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Filter Cart

Viewable at the top right of NDA pages, the Filter Cart is a temporary holder for filters and data they select. Filters are added to the Workspace first, before being submitted to The Filter Cart. Data selected by filters in the Filter Cart can be added to a Data Package or an NDA Study from the Data Packaging Page, by clicking the 'Create Data Package / Add Data to Study' button.

The filter cart supports combining multiple filters together, and depending on filter type will use "AND" or "OR" when combining filters.

Multiple selections from the same filter type will result in those selections being applied with an ‘OR’ condition. For example, if you add an NDA Collection Filter with selections for both collections 2112 and 2563 to an empty Workspace, the subjects from NDA Collection 2112 ‘OR’ NDA Collection 2563 will be added to your Workspace even if a subject is in both NDA Collections. You can then add other NDA Collections to your Workspace which further extends the ‘OR’ condition.

If a different filter type is added to your Workspace, or a filter has already been submitted to the Filter Cart, the operation then performs a logical ‘AND’ operation. This means that given the subjects returned from the first filter, only those subjects that matched the first filter are returned by the second filter (i.e., subjects that satisfied both filters).

When combining other filters with the GUID filter, please note the GUID filter should be added last. Otherwise, preselected data may be lost. For example, a predefined filter from Featured Datasets may select a subset of data available for a subject. When combined with a GUID filter for the same subject, the filter cart will contain all data available from that subject, data structure, and dataset; this may be more data than was selected in the predefined filter for that subject. Again, you should add the GUID Filter as the last filter to your cart. This ensures 'AND' logic between filters and will limit results to the subjects, data structures, and datasets already included in your filter cart.

Note that only the subjects specific to your filter will be added to your Filter Cart and only on data shared with the research community. Other data for those same subjects may exist (i.e., within another NDA Collection, associated with a data structure that was not requested in the query, etc.). So, users should select ‘Find all Subjects Data’ to identify all data for those specific subjects.

Additional Tips:

  • You may query the data without an account, but to gain access you will need to create an NDA user account and apply for access. Most data access requires that you or your lab are sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with Federal Wide Assurance (FWA). Without access, you will not be able to obtain individual-level data.

Once you have selected data of interest you can:

  • Create a data package - This allows you to specify format for access/download
  • Assign to Study Cohort - Associate the data to an NDA Study allowing for a DOI to be generated and the data to be linked directly to a finding, publication, or data release.
  • Find All Subject Data - Depending on filter types being used, not all data associated with a subject will be selected. Data may be restricted by data structure, NDA Collection, or outcome variables (e.g., NDA Study). ‘Find All Data’ expands the filter criteria by replacing all filters in your Filter Cart with a single Query by GUID filter for all subjects selected by those filters.

Please Note:

  • When running a query, it may take a moment to populate the Filter Cart. Queries happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time.
  • When you add your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the Filter Cart (e.g., a Concept, an NDA Collection, a Data Structure/Element, etc.). As you add additional filters, they will also display in the Filter Cart. Only the name of filter will be shown in the Filter Cart, not the underlying structures.
  • Information about the contents of the Filter Cart can be seen by clicking "Edit”.
  • Once your results appear in the Filter Cart, you can create a data package or assign subjects to a study by selecting the 'Package/Assign to Study' option. You can also 'Edit' or 'Clear' filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Filter Cart?
    Viewable at the top right of NDA pages, the Filter Cart is a temporary holder of data identified by the user, through querying or browsing, as being of some potential interest. The Filter Cart is where you send the data from your Workspace after it has been filtered.
  • What do I do after filters are added to the Filter Cart?
    After filters are added to the Filter Cart, users have options to ‘Create a Package’ for download, ‘Associate to Study Cohort’, or ‘Find All Subject Data’. Selecting ‘Find All Subject Data’ identifies and pulls all data for the subjects into the Filter Cart. Choosing ‘Create a Package’ allows users to package and name their query information for download. Choosing ‘Associate to Study Cohort’ gives users the opportunity to choose the Study Cohort they wish to associate this data.
  • Are there limitations on the amount of data a user can download?

    NDA limits the rate at which individual users can transfer data out of Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Object storage to non-AWS internet addresses. All users have a download limit of 20 Terabytes. This limit applies to the volume of data an individual user can transfer within a 30-day window. Only downloads to non-AWS internet addresses will be counted against the limit.

