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ABCD Youth Block Food Screen

10,522 Shared Subjects

This screener assesses children's intake by food group, with outcomes measured in number of servings.
Clinical Assessments
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Query Element Name Data Type Size Required Condition Description Value Range Notes Aliases
subjectkey GUID Required The NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subject NDAR*
src_subject_id String 20 Required Subject ID how it's defined in lab/project
interview_date Date Required Date on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYY
interview_age Integer Required Age in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging. 0 :: 1260 Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
sex String 20 Required Sex of subject at birth M;F; O; NR M = Male; F = Female; O=Other; NR = Not reported gender
eventname String 60 Required The event name for which the data was collected
bkfs_apples Integer Recommended Apples, bananas, or oranges/Manzanas, plátanos, o naranjas
bkfs_apples_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_apples == 1 || bkfs_apples == 2 || bkfs_apples == 3 || bkfs_apples == 4 || bkfs_apples == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_applesauce Integer Recommended Applesauce, fruit cocktail/Puré de manzana, cóctel de frutas
bkfs_applesauce_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_applesauce == 1 || bkfs_applesauce == 2 || bkfs_applesauce == 3 || bkfs_applesauce == 4 || bkfs_applesauce == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_bars Integer Recommended Breakfast bars, granola bars, Protein bars/Barras de desayuno, barras de granola, barras de proteína
bkfs_bars_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_bars == 1 || bkfs_bars == 2 || bkfs_bars == 3 || bkfs_bars == 4 || bkfs_bars == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_beans Integer Recommended Chili beans, pinto beans, black beans, including in burritos/Frijoles pintos, frijoles negros, chile con frijoles o burritos de frijoles
bkfs_beans_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_beans == 1 || bkfs_beans == 2 || bkfs_beans == 3 || bkfs_beans == 4 || bkfs_beans == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_beef Integer Recommended Beef like roast, steak or in sandwiches/Carne de res, asado, bistec, o en sándwiches
bkfs_beef_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_beef == 1 || bkfs_beef == 2 || bkfs_beef == 3 || bkfs_beef == 4 || bkfs_beef == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_bread Integer Recommended Whole wheat bread or rolls (NOT white bread)/Pan de harina integral (NO pan blanco)
bkfs_bread_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_bread == 1 || bkfs_bread == 2 || bkfs_bread == 3 || bkfs_bread == 4 || bkfs_bread == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_burgers Integer Recommended Hamburgers, cheeseburgers/Hamburguesas o hamburguesas con queso
bkfs_burgers_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_burgers == 1 || bkfs_burgers == 2 || bkfs_burgers == 3 || bkfs_burgers == 4 || bkfs_burgers == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_burritos Integer Recommended Burritos or tacos/Burritos o tacos
bkfs_burritos_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_burritos == 1 || bkfs_burritos == 2 || bkfs_burritos == 3 || bkfs_burritos == 4 || bkfs_burritos == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_candy Integer Recommended Candy, candy bars/Dulces o golosinas
bkfs_candy_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_c&&y == 1 || bkfs_c&&y == 2 || bkfs_c&&y == 3 || bkfs_c&&y == 4 || bkfs_c&&y == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_cereal Integer Recommended Cereal, like cornflakes, Frosted Flakes</span><br/><span lang="es" style="color:maroon;">Cereal frío, como Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes
bkfs_cereal_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_cereal == 1 || bkfs_cereal == 2 || bkfs_cereal == 3 || bkfs_cereal == 4 || bkfs_cereal == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_cereal_kind Integer Recommended bkfs_cereal == 1 || bkfs_cereal == 2 || bkfs_cereal == 3 || bkfs_cereal == 4 || bkfs_cereal == 5 What kind of cereal did your child eat? (Select one)/¿Qué tipo de cereal comió su niño/a? (Marque sólo uno.)
