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The Filter Cart provides a powerful way to query and access data for which you may be interested.  

A few points related to the filter cart are important to understand with the NDA Query/Filter implementation: 

First, the filter cart is populated asyncronously.  So, when you run a query, it may take a moment to populate but this will happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time.  

When you are adding your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the filter cart (whether it be a collection, a concept, a study, a data structure/elment or subjects). Not all data structures or collections will necessarily be displayed.  For example, if you select the NDA imaging structure image03, and further restrict that query to scan_type fMRI, only fMRI images will appear and only the image03 structure will be shown.  To see other data structures, select "Find All Subject Data" which will query all data for those subjects. When a secord or third filter is applied, an AND condition is used.  A subject must exist in all filters.  If the subject does not appear in any one filter, that subjects data will not be included in your filter cart. If that happens, clear your filter cart, and start over.  

It is best to package more data than you need and access those data using other tools, independent of the NDA (e.g. miNDAR snapshot), to limit the data selected.  If you have any questions on data access, are interested in using avaialble web services, or need help accessing data, please contact us for assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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NDA provides a single access to de-identified autism research data. For permission to download data, you will need an NDA account with approved access to NDA or a connected repository (AGRE, IAN, or the ATP). For NDA access, you need to be a research investigator sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with federal wide assurance. See Request Access for more information.

