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Filter Cart

Viewable at the top right of NDA pages, the Filter Cart is a temporary holder for filters and data they select. Filters are added to the Workspace first, before being submitted to The Filter Cart. Data selected by filters in the Filter Cart can be added to a Data Package or an NDA Study from the Data Packaging Page, by clicking the 'Create Data Package / Add Data to Study' button.

The filter cart supports combining multiple filters together, and depending on filter type will use "AND" or "OR"  when combining filters.

Multiple selections from the same filter type will result in those selections being applied with an ‘OR’ condition. For example, if you add an NDA Collection Filter with selections for both collections 2112 and 2563 to an empty Workspace, the subjects from NDA Collection 2112 ‘OR’ NDA Collection 2563 will be added to your Workspace even if a subject is in both NDA Collections. You can then add other NDA Collections to your Workspace which further extends the ‘OR’ condition.

If a different filter type is added to your Workspace, or a filter has already been submitted to the Filter Cart, the operation then performs a logical ‘AND’ operation. This means that given the subjects returned from the first filter, only those subjects that matched the first filter are returned by the second filter (i.e., subjects that satisfied both filters). Note that only the subjects specific to your filter will be added to your Filter Cart and only on data shared with the research community. Other data for those same subjects may exist (i.e., within another NDA Collection, associated with a data structure that was not requested in the query, etc.). So, users should select ‘Find all Subjects Data’ to identify all data for those specific subjects. 

Additional Tips:

  • You may query the data without an account, but to gain access you will need to create an NDA user account and apply for access.  Most data access requires that you or your lab are sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with Federal Wide Assurance (FWA).  Without access, you will not be able to obtain individual-level data. 

    Once you have selected data of interest you can:
  • Create a data package - This allows you to specify format for access/download
  • Assign to Study Cohort - Associate the data to an NDA Study allowing for a DOI to be generated and the data to be linked directly to a finding, publication, or data release. 
  • Find All Subject Data - Depending on filter types being used, not all data associated with a subject will be selected.  Data may be restricted by data structure, NDA Collection, or outcome variables (e.g., NDA Study). ‘Find All Data’ expands the fliter criteria by replacing all filters in your Filter Cart with a single Query by GUID filter for all subjects selected by those filters.

    Please Note:
  • When running a query, it may take a moment to populate the Filter Cart. Queries happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time. 
  • When you add your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the Filter Cart (e.g., a Concept, an NDA Collection, a Data Structure/Element, etc.). As you add additional filters, they will also display in the Filter Cart. Only the name of filter will be shown in the Filter Cart, not the underlying structures. 
  • Information about the contents of the Filter Cart can be seen by clicking "Edit”.
  • Once your results appear in the Filter Cart, you can create a data package or assign subjects to a study by selecting the 'Package/Assign to Study' option. You can also 'Edit' or 'Clear' filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Filter Cart currently employs basic AND/OR Boolean logic. A single filter may contain multiple selections for that filter type, e.g., a single NDA Study filter might contain NDA Study 1 and NDA Study 2. A subject that is in EITHER 1 OR 2 will be returned.  Adding multiple filters to the cart, regardless of type, will AND the result of each filter.  If NDA Study 1 and NDA Study 2 are added as individual filters, data for a subject will only be selected if the subject is included in  BOTH 1 AND 2.

  • Viewable at the top right of NDA pages, the Filter Cart is a temporary holder of data identified by the user, through querying or browsing, as being of some potential interest. The Filter Cart is where you send the data from your Workspace after it has been filtered.

  • After filters are added to the Filter Cart, users have options to ‘Create a Package’ for download, ‘Associate to Study Cohort’, or ‘Find All Subject Data’. Selecting ‘Find All Subject Data’ identifies and pulls all data for the subjects into the Filter Cart. Choosing ‘Create a Package’ allows users to package and name their query information for download. Choosing ‘Associate to Study Cohort’ gives users the opportunity to choose the Study Cohort they wish to associate this data.


  • Once your filter cart contains the subjects of interest, select Create Data Package/Assign to Data Study which will provide options for accessing item level data and/or assigning to a study.  

  • Once queries have been added to your workspace, the next step is to Submit the Filters in the workspace to the Filter Cart.  This process runs the queries selected, saving the results within a filter cart attached to your account.  

