About OAI

This data repository provides access to the data and images from the eleven year OAI longitudinal cohort study. This study documents the natural history of knee osteoarthritis across the complete spectrum of disease including at risk subjects, those with early/preclinical disease, subjects with established OA, and those with end stage disease.

In the OAI, the imaging, biochemical, genetic and risk markers of knee OA have been documented. Comparison of these metrics with structural and/or clinical outcomes may enable insights into prevention and treatment of this debilitating disease.

The OAI study design, measures, clinical data and DICOM images are available for download using this website. Furthermore, a variety of quantitative and semi-quantitative image assessments are available. This data should enable assessment and hypothesis generation and testing on the evolution of early OA to clinically significant disease.

Bilateral PA Fixed Flexion radiograph (tunnel view with 2X zoom)

Quantitative JSW (Joint Space Width) measurements using fixed flexion radiograph, Jeff Duryea (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)