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Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) - Lifetime

12,699 Shared Subjects

Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) - Lifetime Form
Clinical Assessments
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Query Element Name Data Type Size Required Description Value Range Notes Aliases
subjectkey GUID Required The NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subject NDAR* CandidateGUID, GUID, ProbandGUID, SCQ_SubjectKey, guid_r03
src_subject_id String 20 Required Subject ID how it's defined in lab/project IBISID, NDAR_SUBJECT_NUMBER, Scq_lifetime_SRC_Subject_ID, SubjectID, individual, sid_r03
interview_date Date Required Date on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYY DOE, Date_taken, Scq_lifetime_interview_date, lvdate_r03, scql_date
interview_age Integer Required Age in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging. 0::1440 Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month. Age_proband_scq, Agem, Candidate_Age_in_Months, INTERVIEW_AGE_MONTHS, Proband_Age_in_Months, Scq_lifetime_interview_age, childage_r03
comments_misc String 4,000 Recommended Miscellaneous comments on study, interview, methodology relevant to this form data Cohort, Scq_lifetime_comments_misc
Query header_1 String 50 Recommended Relationship to Subject 4= Biological mother; 5= Biological Father; 6= Non-biological female caregiver; 7= Non-biological male caregiver Scq_lifetime_Header_1, header_Mother, oscr_respondent_relationship, respondent
sex String 20 Required Sex of subject at birth M;F; O; NR M = Male; F = Female; O=Other; NR = Not reported ProbandGender, SEX, Scq_lifetime_gender, childgender_r03, gender
Query lifetime_shortphrases String 50 Required Using short phrases - Is she/he now able to talk using short phrases or sentences? If no, skip to Question 8
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ001L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_PHRASES, SLEVELL, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_shortphrases, lifetime_shortphrase, q01_phrases, q1_talk_short_phrases, q1able_talk_using_short_phrases_o, scq01_r03, shortphrases
Query lifetime_turns String 50 Recommended Take turns in conversation - Can you have a to-and-fro conversation with her/him that involves taking turns or building on what you have said?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCONVE, SCQ002L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_CONVERSATN, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_turns, q02_conversation, q2_to_and_fro, q2can_to_fro_conversation_him_inv, scq02_r03, turns
Query lifetime_oddphrases String 50 Required Repetition of odd phrases - Has she/he ever used odd phrases or say the same thing over and over in almost exactly the same way (either phrases that she/he hears other people use or ones that she/he makes up)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ003L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_ODD_PHRASE, SSTERE, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_oddphrases, oddphrases, q03_odd_phrase, q3_odd_phrases, q3ever_used_odd_phrases_or_said_, scq03_r03
Query lifetime_askiappques String 50 Required Socially inappropriate questions or statements - Has she/he ever used socially inappropriate questions or statements? For example, has she/he regularly asked personal questions or make personal comments at awkward times?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ004L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_INAPPROP_QUESTN, SINAPP, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_askiappques, askiappques, q04_inappropriate_question, q4_socially_inappropriate, q4ever_used_socially_inappropria_quest, scq04_r03
Query lifetime_pronounsmix String 50 Required Mixed up use of pronouns - Has she/he ever got her/his pronouns mixed up (e.g. saying you or she/he for I)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ005L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_MIX_PRONOUN, SPRON, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_pronounsmix, pronounsmix, q05_pronouns_mixed, q5_pronouns_mixed, q5ever_got_pronouns_mixed_up_e_g, scq05_r03
Query lifetime_madeup String 50 Required Use of made up words or metaphors - Has she/he ever used words that she/he seemed to have invented or made up herself/himself; put things in odd, indirect ways; or used metaphorical ways of saying things (e.g. saying hot rain for steam)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ006L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_INVENT_WORD, SNEOID, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_madeup, madeup, q06_invented_words, q6_words_invented, q6ever_used_words_seemed_invented, scq06_r03
Query lifetime_sayagain String 50 Required Repetition of exactly the same phrases - Has she/he ever said the same thing over and over in exactly the same way or insist that you say the same thing over and over again?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ007L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SAY_SAME_THING, SVERRI, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_sayagain, q07_same_over, q7_said_same_thing, q7ever_said_same_thing_over_over, sayagain, scq07_r03
Query lifetime_things String 50 Recommended Rituals - Has she/he ever had things that she/he seemed to have to do in a very particular way or order or rituals that she/he insists that you go through?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ008L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_PARTICULAR_ORDER, SCRIT, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_things, q08_particular_way, q8_particular_way, q8ever_had_things_seemed_ritual, scq08_r03, things