bkfs_cheese Integer Recommended Cheese, Remember cheese in sandwiches or nachos with cheese or quesadillas/Queso, recuerde el queso en sándwiches, nachos con queso, y quesadillas</span></font>
bkfs_cheese_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_cheese == 1 || bkfs_cheese == 2 || bkfs_cheese == 3 || bkfs_cheese == 4 || bkfs_cheese == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_chicken Integer Recommended Chicken, including nuggets, wings, tenders, also in sandwiches or stew/Pollo, incluyendo nuggets, alas, tiras de pollo, también en sándwiches o guisado
bkfs_chicken_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_chicken == 1 || bkfs_chicken == 2 || bkfs_chicken == 3 || bkfs_chicken == 4 || bkfs_chicken == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_chips Integer Recommended Snack chips like potato chips, Doritos, Fritos, tortilla chips/Papitas como Doritos, Fritos, o totopos ('chips')
bkfs_chips_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_chips == 1 || bkfs_chips == 2 || bkfs_chips == 3 || bkfs_chips == 4 || bkfs_chips == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_cooked_cereal Integer Recommended Cooked cereal, like oatmeal</span><br/><span lang="es" style="color:maroon;">Cereal cocido como avena
bkfs_cooked_cereal_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_cooked_cereal == 1 || bkfs_cooked_cereal == 2 || bkfs_cooked_cereal == 3 || bkfs_cooked_cereal == 4 || bkfs_cooked_cereal == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_cookies Integer Recommended Cookies, donuts, cakes like Ho-Hos/Galletas, donas, pastelitos como Ho-Hos
bkfs_cookies_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_cookies == 1 || bkfs_cookies == 2 || bkfs_cookies == 3 || bkfs_cookies == 4 || bkfs_cookies == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_eggs Integer Recommended Eggs, breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos/Huevos, desayuno, sandwiches o burritos de desayuno
bkfs_eggs_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_eggs == 1 || bkfs_eggs == 2 || bkfs_eggs == 3 || bkfs_eggs == 4 || bkfs_eggs == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_fish Integer Recommended Fish, fish sticks or sandwiches, tuna, shrimp/Pescado, como sándwiches de pescado, palitos de pescado, camarones, o atún
bkfs_fish_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_fish == 1 || bkfs_fish == 2 || bkfs_fish == 3 || bkfs_fish == 4 || bkfs_fish == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_fries Integer Recommended French fries, hash browns, tater tots/Papas fritas, 'tater tots,' 'hash browns
bkfs_fries_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_fries == 1 || bkfs_fries == 2 || bkfs_fries == 3 || bkfs_fries == 4 || bkfs_fries == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_green_beans Integer Recommended Green beans or peas/Ejotes o chícharos
bkfs_green_beans_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_green_beans == 1 || bkfs_green_beans == 2 || bkfs_green_beans == 3 || bkfs_green_beans == 4 || bkfs_green_beans == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_hotdogs Integer Recommended Hot dogs, corn dogs, or sausage/'Hot Dogs', 'corn dogs', o salchicha
bkfs_hotdogs_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_hotdogs == 1 || bkfs_hotdogs == 2 || bkfs_hotdogs == 3 || bkfs_hotdogs == 4 || bkfs_hotdogs == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_icecream Integer Recommended Ice cream/Helados (nieve)
bkfs_icecream_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_icecream == 1 || bkfs_icecream == 2 || bkfs_icecream == 3 || bkfs_icecream == 4 || bkfs_icecream == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_juice Integer Recommended Real fruit juice, like orange juice, apple juice, or Mexican fruit drink like licuados (DO NOT include soda)/Cualquier jugo natural de fruta como jugo de naranja, jugo de manzana, o licuados (NO incluya sodas/refrescos)
bkfs_juice_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_juice == 1 || bkfs_juice == 2 || bkfs_juice == 3 || bkfs_juice == 4 || bkfs_juice == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_ketchup Integer Recommended Ketchup or salsa/Kétchup or salsa
bkfs_ketchup_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_ketchup == 1 || bkfs_ketchup == 2 || bkfs_ketchup == 3 || bkfs_ketchup == 4 || bkfs_ketchup == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_lunch_meat Integer Recommended Lunch meat like bologna, ham, Lunchables/Carnes frías como bologna, jamón, o 'Lunchables'
bkfs_lunch_meat_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_lunch_meat == 1 || bkfs_lunch_meat == 2 || bkfs_lunch_meat == 3 || bkfs_lunch_meat == 4 || bkfs_lunch_meat == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_mac_and_cheese Integer Recommended Macaroni and cheese/Macarrones con queso
bkfs_mac_and_cheese_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_mac_&&_cheese == 1 || bkfs_mac_&&_cheese == 2 || bkfs_mac_&&_cheese == 3 || bkfs_mac_&&_cheese == 4 || bkfs_mac_&&_cheese == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_meat Integer Recommended Meat balls, meat loaf, beef stew, Hamburger Helper/Albóndigas, picadillo, guisado de res, Hamburger Helper
bkfs_meat_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_meat == 1 || bkfs_meat == 2 || bkfs_meat == 3 || bkfs_meat == 4 || bkfs_meat == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_milk Integer Recommended Glasses of milk/Vasos de leche
bkfs_milk_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_milk == 1 || bkfs_milk == 2 || bkfs_milk == 3 || bkfs_milk == 4 || bkfs_milk == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_milk_kind Integer Recommended bkfs_milk == 1 || bkfs_milk == 2 || bkfs_milk == 3 || bkfs_milk == 4 || bkfs_milk == 5 What kind of milk did your child drink?/¿Qué tipo de leche bebe su niño(a)?