  • How does Filter Cart Boolean logic work?

    The Filter Cart currently employs basic AND/OR Boolean logic. A single filter may contain multiple selections for that filter type, e.g., a single NDA Study filter might contain NDA Study 1 and NDA Study 2. A subject that is in EITHER 1 OR 2 will be returned. Adding multiple filters to the cart, regardless of type, will AND the result of each filter. If NDA Study 1 and NDA Study 2 are added as individual filters, data for a subject will only be selected if the subject is included in BOTH 1 AND 2.

    When combining other filters with the GUID filter, please note the GUID filter should be added last. Otherwise, preselected data may be lost. For example, a predefined filter from Featured Datasets may select a subset of data available for a subject. When combined with a GUID filter for the same subject, the filter cart will contain all data available from that subject, data structure, and dataset; this may be more data than was selected in the predefined filter for that subject. Again, you should add the GUID Filter as the last filter to your cart. This ensures 'AND' logic between filters and will limit results to the subjects, data structures, and datasets already included in your filter cart.


  • Workspace
    The Workspace within the General Query Tool is a holding area where you can review your pending filters prior to adding them to Filter Cart. Therefore, the first step in accessing data is to select one or more items and move it into the Workspace.
  • Filter Cart
    Viewable at the top right of NDA pages, the Filter Cart is a temporary holder of data identified by the user through querying or browsing as being of some potential interest. The Filter Cart adds data using an AND condition. The opportunity to further refine data to determine what will be downloaded or sent to a miNDAR is available on the Data Packaging Page, the next step after the Filter Cart. Subsequent access to data is restricted by User Permission or Privilege; however Filter Cart use is not.
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CHARGE Medical History

