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The Filter Cart provides a powerful way to query and access data for which you may be interested.  

A few points related to the filter cart are important to understand with the NDA Query/Filter implementation: 

First, the filter cart is populated asyncronously.  So, when you run a query, it may take a moment to populate but this will happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time.  

When you are adding your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the filter cart (whether it be a collection, a concept, a study, a data structure/elment or subjects). Not all data structures or collections will necessarily be displayed.  For example, if you select the NDA imaging structure image03, and further restrict that query to scan_type fMRI, only fMRI images will appear and only the image03 structure will be shown.  To see other data structures, select "Find All Subject Data" which will query all data for those subjects. When a secord or third filter is applied, an AND condition is used.  A subject must exist in all filters.  If the subject does not appear in any one filter, that subjects data will not be included in your filter cart. If that happens, clear your filter cart, and start over.  

It is best to package more data than you need and access those data using other tools, independent of the NDA (e.g. miNDAR snapshot), to limit the data selected.  If you have any questions on data access, are interested in using avaialble web services, or need help accessing data, please contact us for assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT): Managing Emotions



Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT): Managing Emotions

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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/projectrecord_id
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired field
sexString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Femalegender
msceit1_1IntegerRecommendedD1. Action 1: She got up and enjoyed the rest of the day.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei56
msceit1_2IntegerRecommendedD1. Action 2: Mara enjoyed the feeling, and decided to think about and appreciate all the things that were going well for her.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei57
msceit1_3IntegerRecommendedD1. Action 3: She decided that it was best to ignore the feeling since it wouldn't last anyway.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei58
msceit1_4IntegerRecommendedD1. Action 4: She used the positive feeling to call her mother, who had been depressed, and tried to cheer her up.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei59
msceit2_1IntegerRecommendedD2. Action 1: Andrew sat down and thought about all of the good things in his life and his work.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei60
msceit2_2IntegerRecommendedD2. Action 2: Andrew made a list of the positive and negative traits of his colleague.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei61
msceit2_3IntegerRecommendedD2. Action 3: Andrew felt terrible that he felt that way, and he told himself that it wasn't right to be so upset over an event not under his control.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei62
msceit2_4IntegerRecommendedD2. Action 4: Andrew decided to tell people just what a poor job his colleague had done, and that he did not deserve the merit award. Andrew gathered memos and notes to prove his point, so it wasn't just his word.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei63
msceit3_1IntegerRecommendedD3. Action 1: Jane tried to work out what she owed, how much was due, and when it was due.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei64
msceit3_2IntegerRecommendedD3. Action 2: Jane learned deep-relaxation techniques to calm herself down.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei65
msceit3_3IntegerRecommendedD3. Action 3: Jane got the name of a financial planner to help her figure out how to manage her finances properly.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei66
msceit3_4IntegerRecommendedD3. Action 4: She decided to look for a iob that paid more money.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei67
msceit4_1IntegerRecommendedD4. Action 1: Ed started to call friends he hadn't spoken to in awhile and made plans to see a few people.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei68
msceit4_2IntegerRecommendedD4. Action 2: He started to eat better, to get to bed earlier, and to exercise more.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei69
msceit4_3IntegerRecommendedD4. Action 3: Ed felt that he was bringing people down and decided to stay by himself more until he could work out what was bothering him. He felt he needed time alone.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei70
msceit4_4IntegerRecommendedD4. Action 4: Ed found that relaxing in front of the TV at night, with a beer or two, really helped him to feel better.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei71
msceit5_1IntegerRecommendedD5. Action 1: Robert taught the truck driver a lesson by cutting him off a few miles down the highway.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei72
msceit5_2IntegerRecommendedD5. Action 2: Robert just accepted that these things happen and drove home.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei73