bkfs_other_fruit Integer Recommended Think about everything your child ate or drank last week. Remember what your child had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, after school, while watching TV, at bedtime, and on the weekend.</span><br/><span lang="es" style="color:maroon;">Piense en todo lo que su niño(a) comió o bebió la semana pasada. Recuerde lo que tuvo su niño(a) durante el desayuno, almuerzo, cena, después de la escuela, mientras vió la televisión, a la hora de acostarse, y en el fin de semana.
bkfs_other_fruit_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_other_fruit == 1 || bkfs_other_fruit == 2 || bkfs_other_fruit == 3 || bkfs_other_fruit == 4 || bkfs_other_fruit == 5 Any other fruit, like strawberries, grapes/Cualquier otra fruta, como fresas, uvas
bkfs_pizza Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_pizza_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_pizza == 1 || bkfs_pizza == 2 || bkfs_pizza == 3 || bkfs_pizza == 4 || bkfs_pizza == 5 Pizza or pizza pockets/Pizza o Pizza Pockets
bkfs_popcorn Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_popcorn_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_popc||n == 1 || bkfs_popc||n == 2 || bkfs_popc||n == 3 || bkfs_popc||n == 4 || bkfs_popc||n == 5 Popcorn/Palomitas de maíz
bkfs_pork Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_pork_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_p||k == 1 || bkfs_p||k == 2 || bkfs_p||k == 3 || bkfs_p||k == 4 || bkfs_p||k == 5 Pork, like chops, roast, ribs/Carne de cerdo, como chuletas, asada, costillas
bkfs_potatoes Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_potatoes_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_potatoes == 1 || bkfs_potatoes == 2 || bkfs_potatoes == 3 || bkfs_potatoes == 4 || bkfs_potatoes == 5 Other potatoes, like mashed or boiled/Cualquier otro tipo de papas, como pure de papas o hervidas
bkfs_refried_beans Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_refried_beans_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_refried_beans == 1 || bkfs_refried_beans == 2 || bkfs_refried_beans == 3 || bkfs_refried_beans == 4 || bkfs_refried_beans == 5 Refried beans/Frijoles refritos
bkfs_salad Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_salad_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_salad == 1 || bkfs_salad == 2 || bkfs_salad == 3 || bkfs_salad == 4 || bkfs_salad == 5 Lettuce salad/Ensalada de lechuga
bkfs_select_language Integer Recommended bkfs_select_language
bkfs_soda Integer Recommended HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_soda_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_soda == 1 || bkfs_soda == 2 || bkfs_soda == 3 || bkfs_soda == 4 || bkfs_soda == 5 Drinks like Coke or 7-Up, Sunny Delight, Hawaiian Punch, or aguas frescas (DO NOT include diet soda)/Refrescos como Coke, 7-Up, Sunny Delight, Hawaiian Punch, o agua frescas (NO incluya refrescos dietéticos)</span>
bkfs_soup Integer Recommended Include sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, etc./Incluye bebidas deportivas como Gatorade, Powerade, etc.</span>
bkfs_soup_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_soup == 1 || bkfs_soup == 2 || bkfs_soup == 3 || bkfs_soup == 4 || bkfs_soup == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_spaghetti Integer Recommended Vegetable soup, tomato soup, any soup or stew with vegetables in it/Sopa de verduras, sopa de tomate, cualquier sopa o guisado con verduras
bkfs_spaghetti_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_spaghetti == 1 || bkfs_spaghetti == 2 || bkfs_spaghetti == 3 || bkfs_spaghetti == 4 || bkfs_spaghetti == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_tomatoes Integer Recommended Spaghetti or ravioli with tomato sauce/Espagueti o ravioles con salsa de tomate
bkfs_tomatoes_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_tomatoes == 1 || bkfs_tomatoes == 2 || bkfs_tomatoes == 3 || bkfs_tomatoes == 4 || bkfs_tomatoes == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
bkfs_vegetables Integer Recommended Tomatoes, including on salad/Tomates, incluyendo en ensaladas
bkfs_vegetables_1_day Integer Recommended bkfs_vegetables == 1 || bkfs_vegetables == 2 || bkfs_vegetables == 3 || bkfs_vegetables == 4 || bkfs_vegetables == 5 HOW MUCH IN ONE DAY?/¿CUÁNTO EN UN DÍA?