2,122 Shared Subjects

CHARGE Medical History (May 2007) defined by the MIND Institute's CHARGE Study (CHildhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment) at the University of California, Davis
Clinical Assessments
Med History
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CHARGE_Medical_History.pdf PDF file icon
Query Element Name Data Type Size Required Description Value Range Notes Aliases
subjectkey GUID Required The NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subject NDAR* CandidateGUID, GUID, SubjectKey_GUID
src_subject_id String 20 Required Subject ID how it's defined in lab/project Charge_medicalhist_SRC_Subject_ID, IBISID, MedicalHx_SubjectID
interview_date Date Required Date on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYY Charge_medicalhist_interview_date, Date_taken, Med_Psych_Hist_Date_Taken, MedicalHx_interview_date
interview_age Integer Required Age in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging. 0 :: 1260 Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month. Candidate_Age_in_Months, Charge_medicalhist_interview_age, Med_Psych_Hist_Candidate_Age
comments_misc String 4,000 Recommended Miscellaneous comments on study, interview, methodology relevant to this form data Charge_medicalhist_comments_misc, MedicalHx_misc_comments, med_psych_hist_q17_birth_defects, q17_birth_defects
Query diag_aofc Integer Recommended Age of First Concern(in months) 0 :: 1200; -999 Charge_medicalhist_diag_aofc, medicalhist_aofc
diag_aofcnk String 50 Recommended Age of First Concern - NK Charge_medicalhist_diag_aofcnk
diag_fconcern String 255 Recommended First Concerns Charge_medicalhist_diag_fconcern, medicalhist_firstconcern
diag_diagnosis String 4,000 Recommended Diagnosis Autism; PDD-NOS; Asperger's; ADHD; Language Disorder; Other; None Charge_medicalhist_diag_diagnosis, medicalhist_diagnosis
Query diag_ageatdiag Integer Recommended Age at diagnosis(in months)
0 :: 1200
Charge_medicalhist_diag_ageatdiag, medicalhist_age_at_diag
Query diag_ageatdiagnk String 50 Recommended Age at diagnosis - NK Charge_medicalhist_diag_ageatdiagnk
Query diag_diagnosismadeby String 50 Recommended Diagnosis made by Physician;Psychologist;Other; NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_diag_diagnosismadeby, medicalhist_diagnosis_made_by
Query postnatal_temp String 50 Recommended Temperament Easy;Difficult/Irregular;Passive;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_temp, medicalhist_postnatal_temperament
Query postnatal_eyecontact String 50 Recommended Eye Contact: Normal;Difficult to Engage;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_eyecontact, medicalhist_postnatal_eyecontact
Query postnatal_sleeppattern String 50 Recommended Sleep Pattern: Regular/Predictable;Irregular/Unpredictable;NK; NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_sleeppattern, medicalhist_postnatal_sleeppattern
Query postnatal_feedbottle String 50 Recommended Feeding: Bottle
postnatal_feedbottleform String 255 Recommended Feeding: Formula Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_feedbottleform, medicalhist_postnatal_feed_formula_type
Query postnatal_feedbr String 50 Recommended Feeding: Breast
Query postnatal_feedbrlngth Integer Recommended Feeding: Length Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_feedbrlngth, medicalhist_postnatal_feedduration
Query postnatal_wtgainpoor String 50 Recommended Poor Weight Gain
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_wtgainpoor, medicalhist_postnatal_wtgainpoor
Query postnatal_colic String 50 Recommended Colic/Difficult to Soothe
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_postnatal_colic, medicalhist_postnatal_colic
Query develop_grossm String 50 Recommended Gross Motor: Early;Average;Late;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_develop_grossm, medicalhist_develop_grossm
Query develop_finem String 50 Recommended Fine Motor: Early;Average;Late;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_develop_finem, medicalhist_develop_finem
Query develop_lang String 50 Recommended Language Early;Average;Late;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_develop_lang, medicalhist_develop_lang
Query develop_social String 50 Recommended Social Early;Average;Late;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_develop_social, medicalhist_develop_social
Query develop_selfhelp String 50 Recommended Self-Help Early;Average;Late;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_develop_selfhelp, medicalhist_develop_selfhelp
Query develop_regression String 50 Required Developmental Regression:
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_develop_regression, medicalhist_develop_regression
Query develop_regressionage Integer Recommended Age(In mnths) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_develop_regressionage, medicalhist_develop_regressionage
develop_regressionskillloss String 255 Recommended Skills Lost Charge_medicalhist_develop_regressionskillloss, medicalhist_develop_regression_skill_loss
currmed_prescription String 255 Recommended Prescription (Medication, Dose, Frequency, Reason) Charge_medicalhist_currmed_prescription, med_his_q_5_medications_describe, medicalhist_currmed_prescription, tsi_med_his_q_5_medications_describe
currmed_overcounter String 255 Recommended Over the Counter (Medication, Dose, Frequency, Reason) Charge_medicalhist_currmed_overcounter, medicalhist_currmed_overcounter
currmed_supplement String 255 Recommended Supplements (Herbal, Vitamin, etc.) (Supplement, Dose, Frequency, Reason) Charge_medicalhist_currmed_supplement, medicalhist_currmed_supplement
Query rev_headmicroph String 50 Recommended Microcephaly
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmicroph, medicalhist_head_microph
Query rev_headmacroph String 50 Recommended Macrocephaly