Query lifetime_facialex String 50 Required Inappropriate facial expressions - Has her/his facial expression usually seemed appropriate to the particular situation, as far as you can tell?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ009L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_APPROPRIATE_EXPRESS, SINAPF, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_facialex, facialex, q09_expressions_appropriate, q9_facial_expressions, q9facial_expression_usually_seem_appropr, scq09_r03
Query lifetime_handtool String 50 Required Use of parents hand like a tool - Has she/he ever used your hand like a tool or as if it were part of her/his own body (e.g. pointing with your finger, putting your hand on a doorknob to get you to open the door)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ010L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_USE_HAND, SUSEBO, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_handtool, handtool, q10_hand_like_tool, q10_hand_tool, q10ever_your_used_hand_like_tool, scq10_r03
Query lifetime_oddinterest String 50 Required Odd interests - Has she/he ever had any interests that preoccupy her/him and might seemed odd to other people (e.g. traffic lights, drainpipes, timetables)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ011L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_ODD_INTEREST, SUNPRO, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_oddinterest, oddinterest, q11_interest_preoccupy, q11_interests_that_preoccupy, q11ever_had_any_interests_that_preoccu, scq11_r03
Query lifetime_interestobjpart String 50 Required Interest in part of toy or object rather than in whole object - Has she/he ever seemed to be more interested in parts of a toy or an object (e.g. spinning the wheels of a car), rather than in using the objects as it was intended?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ012L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_TOY_INTEREST, SUSEOB, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_interestobjpart, interestobjpart, lifetime_interestobj, q12_interested_in_parts, q12_parts_object, q12seemed_more_interested_part_of_obj, scq12_r03
Query lifetime_unusual String 50 Required Unusually intense special interests - Has she/he ever had any special interests that are unusual in their intensity but otherwise appropriate for her/his age and peer group (e.g. trains or dinosaurs)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCIRIN, SCQ013L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SPECIAL_INTEREST, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_unusual, q13_intense_interests, q13_interests_intensity, q13ever_had_special_interests_intensity, scq13_r03, unusual
Query lifetime_unusualint String 50 Required Interest in sight, feel, sound, taste or smell of things or people - Has she/he ever seemed to be unusually interested in the sight, feel, sound, taste, or smell of things or people?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ014L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SENSE_INTEREST, SUNSEN, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_unusualint, q14_senses, q14_sight_feel_sound, q14unusually_inter_sight_sound, scq14_r03, unusualint
Query lifetime_manner String 50 Required Mannerisms - Has she/he ever had any mannerisms or odd ways of moving her/his hands or fingers, such as flapping or moving her/his fingers in front of her/his eyes?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ015L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_ODD_MANNERISMS, SHFMAN, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_manner, manner, q15_mannerisms, q15_odd_ways, q15mannerisms_or_odd, scq15_r03
Query lifetime_movement String 50 Required Complicated movements of whole body - Has she/he ever had any complicated movements of her/his whole body, such as spinning or repeatedly bouncing up and down?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ016L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_COMPLICATE_MOVE, SOTHMA, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_movement, movement, q16_complicated_movements, q16_complicated_movements, q16any_complicated_movem_spinn, scq16_r03
Query lifetime_injure String 50 Required Deliberate self-injury - Has she/he ever injured herself/himself deliberately, such as biting her/his arm or banging her/his head?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ017L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_INJURE_SELF, SSLFIN, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_injure, injure, q17_deliberate_injury, q17_injured_deliberately, q17injured_himself_deliberat, scq17_r03
Query lifetime_objcarry String 50 Required Need to carry around objects other than a soft toy or blanket - Has she/he ever had any objects (other than a soft toy or comfort blanket) that she/he had to carry around?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ018L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_OBJECT_CARRY, SUNATT, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_objcarry, objcarry, q18_carry_objects, q18_objects_carry, q18had_objects_other_carry_around, scq18_r03
Query lifetime_bestfrnd String 50 Required Having any particular friends or a best friend - Does she/he ever have any particular friends or a best friend?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ019L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_BEST_FRND, SFREND, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_bestfrnd, bestfrnd, q19_best_friend, q19_particular_friends, q19have_particular_friends_or_best, scq19_r03