ra_confirm Integer Recommended ra_confirm
bkfs_respondentid String 30 Recommended Respondent ID #
bkfs_sex String 30 Recommended Respondent's Sex
bkfs_age String 30 Recommended Respondent's Age, years
bkfs_coldcerealfreq String 30 Recommended Cold cereal, Frequency last week
bkfs_coldcerealquan String 30 Recommended Cold cereal, Quantity in one day
bkfs_cookcerfreq String 30 Recommended Cooked cereal, Frequency last week
bkfs_cookcerquan String 30 Recommended Cooked cereal, Quantity in one day
bkfs_eggfreq String 30 Recommended Eggs, Frequency last week
bkfs_eggquan String 30 Recommended Eggs, Quantity in one day
bkfs_granbarfreq String 30 Recommended Breakfast bars..., Frequency last week
bkfs_granbarquan String 30 Recommended Breakfast bars..., Quantity in one day
bkfs_milkfreq String 30 Recommended Glasses of milk, Frequency last week
bkfs_milkquan String 30 Recommended Glasses of milk, Quantity in one day
bkfs_fruitjcfreq String 30 Recommended Real fruit juice, Frequency last week
bkfs_fruitjcquan String 30 Recommended Real fruit juice, Quantity in one day
bkfs_sodafreq String 30 Recommended Drinks like Coke, soft drinks, Frequency last week
bkfs_sodaquan String 30 Recommended Drinks like Coke, soft drinks, Quantity in one day
bkfs_applefreq String 30 Recommended Apples, Frequency last week
bkfs_applequan String 30 Recommended Apples, Quantity in one day
bkfs_applscfreq String 30 Recommended Applesauce, Frequency last week
bkfs_applscquan String 30 Recommended Applesauce, Quantity in one day
bkfs_othfrutfreq String 30 Recommended Any other fruit, Frequency last week
bkfs_othfrutquan String 30 Recommended Any other fruit, Quantity in one day
bkfs_frenchfreq String 30 Recommended French fries, Frequency last week
bkfs_frenchquan String 30 Recommended French fries, Quantity in one day
bkfs_othpotfreq String 30 Recommended Other potatoes, Frequency last week
bkfs_othpotquan String 30 Recommended Other potatoes, Quantity in one day
bkfs_ketchupfreq String 30 Recommended Ketchup or salsa, Frequency last week
bkfs_ketchupquan String 30 Recommended Ketchup or salsa, Quantity in one day
bkfs_lettucefreq String 30 Recommended Lettuce salad, Frequency last week
bkfs_lettucequan String 30 Recommended Lettuce salad, Quantity in one day
bkfs_tomatofreq String 30 Recommended Tomatoes, Frequency last week
bkfs_tomatoquan String 30 Recommended Tomatoes, Quantity in one day
bkfs_grnbeanfreq String 30 Recommended Green beans, Frequency last week
bkfs_grnbeanquan String 30 Recommended Green beans, Quantity in one day
bkfs_othvegfreq String 30 Recommended Other vegetables, Frequency last week
bkfs_othvegquan String 30 Recommended Other vegetables, Quantity in one day
bkfs_vegsoupfreq String 30 Recommended Vegetable soup, Frequency last week
bkfs_vegsoupquan String 30 Recommended Vegetable soup, Quantity in one day
bkfs_pintofreq String 30 Recommended Chili beans, Frequency last week
bkfs_pintoquan String 30 Recommended Chili beans, Quantity in one day
bkfs_refriedfreq String 30 Recommended Refried beans, Frequency last week
bkfs_refriedquan String 30 Recommended Refried beans, Quantity in one day
bkfs_hambgrfreq String 30 Recommended Hamburgers, Frequency last week
bkfs_hambgrquan String 30 Recommended Hamburgers, Quantity in one day
bkfs_hotdogfreq String 30 Recommended Hot dogs, Frequency last week
bkfs_hotdogquan String 30 Recommended Hot dogs, Quantity in one day
bkfs_lunchmtfreq String 30 Recommended Lunch meat, Frequency last week
bkfs_lunchmtquan String 30 Recommended Lunch meat, Quantity in one day
bkfs_pizzafreq String 30 Recommended Pizza, Frequency last week
bkfs_pizzaquan String 30 Recommended Pizza, Quantity in one day
bkfs_spagfreq String 30 Recommended Spaghetti, Frequency last week
bkfs_spagquan String 30 Recommended Spaghetti, Quantity in one day
bkfs_macfreq String 30 Recommended Macaroni and cheese, Frequency last week
bkfs_macquan String 30 Recommended Macaroni and cheese, Quantity in one day