  • The Workspace within the General Query Tool is a holding area where you can review your pending filters prior to adding them to Filter Cart. Therefore, the first step in accessing data is to select one or more items and move it into the Workspace. 


Reset Password

NDA provides a single access to de-identified autism research data. For permission to download data, you will need an NDA account with approved access to NDA or a connected repository (AGRE, IAN, or the ATP). For NDA access, you need to be a research investigator sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with federal wide assurance. See Request Access for more information.

Warning Notice

This is a U.S. Government computer system, which may be accessed and used only for authorized Government business by authorized personnel. Unauthorized access or use of this computer system may subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or administrative action. All information on this computer system may be intercepted, recorded, read, copied, and disclosed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes, including criminal investigations. Such information includes sensitive data encrypted to comply with confidentiality and privacy requirements. Access or use of this computer system by any person, whether authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to these terms. There is no right of privacy in this system.

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Query Element Name Data Type Size Required Description Value Range Notes Aliases
subjectkey GUID Required The NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subject NDAR* candidateguid, pseudo_guid, subject_key
src_subject_id String 20 Required Subject ID how it's defined in lab/project bid, catieid, ibisid, stepid
interview_date Date Required Date on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYY Required field consented_study, date_interview_ses, date_taken
interview_age Integer Required Age in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging. 0 :: 1260 Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month. age, age_m_consent, candidate_age_in_months
sex String 20 Required Sex of the subject M;F; O; NR M = Male; F = Female; O=Other; NR = Not reported gender, sex
Query daysrz Integer Recommended days since randomization dayscons
Query visit String 60 Recommended Visit name
Query certcode Integer Recommended stepbd certification code
Query ccc2spenglis String 200 Recommended Details of primary language primlang
Query race String 30 Recommended Race of study subject
American Indian/Alaska Native; Asian; Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; Black or African American; White; More than one race; Unknown or not reported
Query etnic_group Integer Recommended specify ehtnicity 1::5;-7 1=Mexican/Mexican American/Chicano; 2=Cuban/Cuban American; 3=Puerto Rican; 4=Dominican; 5=Other; -7=Refused ethnspec
Query das1ms String 200 Recommended Marital status dema5, marital, marstat
Query qol01g Integer Recommended Lives alone 0;1 1=yes; 0=no livealon
Query grphome Integer Recommended residential group home 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query hmem1 Integer Recommended household member 1 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex1 Integer Recommended household member sex 1 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage1 Integer Recommended household member age 1
Query hmem2 Integer Recommended household member 2 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex2 Integer Recommended household member sex 2 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage2 Integer Recommended household member age 2
Query hmem3 Integer Recommended household member 3 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex3 Integer Recommended household member sex 3 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage3 Integer Recommended household member age 3
Query hmem4 Integer Recommended household member 4 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex4 Integer Recommended household member sex 4 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage4 Integer Recommended household member age 4
Query hmem5 Integer Recommended household member 5 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex5 Integer Recommended household member sex 5 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage5 Integer Recommended household member age 5
Query hmem6 Integer Recommended household member 6 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex6 Integer Recommended household member sex 6 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage6 Integer Recommended household member age 6
