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CHARGE Physical Exam

1,921 Shared Subjects

CHARGE Physical Exam (Revised July 2007) defined by the MIND Institute's CHARGE Study (CHildhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment) at the University of California, Davis
Clinical Assessments
Phys Exam
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Query Element Name Data Type Size Required Description Value Range Notes Aliases
subjectkey GUID Required The NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subject NDAR* GUID, SubjectKey_GUID
interview_age Integer Required Age in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging. 0::1440 Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month. Candidate_Age_in_Months
src_subject_id String 20 Required Subject ID how it's defined in lab/project Charge_physicalexam_SRC_Subject_ID, IBISID, physicalexam_SubjectID
interview_date Date Required Date on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYY Charge_physicalexam_interview_date, Date_taken, physicalexam_interview_date
comments_misc String 4,000 Recommended Miscellaneous comments on study, interview, methodology relevant to this form data Charge_physicalexam_comments_misc, measurement_method, physicalexam_misc_comments
Query head_occiput String 50 Recommended Occiput
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_head_occiput, physicalexam_head_occiput
Query head_frontalboss String 50 Recommended Frontal Bossing
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_head_frontalboss, physicalexam_head_frontalbossing
Query head_shape String 50 Recommended Abnormal head shape
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_head_shape, physicalexam_abnormal_head_shape
Query head_desc String 255 Recommended Abnormal Head Shape - Describe Charge_physicalexam_head_desc, physicalexam_head_desc
Query head_hypoplasia String 50 Recommended Midface Hypoplasia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_head_hypoplasia
Query head_faciala String 50 Recommended Facial Asymmetry
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_head_faciala, physicalexam_head_facialasymmetry
Query head_circum Float Recommended Head Circumference (in cm) -1 = Not known; -999 = No Data Charge_physicalexam_head_circum, head_circumference1
Query head_circumna String 50 Recommended Head Circumference(in cm) - Not Applicable NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_head_circumna
head_other String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_head_other, physicalexam_head_other
Query height_met Float Recommended Height - Metric Unit 999 = Missing; -999 = No Data Charge_physicalexam_height_met, length1
Query height_std Float Recommended Height - Standard Unit -1 = Not known; 999 = Missing Charge_physicalexam_height_std
Query weight_met Float Recommended Weight - Metric Unit 999 = Missing; -999 = No Data Charge_physicalexam_weight_met, weight1
Query weight_std Float Recommended Weight - Standard Unit -1 = Not known; 999 = Missing Charge_physicalexam_weight_std
Query eyes_incanthalcm Float Recommended Inner Canthal Distance - in cm Charge_physicalexam_eyes_incanthalcm
Query eyes_incanthalpercen Float Recommended Inner Canthal Distance - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_eyes_incanthalpercen
Query eyes_outcanthalcm Float Recommended Outer Canthal Distance - in cm Charge_physicalexam_eyes_outcanthalcm
Query eyes_outcanthalpercen Float Recommended Outer Canthal Distance - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_eyes_outcanthalpercen
Query eyes_interpupillarycm Float Recommended Interpupillary Distance - in cm Charge_physicalexam_eyes_interpupillarycm
Query eyes_interpupillarypercen Float Recommended Interpupillary Distance - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_eyes_interpupillarypercen
Query eyes_fisslenright Float Recommended Palpebral Fissure Length (Right) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_eyes_fisslenright
Query eyes_fisslenleft Float Recommended Palpebral Fissure Length (Left) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_eyes_fisslenleft
Query eyes_fisslenpercen Float Recommended Palpebral Fissure Length - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_eyes_fisslenpercen
Query eyes_fissslant String 50 Recommended Palpebral Fissure Slant Up;Down;Normal Charge_physicalexam_eyes_fissSlant, physicalexam_eyes_Palpebral_Fissure_Slant
Query eyes_fissslantdegree Float Recommended Palpebral Fissure Slant - Approximant Degrees Charge_physicalexam_eyes_fissSlantDegree
