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The Filter Cart provides a powerful way to query and access data for which you may be interested.  

A few points related to the filter cart are important to understand with the NDA Query/Filter implementation: 

First, the filter cart is populated asyncronously.  So, when you run a query, it may take a moment to populate but this will happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time.  

When you are adding your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the filter cart (whether it be a collection, a concept, a study, a data structure/elment or subjects). Not all data structures or collections will necessarily be displayed.  For example, if you select the NDA imaging structure image03, and further restrict that query to scan_type fMRI, only fMRI images will appear and only the image03 structure will be shown.  To see other data structures, select "Find All Subject Data" which will query all data for those subjects. When a secord or third filter is applied, an AND condition is used.  A subject must exist in all filters.  If the subject does not appear in any one filter, that subjects data will not be included in your filter cart. If that happens, clear your filter cart, and start over.  

It is best to package more data than you need and access those data using other tools, independent of the NDA (e.g. miNDAR snapshot), to limit the data selected.  If you have any questions on data access, are interested in using avaialble web services, or need help accessing data, please contact us for assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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BASC Self Report Adolescent



Behavior Assessment Scale for Children, Self Report Adolescent; Ages 12-21 and College versions

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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/project
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fieldBASC_S_1_Date
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
sexString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Femalegender
gradeString50RecommendedCurrent Grade
basc_s1IntegerRecommendedI like who I am0;10=False; 1=Truebacs_s1
basc_s2IntegerRecommendedI hate taking tests0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s3IntegerRecommendedNothing goes my way.0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s4IntegerRecommendedMy muscles get sore a lot0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s5IntegerRecommendedPeople tell me I should pay more attention0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s6IntegerRecommendedThings go wrong for me, even when I try hard0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s7IntegerRecommendedI get mad at my parents sometimes0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s8IntegerRecommendedI used to be happier0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s9IntegerRecommendedI often have headaches0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s10IntegerRecommendedI don't care about school0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s11IntegerRecommendedl can never seem to relax0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s12IntegerRecommendedI always go to bed on time0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s13IntegerRecommendedMy classmates don't like me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s14IntegerRecommendedI worry about tests more than my classmates do0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s15IntegerRecommendedMy parents are always right0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s16IntegerRecommendedIf I have a problem, I can usually work it out0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s17IntegerRecommendedI never break the rules0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s18IntegerRecommendedI have not seen a car in at least 6 months0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s19IntegerRecommendedWhat I want never seems to matter0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s20IntegerRecommendedI worry about little things0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s21IntegerRecommendedNothing is fun anymore0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s22IntegerRecommendedI never get into trouble0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s23IntegerRecommendedI tell the truth every single time0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s24IntegerRecommendedI never seem to get anything right0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s25IntegerRecommendedI have never been mean to anyone0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s26IntegerRecommendedMy friends have more fun than I do0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s27IntegerRecommendedI like loud music0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s28IntegerRecommendedI always do what my parents tell me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s29IntegerRecommendedNo matter how much I study for a test, I am afraid I will fail0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s30IntegerRecommendedI cover up my work when the teacher walks by0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s31IntegerRecommendedI wish I were different0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s32IntegerRecommendedI have just returned from a 9-month trip on an ocean liner0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s33IntegerRecommendedNobody ever listens to me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s34IntegerRecommendedOften I feel sick in my stomach0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s35IntegerRecommendedI think that I have a short attention span0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s36IntegerRecommendedMy parents have too much control over my life0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s37IntegerRecommendedMy teacher understands me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s38IntegerRecommendedI just don't care anymore0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s39IntegerRecommendedSometimes my ears hurt for no reason.0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s40IntegerRecommendedI don't like thinking about school0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s41IntegerRecommendedI worry a lot of the time0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s42IntegerRecommendedI get along well with my parents0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s43IntegerRecommendedOther children don't like to