bkfs_chickfreq String 30 Recommended Chicken, Frequency last week
bkfs_chickquan String 30 Recommended Chicken, Quantity in one day
bkfs_fishfreq String 30 Recommended Fish, Frequency last week
bkfs_fishquan String 30 Recommended Fish, Quantity in one day
bkfs_burritofreq String 30 Recommended Burritos, Frequency last week
bkfs_burritoquan String 30 Recommended Burritos, Quantity in one day
bkfs_rstbffreq String 30 Recommended Beef like roast, Frequency last week
bkfs_rstbfquan String 30 Recommended Beef like roast, Quantity in one day
bkfs_othmeatfreq String 30 Recommended Meat balls, Frequency last week
bkfs_othmeatquan String 30 Recommended Meat balls, Quantity in one day
bkfs_porkfreq String 30 Recommended Pork, Frequency last week
bkfs_porkquan String 30 Recommended Pork, Quantity in one day
bkfs_popcornfreq String 30 Recommended Popcorn, Frequency last week
bkfs_popcornquan String 30 Recommended Popcorn, Quantity in one day
bkfs_snkchpfreq String 30 Recommended Snack chips, Frequency last week
bkfs_snkchpquan String 30 Recommended Snack chips, Quantity in one day
bkfs_icecrmfreq String 30 Recommended Ice cream, Frequency last week
bkfs_icecrmquan String 30 Recommended Ice cream, Quantity in one day
bkfs_candyfreq String 30 Recommended Candy, Frequency last week
bkfs_candyquan String 30 Recommended Candy, Quantity in one day
bkfs_cookiefreq String 30 Recommended Cookies, Frequency last week
bkfs_cookiequan String 30 Recommended Cookies, Quantity in one day
bkfs_cheesefreq String 30 Recommended Cheese, Frequency last week
bkfs_cheesequan String 30 Recommended Cheese, Quantity in one day
bkfs_wheatbrdfreq String 30 Recommended Whole wheat bread, Frequency last week
bkfs_wheatbrdquan String 30 Recommended Whole wheat bread, Quantity in one day
bkfs_coldcerealtype String 30 Recommended Cold cereal type
bkfs_milktype String 30 Recommended Milk type
bkfs_fruit_ce Float Recommended fruit_ce
bkfs_vegnopot_ce Float Recommended vegnopot_ce
bkfs_potato_ce Float Recommended potato_ce
bkfs_whlgrain_oze Float Recommended whlgrain_oze
bkfs_satfat_g Float Recommended satfat_g
bkfs_meatpoulfish_oze Float Recommended meatpoulfish_oze
bkfs_dairy_ce Float Recommended dairy_ce
bkfs_legumes_ce Float Recommended legumes_ce
bkfs_sugaradded_tsp Float Recommended sugaradded_tsp
bkfs_gi Float Recommended gi
bkfs_gl Float Recommended gl
bkfs_dt_kcal Float Recommended dt_kcal
bkfs_dt_prot Float Recommended dt_prot
bkfs_dt_tfat Float Recommended dt_tfat
bkfs_dt_carb Float Recommended dt_carb
bkfs_dt_fibe Float Recommended dt_fibe
bkfs_dt_sug_t Float Recommended dt_sug_t
bkfs_group_sugarybevg_t_kcal Float Recommended group_sugarybevg_total_kcal bkfs_group_sugarybevg_total_kcal
bkfs_group_sugarybevg_total_fr Float Recommended group_sugarybevg_total_frequency bkfs_group_sugarybevg_total_frequency
bkfs_group_solid_total_grams Float Recommended group_solid_total_grams
bkfs_foodsperday Float Recommended foodsperday
bkfs_group_solid_count Float Recommended group_solid_count
bkfs_group_solid_total_fr Float Recommended group_solid_total_frequency bkfs_group_solid_total_frequency
bkfs_drximfat Float Recommended drximfat
bkfs_drxipfat Float Recommended drxipfat
bkfs_drxichol Float Recommended drxichol
bkfs_drxiatoc Float Recommended drxiatoc
bkfs_drxiret Float Recommended drxiret
bkfs_drxivara Float Recommended drxivara
bkfs_drxiacar Float Recommended drxiacar
bkfs_drxibcar Float Recommended drxibcar
bkfs_drxicryp Float Recommended drxicryp
bkfs_drxilyco Float Recommended drxilyco
bkfs_drxilz Float Recommended drxilz
bkfs_drxivb1 Float Recommended drxivb1
bkfs_drxivb2 Float Recommended drxivb2
bkfs_drxiniac Float Recommended drxiniac
bkfs_drxivb6 Float Recommended drxivb6
bkfs_drxifola Float Recommended drxifola
bkfs_drxifa Float Recommended drxifa
bkfs_drxiff Float Recommended drxiff
bkfs_drxifdfe Float Recommended drxifdfe
bkfs_drxivb12 Float Recommended drxivb12
bkfs_drxivc Float Recommended drxivc
bkfs_drxivk Float Recommended drxivk
