Training Modules

Data Submission | Submission for PIs | NDA Studies | Accessing Shared Data | Cloud Access

The NIMH Data Archive makes available a variety of training modules to help new users learn how to work with the system, and acquaint existing users with some new or updated features. Each training below is designed to present the relevant steps of a task or process tailored to your role on the project, and demonstrate how to take these steps on the NDA site. Please let us know at if you have any questions.

Data Submission

Designed for data managers, this data submission training provides a walkthrough of the process to prepare and upload data to NDA.


Submission for Principal Investigators 

Similar to the Data Submission tutorial, this training covers the entire lifecycle of a data submission project, intended for the principal investigators of contributing projects.


The Validation and Upload Tool

This tutorial goes over how to use the browser-based client of the Validation and Upload Tool to submit your data to NDA.


Creating an NDA Study

For those accessing data for secondary analysis or contributing their own data, an NDA Study should be created in anticipation of a publication or other result. This training will assist you in creating your NDA Study.


Accessing Shared Data

Learn how to request access to shared data, use NDA's query tools to find data of interest, and get the data through downloading or direct access in the cloud.


Accessing Files in the Cloud

Learn how to use your NDA account to work with your own database in the cloud, or access rich data files directly in Amazon S3.