msceit5_3IntegerRecommendedD5. Action 3: He yelled as loud as he could, and cursed and swore at the trucker.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei74
msceit5_4IntegerRecommendedD5. Action 4: He vowed never to drive on that highway again.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei75
msceith1_1IntegerRecommendedH1. Response 1: John felt good for him and told his friend that he was glad he got the new job. Over the next few weeks, John made arrangements to ensure they stayed in touch.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei133
msceith1_2IntegerRecommendedH1. Response 2: John felt sad that his friend was leaving, but he considered what happened as an indication that the friend did not much care for him. After all, the friend said nothing about his job search. Given that his friend was leaving anyway1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei134
msceith1_3IntegerRecommendedH1. Response 3: John was very angry that his friend hadn't said anything. John showed his disapproval by deciding to ignore his friend until the friend said something about what he had done. John thought that if his friend didn't say anything1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei135
msceith2_1IntegerRecommendedH2. Response 1: The parents told the teacher that this was a big shock to them since this was the first time they had every heard there was a problem. They asked to meet with the teacher and also requested if the principal could attend the meeting.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei136
msceith2_2IntegerRecommendedH2. Response 2: The parents told the teacher that if she continued to threaten to have their son repeat the grade, they would take it up with the principal. They said, "if our son is left back, we will hold you personally responsible.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei137
msceith2_3IntegerRecommendedH2. Response 3: Roy's parents hung up on the teacher and called the principal. They complained about the teacher's threats and asked that their son be moved to a different classroom.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei138
msceith3_1IntegerRecommendedH3. Response 1: Since everything is so good, it's okay to feel proud of it. But Liz also realized that some people see it as bragging, or may be jealous of her and so she only talked to close friends about her feelings.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei139
msceith3_2IntegerRecommendedH3. Response 2: Liz started to think of all the things that coul possibly go wrong in the future so she could gain perspective on her life. She saw that good feelings don't always last.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei140
msceith3_3IntegerRecommendedH3. Response 3: Liz shared her feelings with her husband that night. Then, she decided that the family should spend time together on the weekend and get involved in several family events just to be together.1::51=Very Ineffective;2=Somewhat ineffective;3=Neutral;4=Somewhat effective;5=Very effectivei141
msceit_mescoreFloatRequiredManaging Emotions Branch scoress_b4
msceit_totalIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT Overall Emotional Intelligence. Total scoress_tot
msceit_eaIntegerRecommendedExperiential Area scoress_exp
msceit_saIntegerRecommendedStrategic Area scoress_rea
msceit_peIntegerRecommendedPerceiving Emotions Branch scoress_b1
msceit_useIntegerRecommendedUsing/Facilitating Emotions Branch scoress_b2
msceit_umeIntegerRecommendedUnderstanding Emotions Branch scoress_b3
msceit_facesIntegerRecommendedFaces Subtest scoress_a
msceit_picsIntegerRecommendedPictures Subtest scoress_b
msceit_sensIntegerRecommendedSensations Subtest scoress_c
msceit_facilIntegerRecommendedFacilitation subtest scoress_d
msceit_chanIntegerRecommendedChanges Subtest scoress_e
msceit_blIntegerRecommendedBlends Subtest scoress_f
msceit_emmanIntegerRecommendedEmotion Managements Subtest scoress_g
msceit_erIntegerRecommendedEmotional Relations Subtest scoress_h
msceit_pnbsIntegerRecommendedPositive-Negative Bias Standard scoress_posneg
msceit_ssIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT Scatter Standard scoress_scat
faces_1_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 1 scored item responsea1
faces_2_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 2 scored item responsea2
faces_3_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 3 scored item responsea3
faces_4_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 4 scored item responsea4
faces_5_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 5 scored item responsea5
faces_6_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 6 scored item responsea6
faces_7_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 7 scored item responsea7
faces_8_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 8 scored item responsea8
faces_9_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 9 scored item responsea9
faces_10_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 10 scored item responsea10
faces_11_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 11 scored item responsea11
faces_12_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 12 scored item responsea12
faces_13_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 13 scored item responsea13
faces_14_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 14 scored item responsea14
faces_15_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 15 scored item responsea15