be with me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s44IntegerRecommendedI wish I were someone else0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s45IntegerRecommendedI tell my parents everything0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s46IntegerRecommendedl can handle most things on my own0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s47IntegerRecommendedI like to take chances0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s48IntegerRecommendedI am sometimes jealous0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s49IntegerRecommendedMy parents are always telling me what to do0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s50IntegerRecommendedI often worry about something bad happening to me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s51IntegerRecommendedI don't seem to do anything right0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s52IntegerRecommendedI like everyone I meet0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s53IntegerRecommendedI have attention problems.0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s54IntegerRecommendedMost things are harder for me than for others0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s55IntegerRecommendedI have some bad habits0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s56IntegerRecommendedOther people are happier than I am.0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s57IntegerRecommendedl would rather be a police officer than a teacher0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s58IntegerRecommendedI always do homework on time0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s59IntegerRecommendedI take a plane trip from New York to Chicago at least twice a week0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s60IntegerRecommendedI never quite reach my goal0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s61IntegerRecommendedI feel good about myself0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s62IntegerRecommendedSometimes, when alone, I hear my name0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s63IntegerRecommendedNothing ever goes right for me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s64IntegerRecommendedI get sick more than others0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s65IntegerRecommendedI give up easily0;1; 9990=False; 1=True; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing
basc_s66IntegerRecommendedMy parents blame too many of their problems on me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s67IntegerRecommendedMy teacher cares about me0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s68IntegerRecommendedNothing about me is right.0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s69IntegerRecommendedMy stomach gets upset more than most people's0;10=False; 1=True
basc_s70IntegerRecommendedMy school feels good to me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s71IntegerRecommendedI get so nervous I can't breathe1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s72IntegerRecommendedI am proud of my parents1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s73IntegerRecommendedOther people hate to be with me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s74IntegerRecommendedI like the way I look1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s75IntegerRecommendedPeople say bad things to me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s76IntegerRecommendedI am dependable1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s77IntegerRecommendedI like it when my friends dare me to do something1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s78IntegerRecommendedWhen I get angry, I can't think about anything else1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s79IntegerRecommendedI get blamed for things I can't help1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s80IntegerRecommendedI worry when I go to bed at night1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s81IntegerRecommendedI feel like my life is getting worse and worse.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s82IntegerRecommendedSchool is boring.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s83IntegerRecommendedI forget things.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s84IntegerRecommendedEven when I try hard, I fail.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s85IntegerRecommendedMy teacher trusts me.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s86IntegerRecommendedPeople act as if they don't hear me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s87IntegerRequiredI like to play rough sports1::4;9991=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s88IntegerRecommendedI have trouble standing still in lines1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s89IntegerRecommendedI can't seem to turn off my mind1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s90IntegerRecommendedI am disappointed with my grades.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s91IntegerRecommendedI get upset about my looks1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s92IntegerRecommendedI feel like people are out to get me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s93IntegerRecommendedI feel depressed1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s94IntegerRecommendedI sleep with my schoolbooks.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s95IntegerRecommendedI listen when people are talking to me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s96IntegerRecommendedI stay awake for 24 hours without getting tired1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s97IntegerRecommendedTeachers make me feel stupid1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s98IntegerRecommendedNo one understands me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s99IntegerRecommendedI feel dizzy.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s100IntegerRecommendedSomeone wants to hurt me.