Query hmem7 Integer Recommended household member 7 1::10;-7 1=Spouse; 2=Parent; 3=Child; 4=Sibling; 5=Grandchild; 6=Aunt/Uncle; 7=Niece/Nephew; 8=Other Relative (specify); 9=Friend/Roommate; 10=Other (specify); -7=Refused
Query hmemsex7 Integer Recommended household member sex 7 1;2 1=Male; 2=Female
Query hmemage7 Integer Recommended household member age 7
Query dependts Integer Recommended hom many dependents in house
Query cohead Integer Recommended cohead of household 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query residenc Integer Recommended describes primary residence 1::14;-7 1=Private home; 2=Apartment in private home; 3=Apartment building; 4=Mobile home; 5=Public housing; 6=Military housing; 7=Group home/assisted living facility; 8=Other; -7=Refused; 9=Single Residence with Assisted living; 10=Retirement community (Not assisted living); 11=Lives with family/others and does not pay rent; 12=Rehab/Nursing Home; 13=Homeless/Shelter/Motel; 14=Don’t Know
Query ownrent Integer Recommended best describes payment 1::3;-7 1=You own or pay mortgage on your primary residence; 2=You pay rent on your primary residence; 3=Other; -7=Refused
Query educate Integer Recommended years of education completed 1::8;-7 1=Less than seventh grade; 2=Seventh grade-ninth grade; 3=Partial high school; 4=High school diploma or GED; 5=Some college (at least one year); 6=Technical school or associates degree; 7=College diploma (Bachelor's degree); 8=Graduate or professional degree; -7=Refused dem5
Query jobcode Integer Recommended most appropriate job code 1::6;-7 1=Professional; 2=Managers and administrators; 3=Craftsmen and kindred workers; 4=Clerical and sales workers; 5=Laborers, operatives and kindred workers; 6=Other; -7=Refused
Query ftepay Integer Recommended full time employment for pay 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query ftdays Integer Recommended full time days since randomization
Query hrwrkavg Float Recommended hours work on average
Query wkswork Float Recommended weeks have you worked
Query laidoff Integer Recommended have you been laid off 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query fired Integer Recommended have you been fired 0;1;-7; 888; 999 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused; 888=Refused; 999=Missing
Query daylate Integer Recommended days late to work
Query dayearly Integer Recommended days leave work early
Query fullattn Integer Recommended cut back level of attention 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query nonwork Float Recommended spent on non work activities
Query student Integer Recommended Currently a student 0::2 0=No; 1=Yes; 2=Part time
Query studfte Integer Recommended student full time part time 1::3;-7 1=Full time; 2=Part time; 3=currently not in school; -7=Refused
Query volwork Integer Recommended do you do volunteer work 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query volfreq Integer Recommended volunteer work frequency 1::4;-7 1=Daily; 2=Weekly; 3=Monthly; 4=Infrequently; -7=Refused
Query volhrs Float Recommended how many hours per week
Query psysoc_89 String 5 Recommended Veteran? Y;N;-7 Y=Yes; N=No; -7=Refused veteran
Query earnings Integer Recommended annual personal income earning 1::9;-7 1=less than $10,000; 2=$10,000-$19,999; 3=$20,000-$29,999; 4-$30,000-$39,999; 5=$40,000-$49,999; 6=$50,000-$74,999; 7=$75,000-$99,999; 8=$100,000-$149,999; 9=$150,000 or more; -7=Refused
Query pincome Integer Recommended annual personal income 1::9;-7 1=less than $10,000; 2=$10,000-$19,999; 3=$20,000-$29,999; 4-$30,000-$39,999; 5=$40,000-$49,999; 6=$50,000-$74,999; 7=$75,000-$99,999; 8=$100,000-$149,999; 9=$150,000 or more; -7=Refused
Query srcwages Integer Recommended source of income wages 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcssi Integer Recommended sources of income ssi 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcssdi Integer Recommended sources of income ssdi 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcwlfar Integer Recommended sources of income welfare 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcafdc Integer Recommended sources of income afdc 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcunemp Integer Recommended sources of income unemployed 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcssec Integer Recommended sources of income soc security 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query srcoth Integer Recommended sources of income other 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query demo_income String 2 Recommended What is the family income per year: a;b;c;d;e;f;g;h;i;j; k; l; m;n;-7; 1;2;3;4; a = Less than $10,000; b = $10,000-$20,000; c = $20,000-$30,000; d = $30,000-$40,000; e = $40,000-$50,000; f = $50,000-$60,000; g = $60,000-$80,000; h = $80,000-$100,000; i = Above $100,000; j=$50,000-$74,999; k=$75,000-$99,999; l=$100,000-$149,999; m=$150,000-$199,999; n=$200,000 or more; -7=Refused;1=under 25,000; 2=$25,000 - $49,999; 3=$100,000 - $124,999; 4=$125,000 and above hincome, hincome2