Query lifetime_talkfrndly String 50 Required Talking with parent just to be friendly rather than to get something - Did she/he ever talk to you just to be friendly (rather than to get something)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCHAT, SCQ020L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_FRND_TALK, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_talkfrndly, q20_ever_talk_be_friendly_, q20_talk_friendly, q20_talk_friendly, scq20_r03, talkfrndly
Query lifetime_copyyou String 50 Required Spontaneously coping what other people are doing - Did she/he ever spontaneously copy you (or other people) or what you are doing (such as vacuuming, gardening, or mending things)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ021L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_COPY, SIMIT, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_copyyou, copyyou, q21_copy_you, q21_ever_spontaneously_cop_you, q21_spontaneously_copy, scq21_r03
Query lifetime_ptthings String 50 Required Spontaneously pointing at things just to show them - Did she/he ever spontaneously point at things around her/him just to show you things (not because she/he wants them)?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ022L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_POINT, SPOINT, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_ptthings, ptthings, q22_ever_spontaneously_point, q22_point_things, q22_spontaneously_point, scq22_r03
Query lifetime_gesture String 50 Required Gestures to get things except pointing or pulling hand - Did she/he ever use gestures, other than pointing or pulling your hand, to let you know what she/he wants?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ023L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_GESTURE, SINSGE, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_gesture, gesture, q23_ever_use_gestures_other_than_point, q23_gestures, q23_gestures_wanted, scq23_r03
Query lifetime_nodheady String 50 Required Nodding head to indicate yes - Did she/he nod her/his head to indicate yes?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ024L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_HEAD_YES, SNOD, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_nodheady, nodheady, q24_nod_head, q24_nod_head_mean_yes, q24_nod_yes, scq24_r03
Query lifetime_nodheadn String 50 Required Shaking head to indicate no - Did she/he shake her/his head to indicate no?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ025L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_HEAD_NO, SHSHAK, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_nodheadn, nodheadn, q25_shake_head, q25_shake_head_mean_no, q25_shake_no, scq25_r03
Query lifetime_facelook String 50 Required Looking directly in the face - Did she/he usually look at you directly in the face when doing things with you or talking with you?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ026L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_LOOK_DIRECT, SGAZE, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_facelook, facelook, q26_look_directly, q26_look_directly, q26_usually_look_at_direct_in_face, scq26_r03
Query lifetime_smileback String 50 Required Smiling back when smiled at - Did she/he smile back if someone smiles at her/him?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ027L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SMILE_BACK, SSSMIL, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_smileback, q27_smile_back, q27_smile_back, q27_smile_back_if_someone_, scq27_r03, smileback
Query lifetime_attn String 50 Required Showing things to get parents attention - Did she/he ever show you things that interest her/him to engage your attention?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ028L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SHOW_THING, SSHOW, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_attn, attn, q28_ever_show_things_intererested, q28_show_things, q28_things_interested, scq28_r03
Query lifetime_share String 50 Required Offering to share things other than food - Did she/he ever offer to share things other than food with you?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ029L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SHARE, SOSHAR, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_share, q29_ever_offer_share_thing, q29_offer_share, q29_share, scq29_r03, share
Query lifetime_joinenjoy String 50 Required Wanting to be joined in something - Did she/he ever seemed to want you to join in her/his enjoyment of something?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ030L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_JOIN_ENJOY, SSHARE, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_joinenjoy, joinenjoy, q30_ever_seem_want_you_join_enjoyment, q30_join_enjoyment, q30_join_enjoyment, scq30_r03
Query lifetime_comfort String 50 Required Trying to comfort a hurt or sad parent - Did she/he ever try to comfort you if you are sad or hurt?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ031L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_COMFORT, SOCOMF, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_comfort, comfort, q31_comfort, q31_comfort, q31_ever_try_comfort_you_if_sad, scq31_r03