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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*pseudo_guid
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/project
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fielddate_interview_ses
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
sexString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Femalegender, sex
study_idIntegerRecommendedStudy ID number46=Acute Phase; 47=Stabilization Phase
groupIntegerRecommendedStudy group1;21= Attention shaping; 2 = Control
current_home_date_movinString20RecommendedCurrent Residential-Date started living (Month/Year)
current_home_date_movutString20RecommendedCurrent Residential-Date moved from there (Month/Year)
previous1_home_date_movinString20RecommendedPrevious-1 Residential-Date started living (Month/Year)
previous1_home_date_movutString20RecommendedPrevious-1 Residential-Date moved from there (Month/Year)
previous2_home_date_movinString20RecommendedPrevious-2 Residential-Date started living (Month/Year)
previous2_home_date_movutString20RecommendedPrevious-2 Residential-Date moved from there (Month/Year)
previous3_home_date_movinString20RecommendedPrevious-3 Residential-Date started living (Month/Year)
previous3_home_date_movutString20RecommendedPrevious-3 Residential-Date moved from there (Month/Year)
birth_weightIntegerRecommendedBirth Weight1;2;-9991= Lb ; 2= Kg ; -999= Missing
birth_weight_lbsFloatRecommendedBirth weight poundschild_bwlb
child_bwozFloatRecommended2.1. b. Birth Weight (oz)
child_bwkgFloatRecommended2.1.a. Birth Weight (kg)
child_bwgFloatRecommended2.1. b. Birth Weight (g)
full_termString10RequiredFull-term delivery? 37-42 weeks
Yes; No; NK
NK = Not knownfullterm
info_gestString50RecommendedNo. Weeks Gestation (G.A.)gestational_week
postnatal_feedbrString50RecommendedFeeding: Breast
how_long_breastfeedIntegerRecommended2.5. How long did you/mother breastfeed (child)?1;99;77;-9991= Number of Months ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
length_breastfedFloatRecommendedMonths Breastfeed
postnatal_feedbottleformString255RecommendedFeeding: Formulaformula
oldchild_formulaFloatRecommended2.7. How old was (child) when he/she started having formula? (Months)
formula_soy_basedIntegerRecommended2.8. Was the formula soy-based?1;2;99;-999; 771= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
milestone_age_mo_solidfoodFloatRecommendedAge in which the participant accomplished the following milestone in months: started solid foodsoldchild_solid_food
child_foodallergyString50RequiredDoes the Child have a food allergy?
allergy_other_specifyString50RecommendedFood allergy= Other specify
chickenpoxIntegerRecommended3.1. Chicken pox1;2;99;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
q21_3j_cIntegerRecommendedCongential rubella: Child0; -1Detail should be filled out if YES or NOT SURE.rubella
medprob_infmeaslesString50RecommendedIf Yes, Was the disease Rubeola (measles)
mumpsIntegerRecommended3.4. Mumps1;2;99;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
chronic_ear_infecIntegerRecommended3.5. Chronic ear infection1;2;99;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
rev_headmeningitisString50RecommendedMeningitisYes; No; NK; NSNK= Not known; NS = Not suremeningitis
chi_rashIntegerRecommendedplease indicate if your child has eczema or burning/itching rash0; 10 = No; 1 = Yeseczema_allergy
NK = Not knownasthma
q21_3k_cIntegerRecommendedPKU: Child0; -1Detail should be filled out if YES or NOT SURE.pku
child_tubersclString50RequiredDoes (did) the Child have Tuberous Sclerosis?Yes; No; NK; NSNK= Not known; NS = Not suretuberous
wk_cytomegalovirusIntegerRecommended16. Cytomegalovirus0;1No = 0; Yes = 1;cytomegalovirus
hydrocephalusIntegerRecommendedHydrocephalus (water in brain)1;2;99;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
child_fragilexString50RequiredDoes (did) the Child have Fragile X?
NK = Not knowndiabetes
rev_headseizureString50RequiredSeizuresYes; No; NK; NSNK= Not known; NS = Not sureseizure_blackouts
fhxcpString5RequiredCerebral Palsy
Yes;No; NK
NK = Not knowncerebralpalsy
child_seizureString50RequiredHas she/he ever been to a doctor for any of these things…Epilepsy or Seizures /Epilepsia o convulsiones
Now I'd like to ask you about your child's use of health services during the past year and throughout his/her whole life.epilepsy
epilepsy_specifyString50Recommended3.17.1. Epilepsy= specify
pda_s4q24_childbornIntegerRequiredWas (CHILD) born with any problems in the Structure of his/her body or organs (also know as birth defects)?0;1;9990=No; 1=Yescongenitalabnormalities
congential_specifyString50Recommended3.18. Birth defects= specify
fetalalcoholIntegerRecommended3.19. Fetal alcohol syndrome1;2;99;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
other_specify_mdhxString50RecommendedOther= specify
info_medString50RequiredIs the child on any medication?
stimulantsIntegerRecommendedStimulants1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_stimString50RecommendedDose stimulant medication
medidate_stimeString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_stimString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_stimString50RecommendedReason Taken
antipsychoticsIntegerRecommendedAntipsychotics1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_antipsyString50RecommendedDose antispychotic medication
medidate_antipsyString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_antipsyString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_antipsyString50RecommendedReason Taken
antidepressant_currentString6Recommendedtaking Antidepressants presently?
mdeidose_antidepString50RecommendedDose antidepressant
medidate_antidepString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_antidepString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_antidepString50RecommendedReason Taken
moodstabilizer_currentString6Recommendedtaking Mood stabilizers presently?
mdeidose_moodString50RecommendedDose mood medication
medidate_moodString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_moodString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_moodString50RecommendedReason Taken
alpha_2_agonistsIntegerRecommendedAlpha-2 agonists1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_alphaString50RecommendedDose alpha medication
medidate_alphaString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_alphaString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_alphaString50RecommendedReason Taken
q21_7gIntegerRecommendedAntiepileptics or anti-seizure medication0; 1; -7; -8; -9; 999Field should not be left blank. If missing, please use -7, 8, -9.anti_epileptic
mdeidose_epilepString50RecommendedDose epilepsy medication
medidate_epilepString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_epilepString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_epilepString50RecommendedReason Taken
cough_coldIntegerRecommended4.b.2.7. Cough and cold1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_coughString50RecommendedDose cough
medidate_coughString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_coughString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_coughString50RecommendedReason Taken
asthma_allergyIntegerRecommended4.b.2.8. Asthma and allergy1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_asthmaString50RecommendedDose asthma medications
medidate_asthmaString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_asthmaString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_asthmaString50RecommendedReason Taken
antibiotics_currentString6RecommendedTaking antibiotics presently
mdeidose_antibioString50RecommendedDose antibiotic
medidate_antibioString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_antibioString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_antibioString50RecommendedReason Taken
chelationIntegerRecommended4.b.2.10. Chelation therapy1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_chelationString50RecommendedDose chelation drug
medidate_chelationString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_chelationString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_chelationString50RecommendedReason Taken
antacidsIntegerRecommended4.b.2.11. Antacids1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_antacidsString50RecommendedDose antacids
