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This website contains the permanent archive of the clinical data, patient reported outcomes, biospecimen analyses, quantitative image analyses, radiographs (X-Rays) and magnetic resonance images (MRIs) acquired during this study. There are longitudinal assessments and measurements from 4,796 subjects, with data from over 431,000 clinical and imaging visits, and almost 26,626,000 images in this archive. More than 400 research manuscripts have already been generated based on this data.

Sagittal proton density image from multi-slice multi-echo spin echo (T2 map) series (10ms TE / 2700ms TR)

Axial susceptibility weighted 3D fast imaging with steady state precession (T2*W 3D FISP or GRASS) Water Excitation image (2.5ms TE / 20ms TR / 50o flip angle)

Sagittal 3D DESS Water Excitation image (4.7ms TE / 16.3ms TR / 25o flip angle).

Coronal Intermediate-weighted 2D turbo spin echo (IW TSE)