Query lifetime_help String 50 Recommended Asking for help to get something - If she/he wanted something or wants help, did she/he look at you and use gestures with sounds or words to get your attention?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ032L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_HELP_GESTURE, SQUALO, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_help, help, q32_help_attention, q32_wanted_something, q32_when_wanted_something_look_gesture, scq32_r03
Query lifetime_normalfacialexp String 50 Required Normal range of facial expressions - Did she/he show a normal range of facial expressions?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ033L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_RANGE_EXPRESS, SRFACE, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_normalfacialexp, lifetime_normfaceexp, normalfacialexp, q33_facial_expressions, q33_range_expressions, q33_show_normal_range_of_facial_exp, scq33_r03
Query lifetime_copyaction String 50 Required Spontaneously joining in social games - Did she/he ever spontaneously join in and try to copy the actions in social games, such as The Mulberry Bush or London Bridge is Falling Down?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ034L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_SOCIAL_GAME, SSOPLA, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_copyaction, copyaction, q34_copy_actions, q34_spontaneously_join, q34_spontaneously_join_social_games, scq34_r03
Query lifetime_makebelievegame String 50 Required Playing any pretend or make-believe games - Did she/he play any pretend or make-believe games?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ035L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_PLAY_PRETEND, SPLAY, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_makebelievegame, lifetime_makebelieve, makebelievegame, q35_make_believe, q35_play_any_pretend_games, q35_play_pretend, scq35_r03
Query lifetime_childinterest String 50 Required Interest in other children the same age - Did she/he seem interested in other children of approximately the same age whom she/he does not know?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ036L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_CHILD_INTEREST, SINTCH, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_childinterest, childinterest, lifetime_childinter, q36_same_age, q36_seem_interested, q36_seem_interested_other_children_same_age, scq36_r03
Query lifetime_positiveapp String 50 Required Positive response when approached by another child - Did she/he respond positively when another child approaches her/him?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ037L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_RESPOND_POSITIVE, SRESPC, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_positiveapp, positiveapp, postitiveapp, q37_respond_positively, q37_respond_positively, q37_respond_positively_another_child_approach, scq37_r03
Query lifetime_talknoname String 50 Required Attentive when talked to - If you come into a room and started talking to her/him without calling her/his name, did she/he usually look up and pay attention to you?
Yes;No; not_answered
SAVOIC, SCQ038L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_PAY_ATTNTN, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_talknoname, q38_came_into_room, q38_pay_attention, q38_you_came_into_room_talking_attention, scq38_r03, talknoname
Query lifetime_imaginegame String 50 Required Imaginative pretend games - Did she/he ever play imaginative games with another child in such a way that you can tell that each child understands what the other is pretending?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ039L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_OTHR_PRETEND, SPEERP, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_imaginegame, imaginegame, q39_imaginative_games, q39_play_imaginative, q39_play_imaginative_with_child_understand, scq39_r03
Query lifetime_playcoop String 50 Required Playing cooperatively - Did she/he play cooperatively in games that need some form of joining in with a group of other children, such as hide-and-seek or ball games?
Yes;No; not_answered
SCQ040L_AN, SCQ_LIFE_COOPERATIVE_PLAY, SGRPLY, Scq_lifetime_lifetime_playcoop, playcoop, q40_cooperatively_games, q40_play_cooperatively, q40_play_cooperatively_games_group, scq40_r03
Query scq_subtotal_1 Integer Recommended scq subtotal items 1-19 scq_lifetime_subtotal_1
Query scq_subtotal_2 Integer Recommended Subtotal Items 1-19: Yes Responses scq_lifetime_subtotal_2
Query scq_subtotal_3 Integer Recommended subtotals for scq 3 scq_lifetime_subtotal_3
Query scq_subtotal_4 Integer Recommended scq subtotal 4 scq_lifetime_subtotal_4
Query scq_total_score Integer Recommended SCQ total score ASQ_total, SCQ_LIFETIME_SCORE, SCQ_TOTAL, score, scq_lifetime_total_score, scq_total_score_l, summary_score, total
Query test_type String 50 Recommended Type of event (Pre-Test or Post-Test) Pre-Test;Post-Test
Query validity_of_data Integer Recommended Validity of data
0::4; 999
0= raw; 1 = Valid or clean; 2 = Question validity; 3 = Invalid data; 4 = Not answered; 999= missing
Query visit String 60 Recommended Visit name scql_apt
site String 101 Recommended Site Study Site
study String 100 Recommended Study; The code for each individual study
Query phenotype String 200 Recommended Phenotype/diagnosis for the subject asd_diagnosis
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  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
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  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
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