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The Filter Cart provides a powerful way to query and access data for which you may be interested.  

A few points related to the filter cart are important to understand with the NDA Query/Filter implementation: 

First, the filter cart is populated asyncronously.  So, when you run a query, it may take a moment to populate but this will happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time.  

When you are adding your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the filter cart (whether it be a collection, a concept, a study, a data structure/elment or subjects). Not all data structures or collections will necessarily be displayed.  For example, if you select the NDA imaging structure image03, and further restrict that query to scan_type fMRI, only fMRI images will appear and only the image03 structure will be shown.  To see other data structures, select "Find All Subject Data" which will query all data for those subjects. When a secord or third filter is applied, an AND condition is used.  A subject must exist in all filters.  If the subject does not appear in any one filter, that subjects data will not be included in your filter cart. If that happens, clear your filter cart, and start over.  

It is best to package more data than you need and access those data using other tools, independent of the NDA (e.g. miNDAR snapshot), to limit the data selected.  If you have any questions on data access, are interested in using avaialble web services, or need help accessing data, please contact us for assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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NDA provides a single access to de-identified autism research data. For permission to download data, you will need an NDA account with approved access to NDA or a connected repository (AGRE, IAN, or the ATP). For NDA access, you need to be a research investigator sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with federal wide assurance. See Request Access for more information.

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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/projectid, subject_id, subjectid
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fielddate_eligibility_healthy, date_pt_eligible, visit_date
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.elig_incl_age
sexString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Femalegender
elig_version_formIntegerRecommendedForm version1::31=Clinical; 2=Healthy control; 3=Incl/Excl
beh_session_completeIntegerRecommendedChecks for complete BEH session0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_beh_session_hc
chf_enteredIntegerRecommendedClinical History Form completion0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_eeg_session_hc
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not sureeeg_session_complete, elig_inclusion_check_hc
elig_inclusion_checkIntegerRecommendedChecks for a pass/fail on Elig for Inclusion0::30=Failed (Ineligible); 1=Passed (Eligible); 2=In screening; 3=NAelig_mri_session_hc, eligible, healthy_eligibile
elig_r_5IntegerRecommendedChecks if QIDS score is >= to 140;1;90=No; 1=Yes; 9=N/A
elig_r_bloodDateRecommendedDate of blood samples collectionelig_r_blood_hc
elig_r_blood_tubeIntegerRecommendedChecks blood collection - number of tubeselig_r_blood_tube_hc
elig_r_eegDateRecommendedDate of successful data transfer EEG sessionselig_r_eeg_hc
elig_r_mriDateRecommendedDate of MRI data transferelig_r_mri_hc
elig_r_phenoDateRecommendedDate of successful data transfer phenotype sessionselig_r_pheno_hc
elig_r_qids_eeg_dateString50RecommendedQIDS EEG date/time
qids_eeg_totalFloatRecommendedQIDS EEG Total Scoreelig_r_qids_eeg_score
elig_r_qids_eval_dateString50RecommendedQIDS EVAL date/time
elig_r_qids_rand_dateString50RecommendedQIDS RAND date/time
qstotIntegerRecommendedQIDS total scoreelig_qids_eval_score, elig_qids_hc, elig_r_qids_rand_score, qids_sr_score_random, qidssr_from_screening, qidssr_from_screening_hc
eligrnd_dysthymia_thresholdIntegerRecommendedDysthymia threshold0;10=No; 1=Yes
eligrnd_mdd_thresholdIntegerRecommendedMDD variable to indicate randomization0;10=No; 1=Yes
hamd_scoreFloatRecommendedPulls in score from HAM-Dhamd_score_24
hamd_severityIntegerRecommendedmessage on severity0::20=N/A; 1=High severity (>=20); 2=Low severity (<20)
