New NDA Data Web Services: Webinars Available
November 21, 2016

To support computational scientists and research systems integration, the NDA is making its hosted data and metadata directly available through web services. The NDA hopes to make data access/sharing more efficient through these direct system to system interfaces, and by leveraging research-based platforms and pipelines. Learn about this effort at one of the webinars below, and bookmark our user interface for each resource.

We will host two webinars in December where we will provide an introduction to these services, review the various operations available, and solicit feedback for improvement and or new services. Sign up for your preferred session below, each of which will cover the same content:

Wednesday December 14, 3:00 - 430 PM EST
Register Here

Tuesday December 20, 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST
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The following is a short description and link to each service; new services are still in development and may not be immediately available.

Data Dictionary
 This service provides information about all of the measures (data structures) available within the data archives; including details on the data elements that make up each data structure.

This service provides information on all fMRI, Eye Tracking, and EEG experiments that have been defined.
Search [New]
This service provides search on publicly available information across all of NDA, including studies, collections, the data dictionary, experiments, and page content.The service will be used by the NDA website search, and is also publicly available.Search functionality is supported by ElasticSearch, and the service includes the ability for users to execute custom ElasticSearch queries against the search index.
GUID/Get Data [New Features] 
This authenticated web service previously provided a list of data types available for the requested GUID; it now has a new feature that provides a list of all data structures (organized by type), with an additional operation to retrieve all data for the GUID that the user has access to.
Post Data [Coming Soon]
This authenticated web service will support programmatic access to a user’s miNDAR(s).  Initial functionality will provide user’s the ability to GET and POST data to tables in the miNDAR, and eventually the ability to submit data that has been POST-ed this way, providing a programmatic method for data submissions.