Data currently available from these CCF projects:

Lifespan HCP Release 2.0 for HCP-Aging (HCP-A, ages 36-100+) and HCP Development HCP-D, ages 5-21)

Connectomes Related to Human Disease (CRHD) Projects:

  • Dimensional Connectomics of Anxious Misery (DCAM) Release 1.0
  • Perturbation of the treatment resistant depression connectome by fast-acting therapies (PDC) Release 1.0
  • Boston Adolescent Neuroimaging of Depression & Anxiety (BANDA) Release 1.0
  • HCP-Early Psychosis (HCP-EP) Release 1.1

Lifespan HCP Release 2.0 includes minimally preprocessed structural, resting state fMRI, and task fMRI, behavioral and clinical, and unprocessed multimodal imaging (structural, resting state fMRI, task fMRI, diffusion, and ASL) visit 1 data from 725 HCP-Aging and 652 HCP-Development healthy participants.

CRHD Releases include unprocessed multimodal imaging data for all released subjects (all projects) and minimally preprocessed data for a subset of projects/subjects (including PDC, BANDA and HCP-EP).

Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP) include images of neonatal subjects. The imaging data includes structural imaging, structural connectivity data (diffusion MRI) and functional connectivity data (resting-state fMRI).

Shared packages (OPTION 1) are available for download or custom packages with a subset of the released data may be built from modality- and processing output-specific datasets (OPTION 2).

HCP Aging and Development RELEASE 2.0 CRHD RELEASES

CCF Collections (with all information & documentation):

dHCP #3955 HCP-A #2847 HCP-D #2846 HCP-EP #2914 BANDA #3037 PDC #2844 DCAM #3161

Researchers new to the NIMH Data Archive system interested in gaining access should read the HCP Lifespan Release 2.0 Access Instructions for further details on requesting access to the CCF/ABCD repository on NDA and obtaining the data.