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s101IntegerRecommendedI feel guilty about things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s102IntegerRecommendedI like going places with my parents1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s103IntegerRecommendedI feel that nobody likes me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s104IntegerRecommendedI am.good at things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s105IntegerRecommendedI am lonely1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s106IntegerRecommendedI can solve difficult problems by myself1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s107IntegerRecommendedI like to experiment with new things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s108IntegerRecommendedI get nervous1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s109IntegerRecommendedMy parents expect too much from me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s110IntegerRecommendedI worry but I don't know why1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s111IntegerRecommendedI feel sad1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s112IntegerRecommendedI get bored in school1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s113IntegerRecommendedI have trouble paying attention to the teacher.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s114IntegerRecommendedWhen I take tests, I can't think1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s115IntegerRecommendedTeachers look for the bad things that you do1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s116IntegerRecommendedI am left out of things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s117IntegerRecommendedI like to ride in a car that is going fast1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s118IntegerRecommendedI talk while other people are talking1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s119IntegerRecommendedEven when alone, I feel like someone is watching me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s120IntegerRecommendedI want to do better, but I can't1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s121IntegerRecommendedMy looks bother me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s122IntegerRecommendedI hear voices in my head that no one else can hear1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s123IntegerRecommendedI am good at making decisions1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s124IntegerRecommendedI have trouble sitting still1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s125IntegerRecommendedI pay attention when someone is telling me how to do something1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s126IntegerRecommendedMy parents are easy to talk to1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s127IntegerRecommendedTeachers are unfair1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s128IntegerRecommendedI have a hard time slowing down1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s129IntegerRecommendedI like going to bed at night1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s130IntegerRecommendedI see weird things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s131IntegerRecommendedI get nervous when things do not go the right way for me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s132IntegerRecommendedMy mother and father like my friends1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s133IntegerRecommendedPeople think I am fun to be with1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s134IntegerRecommendedI feel like I have to get up and move around1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s135IntegerRecommendedOther people find things wrong with me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s136IntegerRecommendedI like to make decisions on my own1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s137IntegerRecommendedI like to be the first one to try1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s138IntegerRecommendedLittle things bother me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s139IntegerRecommendedI am blamed for things I don't do1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s140IntegerRecommendedI worry about what is going to happen1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s141IntegerRecommendedMy mother and father help me if I ask them to1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s142IntegerRecommendedI feel like I want to quit school.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s143IntegerRecommendedI have trouble paying attention to what I am doing1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s144IntegerRecommendedI fail at things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s145IntegerRecommendedMy teacher is proud of me.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s146IntegerRecommendedI feel out of place around people1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s147IntegerRecommendedI like to dare others to do things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s148IntegerRecommendedI talk without waiting for others to say something1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s149IntegerRecommendedSomeone else controls my thoughts1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s150IntegerRecommendedI quit easily1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s151IntegerRecommendedI am slow to make new friends1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s152IntegerRecommendedI do things over and over and can't stop1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s153IntegerRecommendedMy friends come to me for help1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s154IntegerRecommendedPeople tell me to be still1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s155IntegerRecommendedMy parents listen to what I say1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s156IntegerRecommendedI like to be close to my parents1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s157IntegerRecommendedMy teachers want too much1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s158IntegerRecommendedWhen I get angry, I want to break something1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s159IntegerRecommendedI get phone calls from popular movie actors1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s160IntegerRecommendedI hear things that others cannot hear1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s161IntegerRecommendedI get mad at others1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s162IntegerRecommendedI have trouble sleeping the night before a big test1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s163IntegerRecommendedI am liked by others1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s164IntegerRecommendedPeople tell me that I am too noisy1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s165IntegerRecommendedI feel that others do not like the way I do things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s166IntegerRecommendedI am someone you can rely on1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s167IntegerRecommendedWhen I get angry, I want to hurt someone1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s168IntegerRecommendedWhen I start talking, it is hard for me co stop1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s169IntegerRecommendedPeople get mad at me even when I don't do anything wrong1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s170IntegerRecommendedI am afraid of a lot of things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s171IntegerRecommendedMy parents trust me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s172IntegerRecommendedI hate school.