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NIAAA has joined the National Institute of Mental Health Data Archive (NDA) to begin a data sharing initiative for those awarded grants for human subject research. The main outcome of this initiative is the creation of a data repository of NIAAA-funded human research studies, the NIAAA Data Archive (NIAAADA).

Any investigator considering applying for a NIAAA grant involving human subjects should read the NIAAA Guide Notice NOT-AA-23-002 , NIAAA's formal announcement to the research community about the new Data Sharing Initiative. This Notice describes applicable studies as well as data sharing policies, and guidelines for grant applicants.

In addition to the NIAAADA, the NDA houses a compilation of research data repositories. The NDA infrastructure was established initially to support The National Database for Autism Research (NDAR) but has grown into an informatics platform that facilitates data sharing across all of mental health and other research communities.

The NIH, NIAAA, and NIMH seek to encourage the use of these resources to achieve accelerated scientific progress. To take full advantage of such resources and maximize their research value, it is important that data be made available, on appropriate terms and conditions, to the largest possible number of qualified investigators in a timely manner.