Query eyes_strabismus String 50 Recommended Strabismus Yes; No; NK (not known/not examined) Charge_physicalexam_eyes_Strabismus, neuro_screen_q1_strabismus, physicalexam_eyes_Strabismus
Query eyes_nystagmus String 50 Recommended Nystagmus
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_eyes_nystagmus, physicalexam_eyes_nystagmus
Query eyes_nystagmustype String 51 Recommended Nystagmus - Type Vertical;Horizontal Charge_physicalexam_eyes_nystagmustype
Query eyes_pupredreflex String 50 Recommended Pupillary Red Reflex
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_pupredreflex, physicalexam_eyes_Pupillary_Red_Reflex
Query eyes_epifold String 50 Recommended Epicanthal Folds
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_epifold, physicalexam_eyes_Epicanthal_folds
Query eyes_prominenteye String 50 Recommended Prominent Eyes
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_prominenteye, physicalexam_eyes_prominenteye
Query eyes_periorfull String 50 Recommended Periorbital Fullness
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_periorfull, physicalexam_eyes_Periorbital_Fullness
Query eyes_synophrys String 50 Recommended Synophrys
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_synophrys, physicalexam_eyes_Synophrys
Query eyes_eyebrowflair String 50 Recommended Medial Eyebrow Flair
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_eyebrowflair, physicalexam_eyes_Medial_Eyebrow_Flair
Query eyes_ptosis String 50 Recommended Ptosis
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_eyes_ptosis, physicalexam_eyes_Ptosis
Query eyes_colobomata String 50 Recommended Colobomata
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_colobomata, physicalexam_eyes_Colobomata
Query eyes_cornealopacity String 50 Recommended Corneal Opacity
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_cornealOpacity, physicalexam_eyes_cornealOpacity
Query eyes_irispattern String 100 Recommended Iris Patterning Brushfield Spots;Coloboma;Lisch Nodules;Fine/Porous;Heterochromasia;Stellate;Pale Blue;None;NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_eyes_irispattern, physicalexam_eyes_iris_patterning
eyes_comments String 255 Recommended Eyes. Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_eyes_comments, physicalexam_eyes_comments
Query ear_lenright Float Recommended Ear Length(Right) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_ear_lenright
Query ear_lenleft Float Recommended Ear Length(Left) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_ear_lenleft
Query ear_lenpercen Float Recommended Ear Length - percentage Charge_physicalexam_ear_lenpercen
Query ear_widthright Float Recommended Ear Width(Right) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_ear_widthright
Query ear_widthleft Float Recommended Ear Width(Left) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_ear_widthleft
Query ear_widthpercen Float Recommended Ear Width - percentage Charge_physicalexam_ear_widthpercen
Query ear_rotatedegrees Float Recommended Ear rotation (degrees) Charge_physicalexam_ear_rotatedegrees
Query ear_rotatedegreesna String 50 Recommended Ear rotation (degrees) - Not applicable NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_rotatedegreesna
Query ear_placement String 50 Recommended Ear Placement High;Low;Normal;NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_placement, physicalexam_ear_placement
Query ear_preaurpits String 50 Recommended Preauricular Pits
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_preaurpits, physicalexam_ear_preaurpits
Query ear_preaurpitstype String 51 Recommended Preauricular Pits Left;Right;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_ear_preaurpitstype
Query ear_preaurtags String 50 Recommended Preauricular Tags
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_preaurtags, physicalexam_ear_preaurtags
Query ear_preaurtagstype String 51 Recommended Preauricular Tags Left;Right;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_ear_preaurtagstype
Query ear_abstragus String 50 Recommended Absent Tragus
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_abstragus
Query ear_abstragustype String 51 Recommended Absent Tragus Left;Right;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_ear_abstragustype, physicalexam_ear_abstragus
Query ear_cupping String 50 Recommended Ear Cupping
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_cupping, physicalexam_ear_cupping
Query ear_cuppingtype String 51 Recommended Ear Cupping Left;Right;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_ear_cuppingtype
Query ear_lobe String 50 Recommended Ear Lobe Free;Attached;Notches;NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_ear_lobe, physicalexam_ear_lobe