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s173IntegerRecommendedMy parents are proud of me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s174IntegerRecommendedIdeas jusl race through my mind1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s175IntegerRecommendedMy teacher gets mad at me for no good reason.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_s176IntegerRecommendedOther people are against me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_schoolp_rawIntegerRecommendedSchool Problems composite score - Raw Score
basc_schoolp_tIntegerRecommendedSchool Problems composite score - T ScoreBASC_S_1_SchoolProbCompositeT
basc_schoolp_percentileIntegerRecommendedSchool Problems composite score - Percentile Rank
basc_schoolp_90ciString25RecommendedSchool Problems composite score - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_hyper_rawIntegerRecommendedHyperactivity - Raw Score
basc_hyper_tIntegerRecommendedHyperactivity - T Score0 :: 120; 99999BASC_S_1_HyperactivityT
basc_hyper_percentileIntegerRecommendedHyperactivity - Percentile Rank0 :: 100; 99999
basc_hyper_90ciString25RecommendedHyperactivity - 90% Confidence Interval
basc_anxiety_rawIntegerRecommendedAnxiety - Raw Score
basc_anxiety_tIntegerRecommendedAnxiety - T Score0 :: 120; 99999BASC_S_1_AnxietyT
basc_anxiety_percentileIntegerRecommendedAnxiety - Percentile Rank0 :: 100; 99999
basc_anxiety_90ciString25RecommendedAnxiety - 90% Confidence Interval
basc_depress_rawIntegerRecommendedDepression - Raw Score
basc_depress_tIntegerRecommendedDepression - T Score0 :: 120; 99999BASC_S_1_DepresssionT
basc_depress_percentileIntegerRecommendedDepression - Percentile Rank0 :: 100; 99999
basc_depress_90ciString25RecommendedDepression - 90% Confidence Interval
basc_somat_rawIntegerRecommendedSomatization - Raw Score
basc_somat_tIntegerRecommendedSomatization - T Score0 :: 120; 99999BASC_S_1_SomatizationT
basc_somat_percentileIntegerRecommendedSomatization - Percentile Rank0 :: 100; 99999
basc_somat_90ciString25RecommendedSomatization - 90% Confidence Interval
basc_atyp_rawIntegerRecommendedAtypicatility - Raw Score
basc_atyp_tIntegerRecommendedAtypicatility - T ScoreBASC_S_1_AtypicalityT
basc_atyp_percentileIntegerRecommendedAtypicatility - Percentile Rank
basc_atyp_90ciString25RecommendedAtypicatility - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_attent_rawIntegerRecommendedAttention - Raw Score
basc_attent_tIntegerRecommendedAttention - T Score0 :: 120; 99999BASC_S_1_AttentionT
basc_attent_percentileIntegerRecommendedAttention - Percentile Rank0 :: 100; 99999
basc_attent_90ciString25RecommendedAttention - 90% Confidence Interval
basc_intprob_rawIntegerRecommendedInternalizing Problems composite score - Raw Score
basc_intprob_tIntegerRecommendedInternalizing Problems composite score - T ScoreBASC_S_1_InternalizingProbT
basc_intprob_percentileIntegerRecommendedInternalizing Problems composite score - Percentile Rank
basc_intprob_90ciString25RecommendedInternalizing Problems composite score - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_emsymp_rawIntegerRecommendedEmotional Symptoms index - Raw Score
basc_emsymp_tIntegerRecommendedEmotional Symptoms index - T ScoreBASC_S_1_EmotionalSymptomsT
basc_emsymp_percentileIntegerRecommendedEmotional Symptoms index - Percentile Rank
basc_emsymp_90ciString25RecommendedEmotional Symptoms index - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_inhyp_rawIntegerRecommendedInattention/Hyperactivity - Raw Score
basc_inhyp_tIntegerRecommendedInattention/Hyperactivity - T ScoreBASC_S_1_AttentHyperCompositeT
basc_inhyp_percentileIntegerRecommendedInattention/Hyperactivity - Percentile Rank
basc_inhyp_90ciString25RecommendedInattention/Hyperactivity - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_perad_rawIntegerRecommendedPersonal Adjustment - Raw Score
basc_perad_tIntegerRecommendedPersonal Adjustment - T ScoreBASC_S_1_PersonalAdjustmentT
basc_perad_percentileIntegerRecommendedPersonal Adjustment - Percentile Rank
basc_perad_90ciString25RecommendedPersonal Adjustment - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_atschool_rawIntegerRecommendedAttitude to School - Raw Score
basc_atschool_tIntegerRecommendedAttitude to School - T ScoreBASC_S_1_AtttoSchT
basc_atschool_percentileIntegerRecommendedAttitude to School - Percentile Rank
basc_atschool_90ciString25RecommendedAttitude to School - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_atsteach_rawIntegerRecommendedAttitude to Teachers - Raw Score
basc_atsteach_tIntegerRecommendedAttitude to Teachers - T ScoreBASC_S_1_AtttoTeachT
basc_atsteach_percentileIntegerRecommendedAttitude to Teachers - Percentile Rank
basc_atsteach_90ciString25RecommendedAttitude to Teachers - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_intper_rawIntegerRecommendedInterpersonal relations - Raw Score
basc_intper_tIntegerRecommendedInterpersonal relations - T ScoreBASC_S_1_InterpersonalRelationsT
basc_intper_percentileIntegerRecommendedInterpersonal relations - Percentile Rank
basc_intper_90ciString25RecommendedInterpersonal relations - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_locusc_rawIntegerRecommendedLocus of Control - Raw Score
basc_locusc_tIntegerRecommendedLocus of Control - T ScoreBASC_S_1_LocusofControlT
basc_locusc_percentileIntegerRecommendedLocus of Control - Percentile Rank
basc_locusc_90ciString25RecommendedLocus of Control - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_relpar_rawIntegerRecommendedRelations with Parents - Raw Score
basc_relpar_tIntegerRecommendedRelations with Parents - T ScoreBASC_S_1_RelationwithParentsT
basc_relpar_percentileIntegerRecommendedRelations with Parents - Percentile Rank
basc_relpar_90ciString25RecommendedRelations with Parents - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_selfest_rawIntegerRecommendedSelf-Esteem - Raw Score
basc_selfest_tIntegerRecommendedSelf-Esteem - T ScoreBASC_S_1_SelfEsteemT
basc_selfest_percentileIntegerRecommendedSelf-Esteem - Percentile Rank
basc_selfest_90ciString25RecommendedSelf-Esteem - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_selfrel_rawIntegerRecommendedSelf-Reliance - Raw Score
