Notice of Grant Award (NOA)

The Notice of Grant Award (NOA) marks the beginning of the submission process for most data contributors/grantees. If your project is expected to share data, an item regarding data sharing will be included in the Terms and Conditions of your award.

Following the issuance of this award, you will receive a Welcome Email directly from NDA providing information on the initial steps you need to take. The Welcome Email is your first direct interaction with NDA. Once NDA reaches out to initiate the data sharing process, an NDA Collection will be created for you (this is the virtual container for all your research data in NDA), and you will be asked to:

  • Complete an NDA Data Submission Agreement.
  • Set up a tracking list of data, called the Data Expected List, of the data you expect to collect and when it will be deposited and shared.
  • Begin preparing for eventual data upload and sharing.

Please visit the next section on what happens after your Award to learn more.