Creating an NDA Account

All NDA Users are required to sign in with one of three NIH Research Auth Service (RAS) identities. More information on RAS can be found on Researcher Auth Service Initiative.

If you do not have a RAS identity, please create a account.

Creating an NDA Account | Have an Existing NDA Account? | Logging into NDA Tools

Creating an NDA Account

NDA accounts cannot be created without a RAS identity.

To create an NDA account, first sign into NDA using a RAS identity:

  1. Click "My Account" on
  2. Click "Sign in with RAS".

  3. Sign in using your RAS credentials.

  4. Once successfully signed in, fill out the required fields. and then click Create New NDA account.
  5. You'll then be able to sign in to your NDA account using your RAS identity!

Have an existing NDA account?

Users can link their existing NDA account with their RAS identity instead of creating a new NDA account.

  1. Log into NDA using your RAS identity.
  2. Click "Sign in with RAS".

  3. Sign in using your RAS credentials.

  4. Click "Linking Existing NDA Account".
  5. Enter the email address of your existing NDA account and click "Continue".

  6. NDA will send a verification email. Follow the instructions provided in the email to link your NDA account and your RAS identity.
  7. Once your NDA account and RAS identity are linked successfully, log into your NDA account using your RAS identity.

Logging into NDA Tools

Logging in with your RAS identity does NOT apply to logging into NDA Tools currently.

  • NDA is working on upgrading the NDA-Tools clients to work with the new RAS login in the next months.

Use your NDA credentials to log into NDA Tools.

  • The username listed in your NDA Profile is the username used to log into NDA Tools.

  • To set a password to log into NDA Tools, click "Reset Password" in your NDA Profile.