Query CCF Study Data Collections

CCF data are available through two NDA query pages, one for the Lifespan HCP Aging and Development studies and one for the Connectomes Related to Human Disease studies.

On the query pages, imaging data are available in modality- and processing output-specific datasets (option two) that cater to different analysis purposes. Click on the nested dropdowns to explore all the datasets and on “i” icons for descriptions.

For the Lifespan HCP Release 2.0, we offer Recommended, Legacy, FreeSurfer, Extended, and Uncleaned preprocessed packages.

Preprocessed Recommended data have been precisely aligned by multimodal cortical surface area registration across subjects and cleaned of spatially specific structured noise. This is the recommended starting point for most fMRI analyses. Shared packages (available through the "Shared Packages" view of your Packages dashboard) HCPAgingRec and HCPDevelopmentRec contain all preprocessed recommended fMRI data for all release subjects (~1.7 TB each).

Legacy Surface data are coarsely aligned across subjects by folding based surface registration and cleaned of structured noise.

Legacy Volume data are poorly aligned across subjects using nonlinear volume registration and cleaned of structured noise.

Uncleaned data contain data of all registration types that have not been cleaned of structured noise.

Extended data contain additional files that may be of use to some users.

Single subject shared packages (option one, HCPAging1Sub and HCPDevelopment1Sub) contain all data for a single subject with complete data to allow users to explore all the available processed data (all the packages above) and unprocessed data of all modalities in a manageable download (27 - 32 GB).

Imaging manifest + behavioral shared packages (option one, HCPAgingImgManifestBeh and HCPDevImgManifestBeh) contain all Behavioral data + Preprocessed and Unprocessed Imaging metadata, including the datastructure_manifest.txt file that contains AWS S3 URLs. These shared packages are small (100 kB each) and can be 1) used to search for subjects with specific behavioral values and 2) find download URLs for specific files of interest.

HCPAgingAllFiles and HCPDevAllFiles shared packages contain all release data (~22 TB each) and are not meant to be downloaded in their entirety. They are provided for exploration/download of subsets of files using NDAs new download tools.

Access the Query pages:

HCP Aging and Development RELEASE 2.0 HCP-EP RELEASE 1.1