mri_session_completeIntegerRecommendedChecks for complete MRI session0;10=No; 1=Yes
sample_groupIntegerRecommendedSample group selection1;21=Clinical; 2=Healthy controlelig_sample_hc, sample_group_hc
scid_chron_indicationIntegerRecommendedmessage on chronicity0::20=N/A; 1=Chronic (4-6); 2=Non chronic (1-3)
scid_chron_rndString20RecommendedPulls in SCID question 10f
screening_statusIntegerRecommendedMessage box that indicates status for randomization1::31=In screening; 2=Not eligible for randomization; 3=Eligible for randomization
stg2_form_completeIntegerRecommendedCheck Eligibility Stage 2 completed0;1;90=No; 1=Yes; 9=N/A
ptconIntegerRecommendedPatient consented
0=No; 1=Yesconsented, elig_1, elig_consent_hc, icfsubj, inconc
elig_10IntegerRecommendedCurrent primary diagnosis of OCD0;10=No; 1=Yesexocd
elig_11IntegerRecommendedCurrent substance dependence0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_substance, exdetox
exdtxIntegerRecommendedEX: needs hospitalization for detox0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_12, elig_hospital_psycho
elig_13IntegerRecommendedHave unstable GMC0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_unstable_gmc
elig_14IntegerRecommendedMeds for GMC0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_meds_gmc
elig_15IntegerRecommendedEpilepsy0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_epilepsy
elig_16IntegerRecommendedReceive somatic treatment0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_17IntegerRecommendedCurrently taking exclusionary meds0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_exclusion_meds
elig_18IntegerRecommendedLiver disease0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_19IntegerRecommendedThyroid meds0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_thyroid_meds, exthyroi
elig_2IntegerRecommendedCurrent diagnosis of MDD0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_20IntegerRecommendedAugmenting Agents0;10=No; 1=Yesexagents
elig_21IntegerRecommendedTherapy0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_22IntegerRecommendedEnglish fluency0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_fluency
elig_23IntegerRecommendedSuicidal0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_suicidal
elig_24IntegerRecommendedAlternate study0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_25IntegerRecommendedNon listed reason0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_nonlisted
elig_27IntegerRecommendedClinically abnormal lab results0;1;91 = Yes; 0 = No; 9 = Unknownelig_abnorm_labs
elig_4IntegerRecommendedAntidepressant trials0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_5IntegerRecommendedBiomarkers0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_biomarkers
elig_6IntegerRecommendedHistory of inadequate response0;10=No; 1=Yes
exprgIntegerRecommendedEX: pregnancy0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_7, elig_pregnancy
elig_8IntegerRecommendedPlan to be pregnant0;10=No; 1=Yesexpreg
elig_9IntegerRecommendedHistory of psychotic disorders0;10=No; 1=Yeselig_psycho_disor
elig_dysthymiaIntegerRecommendedEligibility variable for dysthymia0::20=No; 1=Yes; 2=Unknown
elig_ecg_1IntegerRecommendedChecks if subject is over 600;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_ecg_2IntegerRecommendedChecks for ECG0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_metal_screenIntegerRecommendedpulls in metal screen pass/fail0;10=Fail; 1=Passelig_metal_hc
elig_scid_1IntegerRecommendedOnset of MDE <=300;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_scid_2IntegerRecommendedMDD duration meets Eligibility0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_alternate_study_hcIntegerRecommendedChecks if in alternate study0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_dsmIntegerRecommendedNo past or present DSM-IV Axis I disorder0;10=No; 1=Yes
elig_qids_score_hc_displayString30Recommendeddisplay for qids HC eval
stg2_anorexIntegerRecommendedChecks for Anorexia0;1;90=No; 1=Yes; 9=N/A
stg2_bulimiaIntegerRecommendedChecks for Bulimia0;1;90=No; 1=Yes; 9=N/A
stg2_seizureIntegerRecommendedChecks for Seizure risk0;1;90=No; 1=Yes; 9=N/A
subject_descriptionString4,000RecommendedSubject related information (e.g the affection, phenotype, disease information, etc.).