Query ear_comments String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_ear_comments, neuro_screen_q6_ear_formation, physicalexam_ear_comments
Query nose_lengthcm Float Recommended Nasal Length - in cm Charge_physicalexam_nose_lengthcm
Query nose_lengthpercen Float Recommended Nasal Length - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_nose_lengthpercen
Query nose_root String 50 Recommended Nasal Root Broad;Narrow;Normal;NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_nose_root, physicalexam_nose_root
Query nose_bridge String 50 Recommended Nasal Bridge Prominent;Depressed;Broad;Normal;NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_nose_bridge, physicalexam_nose_bridge
Query nose_tip String 50 Recommended Nasal Tip Flat;Bifid;Cleft;Upturned;Normal Charge_physicalexam_nose_tip, physicalexam_nose_tip
Query nose_hypoplasic String 50 Recommended Hypoplasic Nares
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_nose_hypoplasic, physicalexam_nose_hypoplasic
Query nose_anteverted String 50 Recommended Anteverted Nostrils
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_nose_anteverted, physicalexam_nose_anteverted
Query nose_other String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_nose_other, physicalexam_nose_comments
Query maxilla_malarhypop String 50 Recommended Malar Hypoplasia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_maxilla_malarhypop, physicalexam_maxilla_malarhypop
Query maxilla_maxilhypop String 50 Recommended Maxillary Hypoplasia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_maxilla_maxilhypop, physicalexam_maxilla_maxilhypop
Query maxilla_microgan String 50 Recommended Micrognanthia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_maxilla_microgan, physicalexam_maxilla_micrognan
Query maxilla_progan String 50 Recommended Prognanthia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_maxilla_progan, physicalexam_maxilla_prognan
Query maxilla_comments String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_maxilla_comments, physicalexam_maxilla_comments
Query oral_phillencm Float Recommended Philtrum Length - in cm Charge_physicalexam_oral_phillencm
Query oral_phillenpercen Float Recommended Philtrum Length - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_oral_phillenpercen
Query oral_philflat String 50 Recommended Philtrum flat at rest
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_philflat, physicalexam_oral_philitrumflat
Query oral_highacrched String 50 Recommended High Arched Palate
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_highacrched, physicalexam_oral_higharched
Query oral_bifid String 50 Recommended Bifid Uvula
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_bifid, physicalexam_oral_bifid
Query oral_lipsprominent String 50 Recommended Prominent Lips
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_lipsprominent, physicalexam_oral_lipsprominent
Query oral_thinupperlip String 50 Recommended Thin Upper Lip
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_thinupperlip, physicalexam_oral_thinupperlip
Query oral_downturnmouth String 50 Recommended Downturned Corners Mouth
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_downturnmouth, physicalexam_oral_downturnmouth
Query oral_microglossia String 50 Recommended Microglossia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_microglossia, physicalexam_oral_microglossia
Query oral_macroglossia String 50 Recommended Macroglossia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_macroglossia, physicalexam_oral_macroglossia
Query oral_ehypop String 50 Recommended Enamal Hypoplasia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_ehypop, physicalexam_oral_enamelhypo
Query oral_teeth String 50 Recommended Supernumerary Teeth
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_teeth, physicalexam_oral_teeth
Query oral_microdonita String 50 Recommended Microdontia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_microdonita, physicalexam_oral_microdontia
Query oral_dfusedteeth String 50 Recommended Fused Teeth
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_dfusedteeth, physicalexam_oral_fusedteeth
Query oral_discolored String 50 Recommended Discolored/Mottled
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_oral_discolored, physicalexam_oral_discolored
oral_other String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_oral_other, physicalexam_oral_other
Query neck_webbed String 50 Recommended Is the neck short and/or webbed?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_neck_webbed, physicalexam_neck_webbed
