Lifespan Pilot Report Available, FOAs for Lifespan Development, Aging Announced
February 24, 2015

Author: Jenn Elam

Study: HCP Young Adult


Now available for download are an interim report  and associated slidessummarizing findings from the HCP Lifespan Pilot project being conducted by the WU-Minn  and MGH-USC HCP consortia.

The ongoing HCP Lifespan Pilot is collecting multimodal imaging data acquired across the lifespan, in 6 age groups (4-6, 8-9, 14-15, 25-35, 45-55, 65-75) and using scanners that differ in field strength (3T, 7T) and maximum gradient strength (70-100 mT/m). The scanning protocols are similar to those for the WU-Minn Young Adult HCP, except shorter in duration.

The report should be of interest for those groups applying for the newly released FOAs from the NIH Blueprint:

Lifespan Human Connectome Project: Development (U01) for healthy subjects ages 5-21.

Lifespan Human Connectome Project: Aging (U01) for healthy subjects ages 36-90+.

The NIH also recently issued an FOA to solicit applications that will apply the HCP data collection protocols to human disease and disorder cohorts (PAR-14-281: Connectomes Related to Human Disease (U01).