faces_16_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 16 scored item responsea16
faces_17_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 17 scored item responsea17
faces_18_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 18 scored item responsea18
faces_19_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 19 scored item responsea19
faces_20_scoreFloatRecommendedfaces 20 scored item responsea20
facilitation_1_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 1 scored item responseb1
facilitation_2_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 2 scored item responseb2
facilitation_3_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 3 scored item responseb3
facilitation_4_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 4 scored item responseb4
facilitation_5_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 5 scored item responseb5
facilitation_6_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 6 scored item responseb6
facilitation_7_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 7 scored item responseb7
facilitation_8_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 8 scored item responseb8
facilitation_9_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 9 scored item responseb9
facilitation_10_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 10 scored item responseb10
facilitation_11_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 11 scored item responseb11
facilitation_12_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 12 scored item responseb12
facilitation_13_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 13 scored item responseb13
facilitation_14_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 14 scored item responseb14
facilitation_15_scoreFloatRecommendedfacilitation 15 scored item responseb15
changes_1_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 1 scored item responsec1
changes_2_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 2 scored item responsec2
changes_3_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 3 scored item responsec3
changes_4_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 4 scored item responsec4
changes_5_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 5 scored item responsec5
changes_6_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 6 scored item responsec6
changes_7_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 7 scored item responsec7
changes_8_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 8 scored item responsec8
changes_9_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 9 scored item responsec9
changes_10_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 10 scored item responsec10
changes_11_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 11 scored item responsec11
changes_12_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 12 scored item responsec12
changes_13_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 13 scored item responsec13
changes_14_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 14 scored item responsec14
changes_15_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 15 scored item responsec15
changes_16_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 16 scored item responsec16
changes_17_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 17 scored item responsec17
changes_18_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 18 scored item responsec18
changes_19_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 19 scored item responsec19
changes_20_scoreFloatRecommendedchanges 20 scored item responsec20
emot_man_1_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 1 scored item responsed1
emot_man_2_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 2 scored item responsed2
emot_man_3_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 3 scored item responsed3
emot_man_4_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 4 scored item responsed4
emot_man_5_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 5 scored item responsed5
emot_man_6_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 6 scored item responsed6
emot_man_7_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 7 scored item responsed7
emot_man_8_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 8 scored item responsed8
emot_man_9_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 9 scored item responsed9
emot_man_10_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 10 scored item responsed10
emot_man_11_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 11 scored item responsed11
emot_man_12_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 12 scored item responsed12
emot_man_13_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 13 scored item responsed13
emot_man_14_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 14 scored item responsed14
emot_man_15_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 15 scored item responsed15
emot_man_16_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 16 scored item responsed16
emot_man_17_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 17 scored item responsed17
emot_man_18_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 18 scored item responsed18
emot_man_19_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 19 scored item responsed19
emot_man_20_scoreFloatRecommendedemot man 20 scored item responsed20