siteString101RecommendedSiteStudy Sitesite_uid
session_idString20Recommendedsession ID/screening IDscreeningid
version_formString100RecommendedForm used/assessment nameform_name, formid, version_ic_signed
visitString50RecommendedVisit nametime, visit_name
elgrrIntegerRecommendedSubject passed independent rater review1;21=Yes; 2=No
elgmmappIntegerRecommendedMedical Monitor approved subject for randomization1;21=Yes; 2=No
elgmdrsIntegerRecommendedBaseline MADRS in eligible range1;21=Yes; 2=No
elgsibqIntegerRecommendedBaseline SIBQ clear of Suicidal Ideation Behavior1;21=Yes; 2=No
elgadstbIntegerRecommendedCurrent pharmacotherapy stable1;21=Yes; 2=No
elgadprtString50RecommendedPrescribed anti-depressant
elgadothString50RecommendedOther prescribed anti-depressants
elgwshIntegerRecommendedProhibited pharmacotherapy wash out1;2;9991=Yes; 2=No; 999=N/A
ecbmiIntegerRecommendedSubject baseline weight recorded and BMI 18-351;21=Yes; 2=No
icfdatDateRecommendedICF Received Dateic_signed_date
elgrcvcfIntegerRecommendedSubject received signed dated copy of consent form1;21=Yes; 2=No
subjelgbIntegerRecommendedSubject satisfies all eligibility criteria1;21=Yes; 2=Noeligibility
sign_buttonString10RecommendedPatient Eligibility Sign Off by PIdate_pi_sign_off
weekFloatRecommendedWeek in level/study99=week 10-week 14
days_baselineIntegerRecommendedDays since baselinedate
vis_typeIntegerRecommendedVisit type0::21=Phone; 0=doctor's office; 2=No, not phone interviewphone
incareIntegerRecommendedEnrolled at primary or specialty site0;10=No; 1=Yes
inageIntegerRecommendedIN: age 18-750;10=No; 1=Yes
inmddIntegerRecommendedIN: meets DSM-IV criteria0;1;-7;-90=No; 1=Yes; -9=unknown; -7=refused
inhrdIntegerRecommendedIN: HRS-D score 14 or higher0;10=No; 1=Yes
indepmedIntegerRecommendedAntidepressant med is acceptable0;10=No; 1=Yes
insuicIntegerRecommendedTreatment clinically appropriate0;10=No; 1=Yes
exbreastIntegerRecommendedPregnant or breastfeeding0;10=No; 1=Yesexclusion_bdd_g
exlifeIntegerRecommendedLifetime of Axis I disorder0;10=No; 1=Yes
expsychIntegerRecommendedCurrent psychotic symptoms0;10=No; 1=Yes
exanorexIntegerRecommendedAnorexia or bulimia last 2 years0;10=No; 1=Yes
exhospIntegerRecommendedRequires hospitalization for psych disorder0;10=No; 1=Yes
exallergIntegerRecommendedHistory of allergy to protocol meds0;10=No; 1=Yes
exnonfdaIntegerRecommendedNonresponse to adequate FDA trial: current0;10=No; 1=Yes
exnoncitIntegerRecommendedNonresponse to trial of protocol drugs0;10=No; 1=Yes
exstumedIntegerRecommendedCurrently taking study medication0;10=No; 1=Yes
exmaoiIntegerRecommendedTaken prozac or MAOI last 2 weeks0;10=No; 1=Yes
exgmchosIntegerRecommendedHas GMC might require hospitalization0;10=No; 1=Yes
extakmedIntegerRecommendedCurrent meds contraindicate study meds0;10=No; 1=Yes
exreqmedIntegerRecommendedRequire meds that contraindicate study meds0;10=No; 1=Yes
exreqantIntegerRecommendedCondition requiring anticonvulsant0;10=No; 1=Yes
exseizIntegerRecommendedHistory of having a seizure0;10=No; 1=Yes
exstimIntegerRecommendedHave received somatic antidepressant treatment0;10=No; 1=Yes
ex30medIntegerRecommendedHave taken exclusionary meds last 30 days0;10=No; 1=Yes
expsychoIntegerRecommendedAntidepressant med for MDD or other purposes0;10=No; 1=Yes
exglaucIntegerRecommendedUncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma0;10=No; 1=Yes
extheraIntegerRecommendedTherapy that is depression specific0;10=No; 1=Yes
exflakedIntegerRecommendedChanged mind about study after starting forms0;10=No; 1=Yes
date_updatedDateRecommendedDate record updatededit_date
time_ptIntegerRecommendedCollection time point (weeks)0::520=baselinetpid
rand_numIntegerRecommendedRandomization Number0::2
call_numIntegerRecommendedSite Eligibility Call Number for a Given Day1::99
se_symptomString3RecommendedActive psychotic symptom of moderateseverity0;11=yes; 0=no
se_ageString3RecommendedAge 8 - 19 years0;11=yes; 0=no
se_iqString3RecommendedIQ > 650;11=yes; 0=no
se_diagnosisString3RecommendedDiagnosis of a PDD or ASQ score >= 150;11=yes; 0=no
se_schizoString3RecommendedMeets criteria for schizophrenia, Schizophreniform, schizoaffective0;11=yes; 0=no
se_priorhistString3RecommendedPrior history of suicide attemps or serious violence0;11=yes; 0=no
se_endocrinString3RecommendedEndocrinology or neurologic illness0;11=yes; 0=no
se_suicideString3RecommendedSerious acute risk for suicide0;11=yes; 0=no
se_contracepString3RecommendedWilling to practice contraception0;11=yes; 0=no
se_depotString3RecommendedDepot antipsychotics within past 6 months0;11=yes; 0=no
se_molindString3RecommendedUse molindone during current episode0;11=yes; 0=no
se_molindaString3RecommendedUse molindone--dose >= 140mg0;11=yes; 0=no
se_molindbString3RecommendedUse molindone--duration of treatment >= 8 weeks0;11=yes; 0=no
se_molindcString3RecommendedUse molindone--dose >= 140mg and duration >= 2 weeks0;11=yes; 0=no
se_olanaString3RecommendedUse olanzapine0;11=yes; 0=no
