About the CCF

Research into the Human Connectome has increased dramatically since the original Human Connectome Project grants were awarded by the NIH in 2011. Over the next decade, we expect to see dozens of new projects at institutions around the world researching aspects of how age, growth, disease, and other factors can affect the ever-changing connections in the human brain.

The Connectome Coordination Facility (CCF) was chartered to help coordinate myriad research projects, harmonize their data, and facilitate the dissemination of results.

The CCF has three primary aims:

  1. Run a “data acquisition help desk,” to facilitate in the collection of HCP-style data for optimal comparability.
  2. Maintain and expand the HCP informatics infrastructure, to host and distribute connectome data from multiple studies on ConnectomeDB and Amazon Web Services.
  3. Serve as a “harmonization center,” to make data from multiple studies and institutions as comparable as possible.

For more information or to contact the Connectome Coordination Facility, visit https://www.humanconnectome.org/