pictures_1_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 1 scored item responsee1
pictures_2_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 2 scored item responsee2
pictures_3_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 3 scored item responsee3
pictures_4_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 4 scored item responsee4
pictures_5_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 5 scored item responsee5
pictures_6_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 6 scored item responsee6
pictures_7_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 7 scored item responsee7
pictures_8_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 8 scored item responsee8
pictures_9_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 9 scored item responsee9
pictures_10_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 10 scored item responsee10
pictures_11_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 11 scored item responsee11
pictures_12_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 12 scored item responsee12
pictures_13_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 13 scored item responsee13
pictures_14_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 14 scored item responsee14
pictures_15_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 15 scored item responsee15
pictures_16_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 16 scored item responsee16
pictures_17_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 17 scored item responsee17
pictures_18_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 18 scored item responsee18
pictures_19_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 19 scored item responsee19
pictures_20_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 20 scored item responsee20
pictures_21_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 21 scored item responsee21
pictures_22_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 22 scored item responsee22
pictures_23_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 23 scored item responsee23
pictures_24_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 24 scored item responsee24
pictures_25_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 25 scored item responsee25
pictures_26_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 26 scored item responsee26
pictures_27_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 27 scored item responsee27
pictures_28_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 28 scored item responsee28
pictures_29_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 29 scored item responsee29
pictures_30_scoreFloatRecommendedpictures 30 scored item responsee30
sensations_1_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 1 scored item responsef1
sensations_2_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 2 scored item responsef2
sensations_3_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 3 scored item responsef3
sensations_4_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 4 scored item responsef4
sensations_5_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 5 scored item responsef5
sensations_6_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 6 scored item responsef6
sensations_7_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 7 scored item responsef7
sensations_8_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 8 scored item responsef8
sensations_9_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 9 scored item responsef9
sensations_10_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 10 scored item responsef10
sensations_11_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 11 scored item responsef11
sensations_12_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 12 scored item responsef12
sensations_13_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 13 scored item responsef13
sensations_14_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 14 scored item responsef14
sensations_15_scoreFloatRecommendedsensations 15 scored item responsef15
blends_1_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 1 scored item responseg1
blends_2_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 2 scored item responseg2
blends_3_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 3 scored item responseg3
blends_4_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 4 scored item responseg4
blends_5_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 5 scored item responseg5
blends_6_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 6 scored item responseg6
blends_7_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 7 scored item responseg7
blends_8_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 8 scored item responseg8
blends_9_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 9 scored item responseg9
blends_10_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 10 scored item responseg10
blends_11_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 11 scored item responseg11
blends_12_scoreFloatRecommendedblends 12 scored item responseg12
social_man_1_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 1 scored item responseh1
social_man_2_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 2 scored item responseh2
social_man_3_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 3 scored item responseh3
social_man_4_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 4 scored item responseh4
