data of interest, and get the data through downloading or direct access in the cloud.

Accessing Files in the Cloud

Learn how to use your NDA account to work with your own database in the cloud, or access rich data files directly in Amazon S3.