OAI DICOM Images by Visit

Complete packages of OAI Images by Visit in zip format may be obtained in two manners.


The most straight-forward approach is to use the OAI Image Dashboard. First, make sure you are viewing Shared Packages in the dropdown above the dashboard, then choose the dataset of interest to you and add to your account using the Actions Menu (right side).  Launch the download manager and proceed by first choosing your destination directory and then clicking download.


You can also build custom packages containing DICOM images zipped at the series level using the NDA query tools and the "image" structure.

OAI Image Dashboard


Package Name Estimated Transfer Time* Package Size Total Unzipped Size**
OAINonImaging <1 minute ~ ~
OAIScreeningImages 1 to 2 hours 44.2 GB 90 GB
OAIBaselineImages 8 to 12 hours 983.1 GB 2 TB
OAI12MonthImages 6 to 10 hours 814.2 GB 2 TB
OAI18MonthImages ~ 1 hour 35.5 GB 80 GB
OAI24MonthImages 8 to 12 hours 803.8 GB 2 TB
OAI30MonthImages 1 to 3 hours 86.8 GB 200 GB
OAI36MonthImages 6 to 10 hours 665.4 GB 1.5 TB
OAI48MonthImages 8 to 12 hours 807.5 GB 1.5 TB
OAI72MonthImages 5 to 8 hours 489.6 GB 1 TB
OAI96MonthImages 5 to 8 hours 453.2 GB 1 TB

*Transfer times estimated based on NDA test downloads. Individual transfer times may vary significantly based on network conditions.

**Total unzipped size represents combined space occupied by both original zip package and the extracted files on the storage device.