Query neck_supnip String 50 Recommended Supernumerary Nipples
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neck_supnip, physicalexam_neck_supnip
Query neck_widenip String 50 Recommended Wide Spaced Nipples
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neck_widenip, physicalexam_neck_widenip
Query neck_pecexcavatum String 50 Recommended Pectus Excavatum
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neck_pecexcavatum, physicalexam_neck_pecexcavatum
Query neck_peccarinatum String 50 Recommended Pectus Carinatum
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neck_peccarinatum, physicalexam_neck_peccarinatum
Query neck_scoliosis String 50 Recommended Is there scoliosis (curvature of the spine)?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_neck_scoliosis, physicalexam_neck_scoliosis
Query neck_kyphosis String 50 Recommended Kyphosis
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neck_kyphosis, physicalexam_neck_kyphosis
Query neck_scaral String 50 Recommended Sacral Dimple/Hair Tuft
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neck_scaral, physicalexam_neck_sacral
neck_comments String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_neck_comments, physicalexam_neck_comments
Query limb_righthandlen Float Recommended Hand Length(Right) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_limb_righthandlen
Query limb_lefthandlen Float Recommended Hand Length(Left) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_limb_lefthandlen
Query limb_handlenpersen Float Recommended Hand Length - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_limb_handlenpersen
Query limb_rightfinerlen Float Recommended Third Finger Length Charge_physicalexam_limb_rightfinerlen
Query limb_leftfinerlen Float Recommended Third Finger Length(Left) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_limb_leftfinerlen
Query limb_finerlenpercen Float Recommended Third Finger Length - in percentage Charge_physicalexam_limb_finerlenpercen
Query limb_indexgreatthird String 50 Recommended *Index > 3rd finger
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_indexgreatthird, physicalexam_limb_index_gt_3rd_finger
Query limb_footlenright Float Recommended Foot Length(Right) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_limb_footlenright
Query limb_footlenleft Float Recommended Foot Length(Left) - in cm Charge_physicalexam_limb_footlenleft
Query limb_footlenpercen Float Recommended Foot Length - percentage Charge_physicalexam_limb_footlenpercen
Query limb_brachy String 50 Recommended Brachydactyly
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_brachy
Query limb_brachytype String 50 Recommended Brachydactyly - Type RU;LU;RL;LL RU = Right upper; LU = Left upper; RL = Right lower; LL = Left lower Charge_physicalexam_limb_brachytype, physicalexam_limb_brachydactyly
Query limb_clino String 50 Recommended Clinodactyly
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_clino, physicalexam_limb_clinodactyly
Query limb_clinosite String 50 Recommended Clinodactyly - Site Charge_physicalexam_limb_clinosite, physicalexam_limb_clinosite
Query limb_poly String 50 Recommended Polydactyly
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_poly, physicalexam_limb_polydactyly
Query limb_polysite String 50 Recommended Polydactyly - Site Charge_physicalexam_limb_polysite, physicalexam_limb_polysite
Query limb_syndac String 50 Recommended Syndactyly
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_syndac, physicalexam_limb_syndactyly
Query limb_syndacsite String 50 Recommended Syndactyly - Site Charge_physicalexam_limb_syndacsite, physicalexam_limb_syndacsite
Query limb_camptodac String 50 Recommended Camptodactyly
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_camptodac, physicalexam_limb_camptodactyly
Query limb_camptodacsite String 50 Recommended Camptodactyly - Site Charge_physicalexam_limb_camptodacsite, physicalexam_limb_camptodacsite
Query limb_palmarcrease String 50 Recommended Single Palmar Crease
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_palmarcrease
Query limb_palmarcreasetype String 50 Recommended Single Palmar Crease - Type Right;Left;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_limb_palmarcreasetype, physicalexam_limb_palmarcrease
Query limb_nailhypop String 50 Recommended Nail Hypoplasia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_nailhypop
Query limb_nailhypoptype String 50 Recommended Nail Hypoplasia - Type RU;LU;RL;LL RU = Right upper; LU = Left upper; RL = Right lower; LL = Left lower Charge_physicalexam_limb_nailhypoptype, physicalexam_limb_nailhypop