Query medins Integer Recommended do you have medical insurance 0;1;-7; 7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused; 7=DK
Query typeins Integer Recommended type of medical insurance 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query mcaidhmo Integer Recommended medicaid hmo 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query mcaid Integer Recommended medicaid not hmo 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query publicd Integer Recommended Public Insurance: Medicare HMO 0;1 0 = No; 1 = Yes mcarehmo
Query mcare Integer Recommended medicare traditional 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query mcaresup Integer Recommended medicare supplementary policy 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query mcarerx Integer Recommended medicare pay for rx 0::3;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused; 2=Other; 3=DK
Query hmo Integer Recommended private insurance hmo 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query nohmo Integer Recommended private insurance not hmo 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query insrx Integer Recommended private insurance pay rx 0;1;-7; 7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused; 7=DK
Query visitfee Integer Recommended out of pocket fee or copay 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query fixedfee Integer Recommended fixed copay or fee 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query percfee Integer Recommended fee percentage 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query mhlimit Integer Recommended limits on mental health 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query limitin Integer Recommended limits inpatient days per year 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query limitout Integer Recommended limits outpatient visits 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query site String 101 Recommended Site Study Site site_id, siteid
Query forgo Integer Recommended forgo recommended treatment 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query fvisit Integer Recommended frequent followup visits 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txad Integer Recommended treatment antidepressant 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txap Integer Recommended treatment antipsychotic 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txlith Integer Recommended treatment lithium 1;0;-7 0=No; 1=Yes;-7=Refused
Query txval Integer Recommended treatment valproate 1;0;-7 0=No; 1=Yes;-7=Refused
Query txms Integer Recommended treatment other mood stabilizer 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txnutra Integer Recommended treatment nutraceutical 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txpsi Integer Recommended treatment psychosocial 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txsh Integer Recommended treatment selfhelp group 0;1;-7 0=No; 1=Yes; -7=Refused
Query txoth Integer Recommended treatment other 1;0;-7 0=No; 1=Yes;-7=Refused
Query ethnicity String 30 Recommended Ethnicity of participant
Hispanic or Latino; Not Hispanic or Latino; Unknown
Query employcur Integer Recommended current employment status 1::12;-7 1=Full time; 2=Part time for pay; 3=Homemaker; 4=Incarcerated; 5=Disabled; 6=Leave of absence; 7=Unemployed; 8=Retired; 9=Other; 10=Student; 11=Volunteer; -7=Refused; 12 = Maternity leave dem8emp, employ
Query fseqno Integer Recommended Sequence Number 0::999 The FSEQNO variable in the ADJ form has a special interpretation compared to other forms. For example, ADJ FSEQNO of '1' can be thought of as being '001', FSEQNO of '2' can be thought of as being '002', and FSEQNO of '3' can be thought of as being '003'. The first digit of FSEQNO relates to the corresponding ENF sequence number at that visit and the third digit relates to the specific adjudicator who completed the adjudication form.
Query visday Integer Recommended Number of days from study baseline to date of visit dema0b
Query hispanic Integer Recommended Is subject of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin? 0; 1; 999 0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999= missing dem3, dema4, hisp