bkfs_drxicalc Float Recommended drxicalc
bkfs_drxiphos Float Recommended drxiphos
bkfs_drximagn Float Recommended drximagn
bkfs_drxiiron Float Recommended drxiiron
bkfs_drxizinc Float Recommended drxizinc
bkfs_drxicopp Float Recommended drxicopp
bkfs_drdisodi Float Recommended drdisodi
bkfs_drxipota Float Recommended drxipota
bkfs_drxisele Float Recommended drxisele
bkfs_drxicaff Float Recommended drxicaff
bkfs_drxitheo Float Recommended drxitheo
bkfs_drxialco Float Recommended drxialco
bkfs_drximois Float Recommended drximois
bkfs_drxis040 Float Recommended drxis040
bkfs_drxis060 Float Recommended drxis060
bkfs_drxis080 Float Recommended drxis080
bkfs_drxis100 Float Recommended drxis100
bkfs_drxis120 Float Recommended drxis120
bkfs_drxis140 Float Recommended drxis140
bkfs_drxis160 Float Recommended drxis160
bkfs_drxis180 Float Recommended drxis180
bkfs_drxim161 Float Recommended drxim161
bkfs_drxim181 Float Recommended drxim181
bkfs_drxim201 Float Recommended drxim201
bkfs_drxim221 Float Recommended drxim221
bkfs_drxip182 Float Recommended drxip182
bkfs_drxip183 Float Recommended drxip183
bkfs_drxip184 Float Recommended drxip184
bkfs_drxip204 Float Recommended drxip204
bkfs_drxip205 Float Recommended drxip205
bkfs_drxip225 Float Recommended drxip225
bkfs_drxip226 Float Recommended drxip226
bkfs_drxip227 Float Recommended group_fd_cerealnotwgsweet_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cerealnotwgsweet_total_grams
bkfs_drxip228 Float Recommended group_fd_cookedcereal_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cookedcereal_total_grams
bkfs_drxip229 Float Recommended group_fd_eggsandwich_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_eggsandwich_total_grams
bkfs_drxip230 Float Recommended group_fd_breakfastproteinbars_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_breakfastproteinbars_total_grams
bkfs_drxip231 Float Recommended group_fd_milk2pct_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milk2pct_total_grams
bkfs_drxip232 Float Recommended group_fd_fruitjuice_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_fruitjuice_total_grams
bkfs_drxip233 Float Recommended group_fd_softdrinks_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_softdrinks_total_grams
bkfs_drxip234 Float Recommended group_fd_applebananaorange_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_applebananaorange_total_grams
bkfs_drxip235 Float Recommended group_fd_applesaucecannedfruit_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_applesaucecannedfruit_total_grams
bkfs_drxip236 Float Recommended group_fd_anyotherfruit_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_anyotherfruit_total_grams
bkfs_drxip237 Float Recommended group_fd_friedpotatoes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_friedpotatoes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip238 Float Recommended group_fd_otherpotatoes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_otherpotatoes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip239 Float Recommended group_fd_ketchupsalsa_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_ketchupsalsa_total_grams
bkfs_drxip240 Float Recommended group_fd_lettucesalad_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_lettucesalad_total_grams
bkfs_drxip241 Float Recommended group_fd_tomatoes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_tomatoes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip242 Float Recommended group_fd_greenbeanspeas_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_greenbeanspeas_total_grams
bkfs_drxip243 Float Recommended group_fd_othervegetables_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_othervegetables_total_grams
bkfs_drxip244 Float Recommended group_fd_vegetablesoupstew_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_vegetablesoupstew_total_grams
bkfs_drxip245 Float Recommended group_fd_chilibeans_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_chilibeans_total_grams