medidate_antacidsString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_antacidsString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_antacidsString50RecommendedReason Taken
medi_other_specifyIntegerRecommended4.b.2.12. Other= Specify1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mdeidose_specifyString50RecommendedDose specify
medidate_specifyString50RecommendedWhen Taken?
mdeitaken_specifyString50RecommendedHow long it is taken?
medireason_specifyString50RecommendedReason Taken
bcgIntegerRecommended5.1. BCG1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
bcg_datesString50RecommendedBCG Dates given
dpt_polio_iIntegerRecommended5.2. DPT/Polio I1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dpt_polio_i_datesString50RecommendedDPT/Polio I Dates given
dpt_polio_iiIntegerRecommended5.3. DPT/Polio II1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dpt_polio_ii_datesString50RecommendedDPT/Polio II Dates given
dpt_polio_iiiIntegerRecommended5.4. DPT/Polio III1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dpt_polio_iii_datesString50RecommendedDPT/Polio III Dates given
dpt_polio_ivIntegerRecommended5.5. DPT/Polio IV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dpt_polio_iv_datesString50RecommendedDPT/Polio IV Dates given
dpt_polio_vIntegerRecommended5.6. DPT/Polio V1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dpt_polio_v_datesString50RecommendedDPT/Polio V Dates given
dtIntegerRecommended5.7. DT1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dt_datesString50RecommendedDT Dates given
dtapIntegerRecommended5.8. DTaP1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
dtap_datesString50RecommendedDTaP Dates given
td59IntegerRecommended5.9. Td1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missingtd
td_datesString50RecommendedTd Dates given
hep_aIntegerRecommended5.10. Hep A1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hep_a_datesString50RecommendedHep A Dates given
hep_b_iIntegerRecommended5.11. Hep B I1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hep_b_i_datesString50RecommendedHep B I Dates given
hep_b_iiIntegerRecommended5.12. Hep B II1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hep_b_ii_datesString50RecommendedHep B II Dates given
hep_b_iiiIntegerRecommended5.13. Hep B III1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hep_b_iii_datesString50RecommendedHep B III Dates given
hib_iIntegerRecommended5.14. HIB I1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hib_i_datesString50RecommendedHIB I Dates given
hib_iiIntegerRecommended5.15. HIB II1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hib_ii_datesString50RecommendedHIB II Dates given
hib_iiiIntegerRecommended5.16. HIB III1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hib_iii_datesString50RecommendedHIB III Dates given
hib_ivIntegerRecommended5.17. HIB IV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hib_iv_datesString50RecommendedHIB IV Dates given
hib_boosterIntegerRecommended5.18. HIB Booster1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
hib_booster_datesString50RecommendedHIB Booster Dates given
pneumococcalIntegerRecommended5.19. Pneumococcal1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
pneumococcal_datesString50RecommendedPneumococcal Dates given
rotateqIntegerRecommended5.20. Rotateq1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
rotateq_datesString50RecommendedRotateq Dates given
rotarixIntegerRecommended5.21. Rotarix1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
rotarix_datesString50RecommendedRotarix Dates given
rotarix_iiIntegerRecommended5.22. Rotarix II1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
rotarix_ii_datesString50RecommendedRotarix II Dates given
ipv_i_opvIntegerRecommended5.23. IPV I/OPV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
ipv_i_opv_datesString50RecommendedIPV I/OPV Dates given
ipv_ii_opvIntegerRecommended5.24. IPV II/OPV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
ipv_ii_opv_datesString50RecommendedIPV II/OPV Dates given
ipv_iii_opvIntegerRecommended5.25. IPV III/OPV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
ipv_iii_opv_datesString50RecommendedIPV III/OPV Dates given
ipv_iv_opvIntegerRecommended5.26. IPV IV/OPV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
ipv_iv_opv_datesString50RecommendedIPV IV/OPV Dates given
ipv_v_opvIntegerRecommended5.27. IPV V/OPV1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
ipv_v_opv_datesString50RecommendedIPV V/OPV Dates given
mmrIntegerRecommended5.28. MMR1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mmr_datesString50RecommendedMMR Dates given
mmr_iiIntegerRecommended5.29. MMR II1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
mmr_ii_datesString50RecommendedMMR II Dates given
varilixIntegerRecommended5.30. Varilix (chicken pox)1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
varilix_datesString50RecommendedVarilix Dates given
meningococcusIntegerRecommended5.31. Meningococcus1;0;99;-9991= Yes ; 0= No ; 99= D/K ; -999= Missing
meningococcus_datesString50RecommendedMeningococcus Dates given
vaccin_other_specifyString50Recommended5.32. Other= Specify
vaccin_other_specify_datesString50RecommendedOther= Specify Dates given
school_childIntegerRecommended7.1. Does/Did (child) attend school?1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
school_ageString50Recommended7.2. At what age did (child) start attending school?
preschoolIntegerRecommended7.3.1. Preschool1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
kindergartenIntegerRecommended7.3.2. Kindergarten1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
basic_schoolIntegerRecommended7.3.3. Basic School1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
school_primary_allageIntegerRecommended7.3.4. Primary/All age1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
school_preparatoryIntegerRecommended7.3.5. Preparatory1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
school_secondaryIntegerRecommended7.3.6. Secondary1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
schooltype_otherIntegerRecommended7.3.90. Other1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
schooltype_other_specifyString50RecommendedOther= specify
edu_mentallyimpairedIntegerRecommended7.4.1. Intellectually impaired1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
edu_emotionallydisturbedIntegerRecommended7.4.2. Emotionally or behaviorally disturbed1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
edu_slowlearnersIntegerRecommended7.4.3. Slow learners1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
edu_giftedlearnersIntegerRecommended7.4.4. Advanced/Gifted learners1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
other_eduIntegerRecommended7.4.90. Other1;2;99;77;-9991= Yes ; 2= No ; 99= D/K ; 77= N/A ; -999= Missing
other_edu_specifyString50RecommendedOther= specify
record_ses_fIntegerRecommendedRecord Status1::71= Done ; 2= Not Done ; 3= Withdrawn ; 4= Skipped/Missing ; 5= Deceased ; 6= Site could not reach subject ; 7= Refusedrecord_status_c_part1, record_status_c_part2, record_status_c_part4
foodallergies_milkIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Milk0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_butterIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Butter0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_cheeseIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Cheese0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_yogurtIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Yogurt0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_otherdairyIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Other dairy0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_flourIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Flour or cereal products (wheat, rye, or barley)0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_beansIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Beans0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_peanutsIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Peanuts and peanut butter0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_chocolateIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Chocolate0;10=No; 1=Yes
foodallergies_otherIntegerRecommendedFood allergies. Other dairy0;10=No; 1=Yes
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: childinfo01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.