Query dema6 Integer Recommended Which Best describes your current living situation? 1::9 1=Independent Living. Live alone, with spouse, family or friend, in an apartment or house.; 2=Minimally Structured Residence. Live in a supervised apartment program, boarding home, adult foster care.; 3=Moderately Restrictive Residence. Live in a halfway house, treatment program, acute psychiatric diversion facility, treatment lodge; 4=Extremely Restrictive Residence. Psychiatric hospital, skilled nursing facility, jail or prison.; 5=Homeless. Has been homeless or in emergency shelter for the homeless; 6=Lives in someone elses apartment, room or house; 7=Dormitory/College residence; 8=Residential treatment; 9=Other, specify
Query dema8 Integer Recommended Did you earn a high school diploma or GED 0;1 1=Yes; 0=No
Query edutot Float Recommended Total years of education dema7, educ_yrs, yrsedcn
version_form String 121 Recommended Form used/assessment name
Query marist Integer Recommended Marital status 0;1 0 = No; 1 = Yes marital2
Query ac_residence String 20 Recommended Location of residence? At own home; At family member home; At non-family member's home;At assisted living facility;Other
Query curreduccompleted String 50 Recommended Current grade education level completed ac_educatn, education
Query parntedu String 100 Recommended How far did your parents go in school? Did not complete high school; GED/High school diploma ;Some college, did not graduate; Community college or technical school degree (e.g., AA); College graduate; College graduate and some Master's level courses;Master's degree completed;Advanced degree courses, not graduated [e.g., Ph.D., MD, DVM, DDS, JD); Advanced degree completed [e.g., Ph.D., MD, DVM, DDS, JD); Unknown
Query cg1_gender String 10 Recommended Caregiver/Parent 1's Gender Male;Female caregen
Query relation_prim Integer Recommended Primary caregiver relationship to subject 0::13;-77;88;99 0= Adoptive Dad ; 1= Adoptive Mom ; 2= Biological Dad ; 3= Biological Mom ; 4= Grandpa ; 5= Grandma ; 6= Uncle ; 7= Aunt ; 8= Gay partner ; 9= Lesbian partner ; 10=0 Parent's male/boyfriend ; 11=1 Parent's female/girlfriend ; 12=2 Step Dad ; 13=3 Step Mom ; -99= NA; 77= Refused; 88= Missing caregivr
Query bicgscho Integer Recommended How far did the caregiver go in school? 1::10 1 = If the caregiver did not finish high school or obtain a GED, indicate years of education; 2 = Unknown; 3 = GED/high school diploma; 4 = Some college, did not graduate; 5 = Community college or technical school degree (e.g. AA); 6 = College graduate; 7 = College graduate and some Master's level courses; 8 = Master's degree completed 9 = Advanced degree courses, not graduateD (e.g. PhD, MD, DVM, DDS,JD); 10 = Advanced degree completed [e.g. PhD, MD, DVM, DDS, JD) careedu
Query exacer Integer Recommended Has patient been hospitalized or required crisis stabilization services in the past three months for any mental health problem? 0;1 0=No; 1=Yes; Baseline covariate adjusted for in many statsitical models based on analysis plan
Query bicgage Integer Recommended Caregiver's Age careage
Query agecat Integer Recommended Subject Age Categorized 1= .z < AGE <= 69 ; 2= 70 <= AGE <= 74 ; 3= 75 <= AGE <= 79 ; 4= 80 <= AGE <= 84 ; 5= AGE >; 85 ; missing otherwise
Query caregvr2 Integer Recommended Caregiver subgroup (spouse, son/daughter)
Query residnc2 Integer Recommended Residence categorized (own home vs not)
Query rescreen Integer Recommended Rescreened 0;1 1=Yes for patients screened multiple times for inclusion in the study; missing otherwise
Query scrn_dy Integer Recommended Day Screened Number of days from study baseline to date of screening
Query married Integer Recommended Are you married? 1::6 1 = Married/Common Law; 2 = Never Married; 3 = Married and Seperated ;4 = Divorced or Annulled; 5 = Widowed; 6=Living with someone as though married dem6
Query marital2 Integer Recommended Marital Stat categorized (married vs not) 0;1 1=Married; 0=Not married
Query lths Integer Recommended Education Group 1::3 1=less than 12th grade, 2=12th grade, 3= more than 12th grade
Query hs Integer Recommended High School 0;1 0=no; 1=12th grade
Query smcoll Integer Recommended Some College 0;1 0=no, 1=more than 12th grade
Query workpay Integer Recommended Are you a worker for pay? 0;1 0=No; 1=Yes dem8a
Query mw_j1b Integer Recommended Job 1 full or part time 1;2 1=Full time; 2=Part time dem8b
Query dem8cday Integer Recommended During the past 4 weeks, how many days of work did you miss due to illness 0::30
Query dem8dday Integer Recommended During the past 4 weeks, how many days were you late to work or did you have to leave early due to illness or doctor visits. 0::30
Query calm_inc1 Integer Recommended How much income did you earn from work in the last year 98 = Refused to answer
Query calm_inc1a Integer Recommended Does annual income amount to $22,000 or more? 1;2 1=Yes; 2=No
Query calm_inc1b Integer Recommended Does annual income amount to $11,000 or more? 1;2 1=Yes; 2=No