social_man_5_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 5 scored item responseh5
social_man_6_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 6 scored item responseh6
social_man_7_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 7 scored item responseh7
social_man_8_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 8 scored item responseh8
social_man_9_scoreFloatRecommendedsocial man 9 scored item responseh9
faces_item_1FloatRecommendedfaces item 1raw item responsei1
faces_item_2FloatRecommendedfaces item 2raw item responsei2
faces_item_3FloatRecommendedfaces item 3raw item responsei3
faces_item_4FloatRecommendedfaces item 4raw item responsei4
faces_item_5FloatRecommendedfaces item 5raw item responsei5
faces_item_6FloatRecommendedfaces item 6raw item responsei6
faces_item_7FloatRecommendedfaces item 7raw item responsei7
faces_item_8FloatRecommendedfaces item 8raw item responsei8
faces_item_9FloatRecommendedfaces item 9raw item responsei9
faces_item_10FloatRecommendedfaces item 10raw item responsei10
faces_item_11FloatRecommendedfaces item 11raw item responsei11
faces_item_12FloatRecommendedfaces item 12raw item responsei12
faces_item_13FloatRecommendedfaces item 13raw item responsei13
faces_item_14FloatRecommendedfaces item 14raw item responsei14
faces_item_15FloatRecommendedfaces item 15raw item responsei15
faces_item_16FloatRecommendedfaces item 16raw item responsei16
faces_item_17FloatRecommendedfaces item 17raw item responsei17
faces_item_18FloatRecommendedfaces item 18raw item responsei18
faces_item_19FloatRecommendedfaces item 19raw item responsei19
faces_item_20FloatRecommendedfaces item 20raw item responsei20
facilitation_item_1FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 1raw item responsei21
facilitation_item_2FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 2raw item responsei22
facilitation_item_3FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 3raw item responsei23
facilitation_item_4FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 4raw item responsei24
facilitation_item_5FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 5raw item responsei25
facilitation_item_6FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 6raw item responsei26
facilitation_item_7FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 7raw item responsei27
facilitation_item_8FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 8raw item responsei28
facilitation_item_9FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 9raw item responsei29
facilitation_item_10FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 10raw item responsei30
facilitation_item_11FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 11raw item responsei31
facilitation_item_12FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 12raw item responsei32
facilitation_item_13FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 13raw item responsei33
facilitation_item_14FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 14raw item responsei34
facilitation_item_15FloatRecommendedfacilitation item 15raw item responsei35
changes_item_1FloatRecommendedchanges item 1raw item responsei36
changes_item_2FloatRecommendedchanges item 2raw item responsei37
changes_item_3FloatRecommendedchanges item 3raw item responsei38
changes_item_4FloatRecommendedchanges item 4raw item responsei39
changes_item_5FloatRecommendedchanges item 5raw item responsei40
changes_item_6FloatRecommendedchanges item 6raw item responsei41
changes_item_7FloatRecommendedchanges item 7raw item responsei42
changes_item_8FloatRecommendedchanges item 8raw item responsei43
changes_item_9FloatRecommendedchanges item 9raw item responsei44
changes_item_10FloatRecommendedchanges item 10raw item responsei45
changes_item_11FloatRecommendedchanges item 11raw item responsei46
changes_item_12FloatRecommendedchanges item 12raw item responsei47
changes_item_13FloatRecommendedchanges item 13raw item responsei48
changes_item_14FloatRecommendedchanges item 14raw item responsei49
changes_item_15FloatRecommendedchanges item 15raw item responsei50
changes_item_16FloatRecommendedchanges item 16raw item responsei51
changes_item_17FloatRecommendedchanges item 17raw item responsei52
changes_item_18FloatRecommendedchanges item 18raw item responsei53
changes_item_19FloatRecommendedchanges item 19raw item responsei54
changes_item_20FloatRecommendedchanges item 20raw item responsei55
pictures_item_1FloatRecommendedpictures item 1 raw item responsei76
pictures_item_2FloatRecommendedpictures item 2 raw item responsei77
pictures_item_3FloatRecommendedpictures item 3 raw item responsei78
pictures_item_4FloatRecommendedpictures item 4 raw item responsei79
pictures_item_5FloatRecommendedpictures item 5 raw item responsei80
pictures_item_6FloatRecommendedpictures item 6 raw item responsei81
pictures_item_7FloatRecommendedpictures item 7 raw item responsei82
pictures_item_8FloatRecommendedpictures item 8 raw item responsei83
pictures_item_9FloatRecommendedpictures item 9 raw item responsei84
pictures_item_10FloatRecommendedpictures item 10 raw item responsei85
pictures_item_11FloatRecommendedpictures item 11 raw item responsei86
pictures_item_12FloatRecommendedpictures item 12 raw item responsei87
pictures_item_13FloatRecommendedpictures item 13 raw item responsei88
pictures_item_14FloatRecommendedpictures item 14 raw item responsei89
pictures_item_15FloatRecommendedpictures item 15 raw item responsei90