basc_selfrel_tIntegerRecommendedSelf-Reliance - T ScoreBASC_S_1_SelfRelianceT
basc_selfrel_percentileIntegerRecommendedSelf-Reliance - Percentile Rank
basc_selfrel_90ciString25RecommendedSelf-Reliance - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_senseek_rawIntegerRecommendedSensation Seeking - Raw Score
basc_senseek_tIntegerRecommendedSensation Seeking - T ScoreBASC_S_1_SensSeekT
basc_senseek_percentileIntegerRecommendedSensation Seeking - Percentile Rank
basc_senseek_90ciString25RecommendedSensation Seeking - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_sensinad_rawIntegerRecommendedSense of Inadequacy - Raw Score
basc_sensinad_tIntegerRecommendedSense of Inadequacy - T ScoreBASC_S_1_SenseofInadequacyT
basc_sensinad_percentileIntegerRecommendedSense of Inadequacy - Percentile Rank
basc_sensinad_90ciString25RecommendedSense of Inadequacy - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_socstress_rawIntegerRecommendedSocial Stress - Raw Score
basc_socstress_tIntegerRecommendedSocial Stress - T ScoreBASC_S_1_SocialStressT
basc_socstress_percentileIntegerRecommendedSocial Stress - Percentile Rank
basc_socstress_90ciString25RecommendedSocial Stress - 90 % Confidence Interval
bacs_c3IntegerRecommendedI am a healthy person0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c12IntegerRecommendedI never seem to feel like working on school assignments0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c21IntegerRecommendedI think that I am going to school for the wrong reasons0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c25IntegerRecommendedI never stay out too late0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c31IntegerRecommendedI am tired of going to school0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c37IntegerRecommendedI go to the doctor's office more than most people0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c38IntegerRecommendedI am more daring than my friends are0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c39IntegerRecommendedNothing feels good to me0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c42IntegerRecommendedI cannot stop myself from doing bad things0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c43IntegerRecommendedMy parents are pressuring me to go to school.0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c49IntegerRecommendedI like to stretch the rules0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c52IntegerRecommendedI am attending school because I want to0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c54IntegerRecommendedI never really feel in control of my life0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c58IntegerRecommendedI get into trouble because of my drinking0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c59IntegerRecommendedOther people don't like me0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c61IntegerRecommendedI can never really do what I want to do0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c62IntegerRecommendedI am bored with school0;10=False;1=True
bacs_c69IntegerRecommendedI do things that my friends are afraid to do1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c83IntegerRecommendedI enjoy doing schoolwork1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c88IntegerRecommendedI have trouble making up my mind1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c89IntegerRecommendedI drink alcohol when I am by myself1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c90IntegerRecommendedI feel close to others1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c92IntegerRecommendedMy life seems out of my control1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c93IntegerRecommendedI wonder why I am going to school1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c95IntegerRecommendedI study the right things when I get ready for a test1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c96IntegerRecommendedI feel better after a couple of drinks of alcohol1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c105IntegerRecommendedI feel overwhelmed by the demands of school1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_c117IntegerRecommendedI finish my work on time.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c120IntegerRecommendedI drink alcohol to feel better1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c122IntegerRecommendedI feel like I belong at my school1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c127IntegerRecommendedI drink alcohol so I can be at ease around others or at a party1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c131IntegerRecommendedI like to be the first one to try new things1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c139IntegerRecommendedI think about when I can go drinking again1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c146IntegerRecommendedI enjoy meeting others.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_srpc_103IntegerRecommendedI get into trouble for not paying attention1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c151IntegerRecommendedI drink more alcohol than I plan to drink1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c158IntegerRecommendedI miss classes because of drinking or having a hangover1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c162IntegerRecommendedI like excitement.1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c167IntegerRecommendedI take a plane trip from New York to Tokyo at least twice a week1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c170IntegerRecommendedI drink alcohol to calm down1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c182IntegerRecommendedPeople tell me I drink alcohol too much1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
bacs_c183IntegerRecommendedOthers have respect for me1::41=Never; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Almost always
basc_aa_rawIntegerRecommendedAlcohol Abuse - Raw Score
basc_aa_tIntegerRecommendedAlcohol Abuse - T Score
basc_aa_percentileIntegerRecommendedAlcohol Abuse - Percentile Rank
basc_aa_90ciString25RecommendedAlcohol Abuse - 90 % Confidence Interval
basc_sadj_rawIntegerRecommendedSchool Adjustment - Raw Score
basc_sadj_tIntegerRecommendedSchool Adjustment - T Score
basc_sadj_percentileIntegerRecommendedSchool Adjustment - Percentile Rank
basc_sadj_90ciString25RecommendedSchool Adjustment - 90 % Confidence Interval
version_formString100RequiredForm used/assessment name
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: basc2_self01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.