Query calm_inc1c Integer Recommended Does annual income amount to $35,000 or more? 1;2 1=Yes; 2=No
Query calm_inc2 Integer Recommended How much total income did you and your family receive from work and other sources such as interest or dividends, pensions or social security, income from rental property, estates, or trusts, public assistance or welfare, unemployment compensation, disability income, child support or other sources? famincom
Query calm_inc2a Integer Recommended Would total family income amount to $30,000 or more?
1=Yes; 2=No
Query calm_inc2b Integer Recommended Would total family income amount to $13,000 or more? 1;2 1=Yes; 2=No
Query calm_inc2c Integer Recommended Would total family income amount to $57,000 or more? 1;2 1=Yes; 2=No
Query calm_inc3 Integer Recommended Including you, how many people in your family were supported by this total income in last year number supported famsize
Query calm_inc3a Integer Recommended How many family supported by total income last year were children under the age of 18 who were related to you? totkids
Query calm_inc4 Integer Recommended In general, would you say (you have/your family living here has) more money than you need, just enough money for your needs, or not enough to meet your needs? 1::3 1 = more than need; 2 = just enough; 3 = not enough
Query poverty2 Integer Recommended poverty index for famsize, age, and number of kids using Poverty_Thresholds_2005.doc found at http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/data/threshld/thresh05.html
Query pincomage Float Recommended adjusted by age, famsize, and number of kids
Query ses1 Integer Recommended socioeconmic status 1 0;1 (1= pincomage<=1, 0= Ppincomage>1)
Query ses2 Integer Recommended socioeconmic status 2 0;1 (1= pincomage <=2, 0=pincomage >2)
Query usborn Integer Recommended US born 0;1 0=No; 1=Yes
Query clinicid Integer Recommended Clinic ID
Query days_baseline Integer Recommended Days since baseline
Query interviewmonth Integer Recommended Interview Month
Query interv Integer Recommended Intervention Status 0;1 1=ITV, intervention; 0=TAU, treatment as usual
Query entry_status Integer Recommended Entry status 1::10 1 = Inpatient; 2 = Outpatient; 3 = Nursing Home ; 4 = Partial Hospital ; 5 = Other; 6= Normal Control; 7= Chrono; 8= Senior Center; 9= Mistreatment Agency; 10= Primary Care
Query status String 50 Recommended Status
Query adem7 Integer Recommended Does patient have any home health aide or live-in help (including assistance from family and friends)? 0;1;7;8 0 = No; 1 = Yes; 7 = Don't know; 8 = Refused
Query adem7a Integer Recommended If patient has any home health aide or live-in help (including assistance from family and friends. Is this help paid or unpaid? 1;2 1 = Paid help (including services not paid by the patient); 2 = Unpaid help (example: Friends, family, meals-on-wheels)
Query chldyn Integer Recommended Does the client have children? 0;1 0=No; 1=Yes
Query numlivchild Integer Recommended Number of living children
Query ccc2english Integer Recommended Does the subject speak English as a primary language? 0;1;-9 0 = No; 1 = Yes; -9 = Missing value
Query exillit Integer Recommended Unable to speak, read, and write English 0::2 0=No;1=Yes; 2=Somewhat
Query demosam_002 Integer Recommended How many years of education have you had 0 = No Education ;1 = 1st grade ;2 = 2nd grade ;3 = 3rd grade ;4 = 4th grade ; 5=5 years Completed 5th grade (Grade School) ;6=6 years Completed 6th grade;7=7 years Completed 7th grade ;8=8 years Completed 8th grade (Middle School) ;9 = 9th grade ; 10 = 10th grade ; 11 = 11th grade ; 12 = 12th grade OR GED ; 13 = 1 year of college ; 14 = 2 years of college or associates degree ; 15 = 3 years of college ; 16 = bachelor's degree ; 17 = 1 year of graduate school ; 18 = 2 years of graduate school ; 19 = 3 years of graduate school ; 20 = 4+ years of graduate school
Query refothers String 50 Recommended Referral source: specify
Query visnum Float Recommended Numeric Visit Number -1.5 = Pre-Screening; -1 = Screening; 0 = Baseline; ## = Visit ## (from 1 to 10); Whole numbers = standard monthly visits; #.001 - #.009 = Unscheduled; #.1 = End of Phase 1; #.2 = End of Phase 2; #.3 = End of Phase 3; #.4 = End of Open Choice Phase; #.5 = End of Study; #.6 = Genetic Analysis; 1000=all visits
Query me2 Integer Recommended Status 0;1 0 = Past [Inactive]; 1 = Active
Query workyn Integer Recommended Is the client currently working 0;1 0=No; 1=Yes
Query p_paemployed Integer Recommended Is your current partner currently employed? 0::8;-99;88;77 0= No ; 1= Yes ; -99= N/A ; 88= Missing ; 77= Refused
ethnic_group String 255 Recommended Ethnic group demo_ethnicity