Query limb_fingerpads String 50 Recommended Prominent Finger Pads
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_fingerpads
Query limb_fingerpadstype String 50 Recommended Prominent Finger Pads Right;Left;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_limb_fingerpadstype, physicalexam_limb_fingerpads
Query limb_jointlimitations String 50 Recommended Are there joint contractures?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_limb_jointlimitations, physicalexam_limb_jointlimitations
Query limb_jointlimitationssite String 50 Recommended Joint Limitations/Contractures - Site Charge_physicalexam_limb_jointlimitationssite, physicalexam_limb_jointlimitationssite
Query limb_jointhyperexten String 50 Recommended Joint Hyperextensibility
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_limb_jointhyperexten, physicalexam_limb_jointhyperexten
limb_jointhyperextensite String 50 Recommended Joint Hyperextensibility - Site Charge_physicalexam_limb_jointhyperextensite, physicalexam_limb_jointhyperextensite
limb_comments String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_limb_comments, physicalexam_limb_comments
Query skin_edema String 50 Recommended Edema of Hands or Feet
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_edema, physicalexam_skin_edema
Query skin_hypopigmen String 50 Recommended Are there areas of hypopigmentation (ash-leaf spots)?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_skin_hypopigmen, physicalexam_skin_hypopigmen
Query skin_hypopigmendis String 50 Recommended Hypopigmentation - Distribution Charge_physicalexam_skin_hypopigmendis, physicalexam_skin_hypopigmentdist
Query skin_hyperpig String 50 Recommended Are there areas of hyperpigmentation (cafe-au-lait spots)?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_skin_hyperpig, physicalexam_skin_hyperpigmen
skin_hyperpigdis String 50 Recommended Hyperpigmentation - Distribution Charge_physicalexam_skin_hyperpigdis, physicalexam_skin_hyperpigmentdist
Query skin_cafe String 50 Recommended Caf-au-lait
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_cafe, physicalexam_skin_cafe
skin_cafenum String 50 Recommended Cafe-au-lait - Number Charge_physicalexam_skin_cafenum, physicalexam_skin_cafenum
Query skin_auxfreck String 50 Recommended Axillary Freckling
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_auxfreck, physicalexam_skin_auxfreck
Query skin_ashleaf String 50 Recommended Ash Leaf Spots
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_ashleaf, physicalexam_skin_ashleaf
Query skin_shagreen String 50 Recommended Shagreen Spots
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_shagreen, physicalexam_skin_shagreen
Query skin_neurofib String 50 Recommended Are there neurofibromas (bumps under the skin, sometimes with a bluish tinge)?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_skin_neurofib, physicalexam_skin_neurofib
Query skin_subcutaneous String 50 Recommended Subcutaneous Nodules
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_subcutaneous, physicalexam_skin_subcutaneous
Query skin_eczema String 50 Recommended Eczema
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_eczema, physicalexam_skin_eczema
Query skin_lfronthair String 50 Recommended Low Frontal Hairline
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_lfronthair, physicalexam_skin_lowfronthair
Query skin_lposthair String 50 Recommended Low Posterior Hairline
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_lposthair, physicalexam_skin_lowposthair
Query skin_absntlashes String 50 Recommended Absent Lashes or Eyebrows
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_skin_absntlashes, physicalexam_skin_absntlashes
Query skin_hair String 50 Recommended Hair Type Fine;Coarse;Thick;Fragile;Kinky;Curly Charge_physicalexam_skin_hair, physicalexam_skin_hairtype
skin_comments String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_skin_comments, physicalexam_skin_comments
Query cardio_cyanosis String 50 Recommended Cyanosis
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_cyanosis, physicalexam_cardio_cyanosis
Query cardio_pallor String 50 Recommended Pallor
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_pallor, physicalexam_cardio_pallor
Query cardio_pulses String 50 Recommended Pulses Normal;Decreased;Bounding Charge_physicalexam_cardio_pulses, physicalexam_cardio_pulses
Query cardio_heartrate String 50 Recommended Heart Rate Tachy;Brady;Normal;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_heartrate, physicalexam_cardio_heartrate
cardio_heartratenum String 50 Recommended Heart Rate - Count Charge_physicalexam_cardio_heartratenum, physicalexam_cardio_heartratenum