bkfs_drxip246 Float Recommended group_fd_refriedbeans_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_refriedbeans_total_grams
bkfs_drxip247 Float Recommended group_fd_hamburgercheeseburger_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_hamburgercheeseburger_total_grams
bkfs_drxip248 Float Recommended group_fd_hotdogssausage_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_hotdogssausage_total_grams
bkfs_drxip249 Float Recommended group_fd_lunchmeat_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_lunchmeat_total_grams
bkfs_drxip250 Float Recommended group_fd_pizza_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_pizza_total_grams
bkfs_drxip251 Float Recommended group_fd_spaghettitomatosauce_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_spaghettitomatosauce_total_grams
bkfs_drxip252 Float Recommended group_fd_macncheese_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_macncheese_total_grams
bkfs_drxip253 Float Recommended group_fd_chickenndishes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_chickenndishes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip254 Float Recommended group_fd_fishndishes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_fishndishes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip255 Float Recommended group_fd_burritostacos_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_burritostacos_total_grams
bkfs_drxip256 Float Recommended group_fd_beefroaststeak_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_beefroaststeak_total_grams
bkfs_drxip257 Float Recommended group_fd_meatballsbeefdishes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_meatballsbeefdishes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip258 Float Recommended group_fd_pork_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_pork_total_grams
bkfs_drxip259 Float Recommended group_fd_popcorn_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_popcorn_total_grams
bkfs_drxip260 Float Recommended group_fd_chipscornpotato_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_chipscornpotato_total_grams
bkfs_drxip261 Float Recommended group_fd_icecream_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_icecream_total_grams
bkfs_drxip262 Float Recommended group_fd_candynbars_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_candynbars_total_grams
bkfs_drxip263 Float Recommended group_fd_cookiedonutcake_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cookiedonutcake_total_grams
bkfs_drxip264 Float Recommended group_fd_cheesendishes_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cheesendishes_total_grams
bkfs_drxip265 Float Recommended group_fd_wholewheatbread_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_wholewheatbread_total_grams
bkfs_drxip266 Float Recommended group_fd_cerealwgnotsweet_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cerealwgnotsweet_total_grams
bkfs_drxip267 Float Recommended group_fd_cerealwgsweet_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cerealwgsweet_total_grams
bkfs_drxip268 Float Recommended group_fd_cerealnotwgnotsweet_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_cerealnotwgnotsweet_total_grams
bkfs_drxip269 Float Recommended group_fd_milk4pct_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milk4pct_total_grams
bkfs_drxip270 Float Recommended group_fd_milk1pct_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milk1pct_total_grams
bkfs_drxip271 Float Recommended group_fd_milkchocolate_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milkchocolate_total_grams
bkfs_drxip272 Float Recommended group_fd_milklactosereduced_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milklactosereduced_total_grams
bkfs_drxip273 Float Recommended group_fd_milknonfat_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milknonfat_total_grams
bkfs_drxip274 Float Recommended group_fd_milksoy_total_grams bkfs_group_fd_milksoy_total_grams
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.