se_olanaaString3RecommendedUse olanzapine--Dose >= 20 mg0;11=yes; 0=no
se_olanabString3RecommendedUse olanzapine--duration of treatment >=8 weeks0;11=yes; 0=no
se_olanacString3RecommendedUse olanzapine--dose >= 20 mg and duration >= 2 weeks0;11=yes; 0=no
se_risperString3RecommendedUse risperidone0;11=yes; 0=no
se_risperaString3RecommendedUse risperidone--Dose >= 6mg0;11=yes; 0=no
se_risperbString3RecommendedUse risperidone--duration of treatment >=8 weeks0;11=yes; 0=no
se_rispercString3RecommendedUse risperidone--dose >= 6mg0;11=yes; 0=no
se_allergyString3RecommendedAllergy to molindone0;11=yes; 0=no
se_epseString3RecommendedSevere EPSE or NMS0;11=yes; 0=no
se_bloodString3RecommendedPersistent significant blood chemistry abnormalities0;11=yes; 0=no
se_moodstString3RecommendedUse of antidepressant or mood stabilizer0;11=yes; 0=no
se_stab30String3RecommendedUse of antidepressant or mood stabilizer. If yes, has the dose been stable for 30 days0;11=yes; 0=no
se_majdepString3RecommendedExperiencing major depressive episode0;11=yes; 0=no
se_noconsString25RecommendedWhy Consent Form was Not SignedActualreason_other
daysrzIntegerRecommendeddays since randomization
time_ic_signedString5RecommendedTime Informed Consent Signed?HH:MM
elig_criteriaIntegerRecommendedDid patient meet all eligibility criteria?1::41 = Yes 2 = No (waiver) 3 = No (excluded) 4 = Unsure
lab020DateRecommendedDate of PI/clinician signaturehealthy_eligibilty_pi_sign
inclusion_bdd_aIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: Able to give voluntary informed consent0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_a
inclusion_bdd_eIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: No psychotropics in the last 2 weeks (if previously on fluoxetine then medication free for 5 weeks0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_e
inclusion_bdd_fIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: No lithium treatment for past 6 months0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_f
inclusion_bdd_hIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: Willing to complete the MRI scan and provide RNA sample at baseline0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_h
inclusion_bdd_gIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: Satisfy criteria to undergo an MRI scan based on MRI screening questionnaire; 8) able to be managed as outpatients during the study as ascertained by Clinical Global Severity Scale < 5 (i.e.= moderately ill) and no significant suicidal or homicidal ideation or gross disability0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checked
exclusion_bdd_bIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Requiring inpatient treatment0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_b
exclusion_bdd_dIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Positive urinary toxicology screening at baseline0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_d
exclusion_bdd_eIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Use of alcohol in the past 1 week0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_e
exclusion_bdd_fIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Serious medical or neurological illness0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_f
reconsentIntegerRecommendedIs this a reconsent?0;10= No; 1= Yes
inclusion_bdd_bIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: Satisfy criteria for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5th edition (DSM-V) for BD type II or I= current Depressive Episode0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_b
inclusion_bdd_cIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: 17-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) score >15 and < 250;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_c
inclusion_bdd_dIntegerRecommendedInclusion Criteria: Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) < 80;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedinclusion_healthy_d
exclusion_bdd_aIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Meeting DSM-IV criteria for schizophrenia= schizoaffective disorder= or an anxiety disorder as a primary diagnosis0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_a
exclusion_bdd_cIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Meeting DSM-V criteria for substance dependence within the past year= except caffeine or nicotine0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_c
exclusion_bdd_gIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Current pregnancy or breast feeding0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_g
exclusion_bdd_hIntegerRecommendedExclusion Criteria: Metallic implants or other contraindications to MRI0;10= Unchecked; 1= Checkedexclusion_healthy_h
ccc2datecompDateRecommendedDate Completeddate_pt_eligible
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: eform01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.