Query cardio_bp String 50 Recommended Blood Pressure High;Low;Normal;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_bp, physicalexam_cardio_bp
cardio_bpnum String 50 Recommended Blood Pressure - BP Count Charge_physicalexam_cardio_bpnum
Query cardio_rythm String 50 Recommended Rhythm Regular;Irregularly Irregular;Regularly Irregular Charge_physicalexam_cardio_rythm, physicalexam_cardio_rhythm
Query cardio_heartsound String 50 Recommended Extra Heart Sounds None;Gallop;Rub;Other;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_heartsound, physicalexam_cardio_heartsoundtype
Query cardio_murmur String 50 Recommended Is there a heart murmur or abnormal heart examination?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_cardio_murmur, physicalexam_cardio_murmur
Query cardio_grade String 50 Recommended Murmur in Grade I;II;III;IV;V;VI Charge_physicalexam_cardio_grade, physicalexam_cardio_grade
Query cardio_murmurtime String 50 Recommended Murmur Timing Charge_physicalexam_cardio_murmurtime, physicalexam_cardio_murmurtime
Query cardio_bruits String 50 Recommended Bruits
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_bruits, physicalexam_cardio_bruits
Query cardio_bruitssite String 50 Recommended Bruits - Site Charge_physicalexam_cardio_bruitssite, physicalexam_cardio_bruitssite
Query cardio_resprate String 50 Recommended Respiratory Rate Normal;Tachypnea Charge_physicalexam_cardio_resprate, physicalexam_cardio_resprate
cardio_respratecount String 50 Recommended Respiratory Rate - Count Charge_physicalexam_cardio_respratecount, physicalexam_cardio_respratecount
Query cardio_adsounds String 50 Recommended Adventitial sounds
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_adsounds, physicalexam_cardio_adventsounds
Query cardio_accmuscleuse String 50 Recommended Accessory Muscle Use
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_cardio_accmuscleuse, physicalexam_cardio_accmuscleuse
Query cardio_comments String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_cardio_comments, physicalexam_cardio_comments
Query abdomen_tender String 50 Recommended Tenderness
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_abdomen_tender, physicalexam_abdomen_tender
Query abdomen_hepatom String 50 Recommended Is there evidence of hepato(spleno)megaly (large liver or spleen)?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_abdomen_hepatom, physicalexam_abdomen_hepatomeg
Query abdomen_splenom String 50 Recommended Splenomegally
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_abdomen_splenom, physicalexam_abdomen_splenomeg
Query abdomen_other String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_abdomen_other, physicalexam_abdomen_other
Query genito_ambigous String 50 Recommended Ambigous Genitalia
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_genito_ambigous, physicalexam_genito_ambiguous
Query genito_hyposp String 50 Recommended Hypospadious
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_genito_hyposp, physicalexam_genito_hypospadious
Query genito_micropen String 50 Recommended Micropenis
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_genito_micropen, physicalexam_genito_micropenis
Query genito_micropencm Float Recommended Micropenis - Length in cm Charge_physicalexam_genito_micropencm
Query genito_micropenpercen Float Recommended Micropenis - Length in percentage Charge_physicalexam_genito_micropenpercen
Query genito_cryptoris String 50 Recommended Cryptorchidism
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_genito_cryptoris
Query genito_cryptor String 50 Recommended Cryptorchidism Right;Left;Bilateral Charge_physicalexam_genito_cryptor, physicalexam_genito_cryptorchidism
Query genito_macroor String 50 Recommended Macroorchidism
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_genito_macroor, physicalexam_genito_macroorchidism
Query genito_macroorvolume Float Recommended Macroorchidism - Volume in ml Charge_physicalexam_genito_macroorvolume
Query genito_anterioranus String 50 Recommended Anterior Anus
NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_genito_anterioranus, physicalexam_genito_anterioranus
Query genito_other String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_genito_other, physicalexam_genito_other
Query neuro_muscle String 50 Recommended Muscle Tone Normal;Hypertonic;Hypotonic;Mixed;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_muscle, physicalexam_neuro_muscle
Query neuro_dtrbicright Integer Recommended DTR Biceps - Right 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrbicright, physicalexam_neuro_dtrbicepsright