Query employst Integer Recommended Current employment status 1::8 1 = Working full-time job; 2 = Working part-time job; 3=not employed; 4=NA; 5 =retired;6=Disability recipient; 7=Student; 8=Other
Query education_level Integer Recommended Highest level of education completed for adult subject 1::6; 9 1 = Grades 1 to 11; 2 = High school graduate or GED; 3 = Associate or technical degree; 4 = Bachelor's degree; 5 = Master's degree; 6 = Doctorate or equivalent professional degree; 9 = Unknown
Query ca243 Integer Recommended What handedness do you consider yourself? 1::3 1=Right; 2=Left; 3=Mixed handedness, reg_handedness
fspgod String 70 Recommended Subject's gender OTHER describe
jobh String 150 Recommended job title job
eo8b_sp_recode String 100 Recommended job category
q1_6 String 200 Recommended How did you hear about this study heard_study
Query house_income Integer Recommended Household income (based on last year) 1::21 1=Less than 5,000; 2=Between 5,000-9,999; 3= Between 10,000-14,999; 4 =Between 15,000-19,999; 5= Between 20,000-24,999; 6=Between 25,000-29,999; 7=Between 30,000-34,999; 8=Between 35,000-39,999; 9 =Between 40,000-44,999; 10 =Between 45,000-49,999; 11= Between 50,000-54,999; 12= Between 55,000-59,999; 13 =Between 60,000-64,999; 14= Between 65,000-69,999; 15= Between 70,000-74,999; 16 =Between 75,000-79,999; 17 =Between 80,000-84,999; 18 =Between 85,000-89,999; 19 =Between 90,000-94,999; 20 =Between 95,000-99,999; 21= More than 100,000
header_2 String 50 Recommended Specify Relationship to Subject, if Other:
live_with_spouse String 3 Recommended II. At any time in the past 6 months, did he/she live with a spouse or partner?
No; Yes; NA
Query relationship Integer Recommended Relationship of respondent to individual 1::93;-999 1 = Biological mom; 2 = Biological dad; 3 = Grandparent; 4 = Special education (sped) teacher; 5 = General education teacher; 6 = Occupational therapist; 7 = Speech and language therapist; 8 = Behavioral therapist; 9 = Paraprofessional; 10 = Aide; 11 = Principal; 12 = Administrator; 13 = 90=Other; 14 = Content teacher; 15 = Parent center director; 16 = Self; 17=Adoptive mother; 18=Adoptive father; 19=Foster mother; 20 = Foster father; 21=Grandmother; 22=Grandfather; 23=Step-mother; 24 = Step-father; 25=Aunt; 26=Uncle; 27=Missing Data; 28=Both parents;31= Grandmother from mother side; 32= Grandfather from mother side; 33= Grandmother from father side; 34= Grandfather from father side; 36= Brother; 37= Sister; 38= Cousin; 39= female caregiver; 40=male caregiver; 41=Female child; 42=Male child; 43=Spouse/Mate; 44=Friend; 45=Parent; 46=Significant other; 47=Sibling; 48=Son/Daughter; 49=Son-in-law/Daughter-in law; 50=Other Relative; 51=Paid caregiver; 52=Friends; 53=Roommate; 54=Supervisor; 55=mother's boyfriend; 56=other parental figure; 57=Summary; 58=counselor ; 59 = other female relative; 60 = other male relative; 61 = non-relative ; 62=Maternal Aunt; 63=Maternal Uncle; 64=Maternal Cousin; 65 = Paternal Aunt; 66=Paternal Uncle; 67=Paternal Cousin ; 68=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Grandmother; 69=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Grandmother; 70=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Grandmother and Foster Father; 71=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Foster Mother; 72=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Foster Mother; 73=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Biological/Adoptive Father; 74=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Biological/Adoptive Father; 75=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Other; 76=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Stepfather; 77=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepfather; 78=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Grandfather; 79=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Foster Father; 80=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother; 81=Guardian, female; 82=Other female; 83=Guardian, male; 84=Other male; 85=Other/Grandparent/Nanny; 86 = Mother, Father, Guardian; 87 = Daughter, son, grandchild; 88 = Professional (e.g., social worker, nurse, therapist, psychiatrist, or group home staff); -999=Missing; 89 = Biological parent; 91 = Stepparent; 92 = Adoptive parent; 93 = Foster parent partic_rel
Query baseline_b_009 Integer Recommended What is your current marital status? 1::5; -888; -999 1=Never married; 2=Married; 3=Widowed; 4=Divorced; 5=Other (specify); -888=Not Applicable; -999=Missing; partic_marital
Query partic_you_roommate Integer Recommended The following questions ask you about the person whom you have agreed to complete this survey. At any time in the past 6 month, did you live with this person? 0;1 0=No; 1=Yes
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.