pictures_item_16FloatRecommendedpictures item 16 raw item responsei91
pictures_item_17FloatRecommendedpictures item 17 raw item responsei92
pictures_item_18FloatRecommendedpictures item 18 raw item responsei93
pictures_item_19FloatRecommendedpictures item 19 raw item responsei94
pictures_item_20FloatRecommendedpictures item 20 raw item responsei95
pictures_item_21FloatRecommendedpictures item 21 raw item responsei96
pictures_item_22FloatRecommendedpictures item 22 raw item responsei97
pictures_item_23FloatRecommendedpictures item 23 raw item responsei98
pictures_item_24FloatRecommendedpictures item 24 raw item responsei99
pictures_item_25FloatRecommendedpictures item 25 raw item responsei100
pictures_item_26FloatRecommendedpictures item 26 raw item responsei101
pictures_item_27FloatRecommendedpictures item 27 raw item responsei102
pictures_item_28FloatRecommendedpictures item 28 raw item responsei103
pictures_item_29FloatRecommendedpictures item 29 raw item responsei104
pictures_item_30FloatRecommendedpictures item 30 raw item responsei105
sensations_item_1FloatRecommendedsensations item 1 raw item responsei106
sensations_item_2FloatRecommendedsensations item 2 raw item responsei107
sensations_item_3FloatRecommendedsensations item 3 raw item responsei108
sensations_item_4FloatRecommendedsensations item 4 raw item responsei109
sensations_item_5FloatRecommendedsensations item 5 raw item responsei110
sensations_item_6FloatRecommendedsensations item 6 raw item responsei111
sensations_item_7FloatRecommendedsensations item 7 raw item responsei112
sensations_item_8FloatRecommendedsensations item 8 raw item responsei113
sensations_item_9FloatRecommendedsensations item 9 raw item responsei114
sensations_item_10FloatRecommendedsensations item 10 raw item responsei115
sensations_item_11FloatRecommendedsensations item 11 raw item responsei116
sensations_item_12FloatRecommendedsensations item 12 raw item responsei117
sensations_item_13FloatRecommendedsensations item 13 raw item responsei118
sensations_item_14FloatRecommendedsensations item 14 raw item responsei119
sensations_item_15FloatRecommendedsensations item 15 raw item responsei120
blends_item_1FloatRecommendedblends item 1 raw item responsei121
blends_item_2FloatRecommendedblends item 2 raw item responsei122
blends_item_3FloatRecommendedblends item 3 raw item responsei123
blends_item_4FloatRecommendedblends item 4 raw item responsei124
blends_item_5FloatRecommendedblends item 5 raw item responsei125
blends_item_6FloatRecommendedblends item 6 raw item responsei126
blends_item_7FloatRecommendedblends item 7 raw item responsei127
blends_item_8FloatRecommendedblends item 8 raw item responsei128
blends_item_9FloatRecommendedblends item 9 raw item responsei129
blends_item_10FloatRecommendedblends item 10 raw item responsei130
blends_item_11FloatRecommendedblends item 11 raw item responsei131
blends_item_12FloatRecommendedblends item 12 raw item responsei132
msceit_raw_score_facesFloatRecommendedFaces Subtest raw scorerawscore_a
msceit_raw_score_picsFloatRecommendedPictures Subtest raw scorerawscore_b
msceit_raw_score_sensFloatRecommendedSensations Subtest raw scorerawscore_c
msceit_raw_score_facilFloatRecommendedFacilitation subtest raw scorerawscore_d
msceit_raw_score_chanFloatRecommendedChanges Subtest raw scorerawscore_e
msceit_raw_score_blFloatRecommendedBlends Subtest raw scorerawscore_f
msceit_raw_score_emmanFloatRecommendedEmotion Management Subtest raw scorerawscore_g
msceit_raw_score_erFloatRecommendedEmotional/Social Relations Subtest raw scorerawscore_h
msceit_raw_score_peFloatRecommendedPerceiving Emotions Branch standard scorerawscore_b1
msceit_raw_score_useFloatRecommendedUsing/Facilitating Emotions Branch raw scorerawscore_b2
msceit_raw_score_umeFloatRecommendedUnderstanding Emotions Branch raw scorerawscore_b3
msceit_raw_score_mescoreFloatRecommendedManaging Emotions Branch raw scorerawscore_b4
msceit_raw_score_eaFloatRecommendedExperiential Area raw scorerawscore_exp
msceit_raw_score_saFloatRecommendedStrategic Area raw scorerawscore_rea
msceit_raw_score_totalFloatRecommendedMSCEIT Overall Emotional Intelligence. Total raw scorerawscore_tot
msceit_adjusted_facesFloatRecommendedFaces Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_a
msceit_adjusted_picsFloatRecommendedPictures Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_b
msceit_adjusted_sensFloatRecommendedSensations Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_c
msceit_adjusted_facilFloatRecommendedFacilitation subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_d
msceit_adjusted_chanFloatRecommendedChanges Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_e
msceit_adjusted_blFloatRecommendedBlends Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_f
msceit_adjusted_emmanFloatRecommendedEmotion Management Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_g
msceit_adjusted_erFloatRecommendedEmotional/Social Relations Subtest score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_h
msceit_adjusted_peFloatRecommendedPerceiving Emotions Branch standard scoreadjscore_b1
msceit_adjusted_useFloatRecommendedUsing/Facilitating Emotions Branch score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_b2
msceit_adjusted_umeFloatRecommendedUnderstanding Emotions Branch score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_b3
msceit_adjusted_mescoreFloatRecommendedManaging Emotions Branch score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_b4