Query neuro_dtrbicleft Integer Recommended DTR Biceps - Left 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrbicleft, physicalexam_neuro_dtrbicepsleft
Query neuro_dtrbicne String 50 Recommended DTR Biceps - Not Examined NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrbicne
Query neuro_dtrtricright Integer Recommended DTR Triceps - Right 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrtricright, physicalexam_neuro_dtrtricepsright
Query neuro_dtrtricleft Integer Recommended DTR Triceps - Left 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrtricleft, physicalexam_neuro_dtrtricepsleft
Query neuro_dtrtricne String 50 Recommended DTR Triceps - Not Examined NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrtricne
Query neuro_dtrpatright Integer Recommended DTR Patella - Right 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrpatright, physicalexam_neuro_dtrpatright
Query neuro_dtrpatleft Integer Recommended DTR Patella - Left 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrpatleft, physicalexam_neuro_dtrpatleft
Query neuro_dtrpatne String 50 Recommended DTR Patella - Not Examined NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrpatne
Query neuro_dtrankleright Integer Recommended DTR Ankle - Right 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrankleright, physicalexam_neuro_dtrankleright
Query neuro_dtrankleleft Integer Recommended DTR Ankle - Left 0;1;2;3;4 0 = Reflex absent; 1 = Reflex small, less than normal; includes a trace response, or a response brought out only by reinforcement; 2 = Reflex in lower half of normal range; 3 = Reflex in upper half of normal range; 4 = Reflex enhanced, more than normal; includes clonus if present, which optionally can be noted in an added verbal description of the reflex Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrankleleft, physicalexam_neuro_dtrankleleft
Query neuro_dtranklene String 50 Recommended DTR Ankle - Not Examined NE NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtranklene
Query neuro_dtrstrru Integer Recommended Strength RU 1::5 1=Abnormally Low; 5=Full Strength Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrru, physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrengthru
Query neuro_dtrstrlu Integer Recommended Strength LU 1::5 1=Abnormally Low; 5=Full Strength Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrlu, physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrengthlu
Query neuro_dtrstrrl Integer Recommended Strength RL 1::5 1=Abnormally Low; 5=Full Strength Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrrl, physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrengthrl
Query neuro_dtrstrll Integer Recommended Strength LL 1::5 1=Abnormally Low; 5=Full Strength Charge_physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrll, physicalexam_neuro_dtrstrengthll
Query neuro_extraocmove String 50 Recommended Extraocular Movements Normal;Abnormal;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_extraocmove, physicalexam_neuro_extraocmove
Query neuro_extraocmovedesc String 255 Recommended Extraocular Movements - Describe Charge_physicalexam_neuro_extraocmovedesc, physicalexam_neuro_extraocmovedesc
Query neuro_smile String 50 Recommended Symmetry of Smile Normal;Abnormal;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_smile, physicalexam_neuro_smile
Query neuro_smiledescribe String 255 Recommended Symmetry of Smile - Describe Charge_physicalexam_neuro_smiledescribe, physicalexam_neuro_smiledescribe
Query neuro_gait String 50 Recommended Gait Normal;Abnormal;NE;_BLANK_ NE = Not examined Charge_physicalexam_neuro_gait, physicalexam_neuro_gait
Query neuro_gaitdescribe String 255 Recommended Gait - Describe Charge_physicalexam_neuro_gaitdescribe, physicalexam_neuro_gaitdescribe
Query neuro_involunmove String 50 Recommended Are there any involuntary movements?
NK = Not known Charge_physicalexam_neuro_involunmove, physicalexam_neuro_involunmove
Query neuro_involunmovedesc String 255 Recommended Involuntary Movement - Describe Charge_physicalexam_neuro_involunmovedesc, physicalexam_neuro_involunmovedesc
neuro_comment String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_physicalexam_neuro_comment, physicalexam_neuro_comment
sex String 20 Required Sex of subject at birth M;F; O; NR M = Male; F = Female; O=Other; NR = Not reported gender
Query blood_pd Integer Recommended diastolic blood pressure physicalexam_cardio_bp_diastolic
Query blood_ps Integer Recommended systolic blood pressure physicalexam_cardio_bp_systolic
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.