msceit_adjusted_eaFloatRecommendedExperiential Area score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_exp
msceit_adjusted_saFloatRecommendedStrategic Area score adjusted for age, gender, and/or ethnicity (depends on norms selected)adjscore_rea
msceit_adjusted_totalFloatRecommendedMSCEIT Overall Emotional Intelligence. Total adjusted scoreadjscore_tot
msceit_percentile_facesFloatRecommendedFaces Subtest percentileperc_a
msceit_percentile_picsFloatRecommendedPictures Subtest percentileperc_b
msceit_percentile_sensFloatRecommendedSensations Subtest percentileperc_c
msceit_percentile_facilFloatRecommendedFacilitation subtest percentileperc_d
msceit_percentile_chanFloatRecommendedChanges Subtest percentileperc_e
msceit_percentile_blFloatRecommendedBlends Subtest percentileperc_f
msceit_percentile_emmanFloatRecommendedEmotion Management Subtest percentileperc_g
msceit_percentile_erFloatRecommendedEmotional/Social Relations Subtest percentileperc_h
msceit_percentile_peFloatRecommendedPerceiving Emotions Branch standard scoreperc_b1
msceit_percentile_useFloatRecommendedUsing/Facilitating Emotions Branch percentileperc_b2
msceit_percentile_umeFloatRecommendedUnderstanding Emotions Branch percentileperc_b3
msceit_percentile_mescoreFloatRecommendedManaging Emotions Branch percentileperc_b4
msceit_percentile_eaFloatRecommendedExperiential Area percentileperc_exp
msceit_percentile_saFloatRecommendedStrategic Area percentileperc_rea
msceit_percentile_totalFloatRecommendedMSCEIT Overall Emotional Intelligence. Total percentileperc_tot
version_formString100RecommendedForm used/assessment namescoreid
siteString101RecommendedSiteStudy Site
msceit1_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 1 correct ("Mara enjoyed the feeling, and decided to think about and appreciate all the things that were going well for her.") or incorrect ("She decided that it was best to ignore the feelingsince it wouldn't last anyway.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit2_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 2 correct ("Andrew felt terrible that he felt that way, and he told himself that it wasn't right to be so upset over an event not under his control.") or incorrect ("Andrew decided to tell people just what a poor job his colleague had done, and that he did not deserve the merit award. Andrew gathered memos and notes to prove his point, so it wasn't just his word.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit3_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 3 correct ("Jane got the name of a financial planner to help her figure out how to manage her finances properly.") or incorrect ("She decided to look for a job that paid more money.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit4_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 4 correct ("Ed started to call friends he hadn't spoken to in a whileand made plans to see a few people.") or incorrect ("Ed felt that he was bringing people down and decided to stay by himself more until he could work out whatwas bothering him. He felt he needed time alone.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit5_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 5 correct ("Robert just accepted that these things happen and drove home.") or incorrect ("Robert taught the truck driver a lesson by cutting him off a few miles down the highway.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit6_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 6 correct ("John felt sad that his friend was leaving, but he considered what happened as an indication that the friend did not much care for him. After all, the friend said nothing about his jobsearch. Given that his friend was leaving anyway, John did not mention it, but instead went looking for other friends at work") or incorrect ("John was very angry that his friend hadn't said anything. John showed his disapproval by deciding to ignore his friend until the friend said something about what he had done. John thought that if his friend didn't say anything, it would confirm John's opinion that the friend was not worth talking to")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit7_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 7 correct ("The parents told the teacher that this was a big shock to them since this was the first time they had ever heard there was a problem. They asked to meet with the teacher and also requested if the principal could attend the meeting.") or incorrect ("Roy's parents hung up on the teacher and called the principal. They complained about the teacher's threats and asked that their son be moved to a different classroom.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit8_choiceIntegerRecommendedMSCEIT 8 correct ("Liz shared her feelings with her husband that night. Then, she decided that the family should spend time together on the weekend and get involved in several family events just to be together.") or incorrect ("Liz started to think of all the things that could possibly go wrong in the future so she could gain perspective on her life. She saw that good feelings don't always last.")?0;10= incorrect; 1= correct
msceit_total8IntegerRecommendedTotal Correct Responses out of 80 :: 8
msceit_totalchoice_iaIntegerRecommendedThere are a total of 8 points that you could have earned on this task. How many do you think you got?0::8
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: msceit01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.