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmacroph, medicalhist_head_macroph
Query rev_headstructab String 50 Recommended Structural abnormalities
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_headstructab, medicalhist_head_struct_ab
rev_headstructabdesc String 255 Recommended Structural abnormalities: Describe Charge_medicalhist_rev_headstructabdesc, medicalhist_head_struct_abdesc, neuro_screen_q19_other_physical_abnormalities, q19_other_physical_abnormalities
Query rev_headmeningitis String 50 Recommended Meningitis Yes; No; NK; NS NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmeningitis, med_psych_hist_q16_has_child_ever, medicalhist_head_meningitits, q16_has_child_ever
Query rev_headmeningitisage Integer Recommended Meningitis: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmeningitisage, Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmeningititsage, medicalhist_head_meningitits_age
Query rev_headmeningitisorg String 255 Recommended Meningitis: Organism Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmeningitisorg, Charge_medicalhist_rev_headmeningititsorg, medicalhist_head_meningitits_org
Query rev_headencephalitis String 50 Recommended Encephalitis
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_headencephalitis, medicalhist_head_encephalitis
Query rev_headencephalitisage Integer Recommended Encephalitis: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_headencephalitisage, medicalhist_head_encephalitis_age
rev_headencephalitisorg String 255 Recommended Encephalitis: Organism Charge_medicalhist_rev_headencephalitisorg, medicalhist_head_encephalitis_org
Query rev_headfebseiz String 50 Recommended Febrile Seizures
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_headfebseiz, med_psych_hist_q15_c_fever_seizures, medicalhist_head_feb_seiz, q15_c_fever_seizures
Query rev_headfebseizages String 255 Recommended Febrile Seizures: Age(S) Charge_medicalhist_rev_headfebseizages
Query rev_headseizure String 50 Required Seizures Yes; No; NK; NS NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_headseizure, med_psych_hist_q15_seizures_convulsions, medicalhist_head_seizure, q15_seizures_convulsions
Query rev_headseizureonset String 255 Recommended Seizures: Onset Charge_medicalhist_rev_headseizureonset, medicalhist_head_seizure_onset
Query rev_headseizurecontrol String 50 Required Seizures: Controlled
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_headseizurecontrol, medicalhist_head_seizure_control
Query rev_headeeg String 50 Recommended EEG
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_headeeg, medicalhist_head_eeg
rev_headeegresult String 255 Recommended EEG: Results Charge_medicalhist_rev_headeegresult, medicalhist_head_eeg_result
Query rev_headimagestudy String 50 Recommended Imaging Studies
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_headimagestudy, medicalhist_head_image_study
Query rev_headimagestudytype String 50 Recommended Imaging Studies: Type US;CT;MR;PET;EEG; MR; any combinations of these types Charge_medicalhist_rev_headimagestudytype, medicalhist_head_image_studytype
rev_headimagestudyresult String 255 Recommended Imaging Studies: Results Normal; Abnormal Charge_medicalhist_rev_headimagestudyresult, med_his_q_8_brain_MRI_results, medicalhist_head_image_studyresult, tsi_med_his_q_8_brain_MRI_results
rev_headother String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_headother, medicalhist_head_other
Query rev_eyeimpair String 50 Recommended Visual impairments
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_eyeimpair, medicalhist_eye_impair
Query rev_eyestrabismus String 50 Recommended Strabismus
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_eyestrabismus, medicalhist_eye_strabismus, q1_strabismus
rev_eyeoter String 255 Recommended Eyes Other/Comments: Charge_medicalhist_rev_eyeoter, medicalhist_eye_other
Query rev_eartest String 50 Recommended Hearing Testing:
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_eartest, medicalhist_ear_test
rev_eartestages String 255 Recommended Hearing Testing: Age(S) Charge_medicalhist_rev_eartestages
Query rev_eartestresult String 50 Recommended Hearing Testing: Result Normal;Abnormal;Unknown Charge_medicalhist_rev_eartestresult, medicalhist_ear_test_result
rev_eartestfinding String 255 Recommended Hearing Testing: Findings Charge_medicalhist_rev_eartestfinding, audiology_test_results, medicalhist_ea_rtest_finding
Query rev_earab String 50 Recommended Ext. Ear Abnormalities
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_earab, medicalhist_ear_ext_abn
Query rev_earabdesc String 255 Recommended Ext. Ear Abnormalities: Abnormalities Charge_medicalhist_rev_earabdesc, medicalhist_ear_ext_abndesc
Query rev_earrecuotitis String 50 Required Recurrent Otitis Media
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_earrecuotitis, medicalhist_ear_recurrent_otitis
Query rev_earrecuotitisyear Integer Recommended Recurrent Otitis Media: #Year Charge_medicalhist_rev_earrecuotitisyear
Query rev_earrecuotitisage Integer Recommended Recurrent Otitis Media: Age of Onset(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_earrecuotitisage, medicalhist_ear_recur_otitis_age
Query rev_earpetube String 50 Recommended PE Tubes
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_earpetube, medicalhist_ear_pe_tube
rev_earpetubeset String 255 Recommended PE Tubes: Sets Charge_medicalhist_rev_earpetubeset, medicalhist_ear_pe_tube_set
rev_earother String 255 Recommended Ears Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_earother, medicalhist_ear_other, q6_ear_formation
Query rev_nosesmellprob String 50 Recommended Problems with Smell
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_nosesmellprob, medicalhist_nose_smell_prob
rev_noseother String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_noseother, medicalhist_nose_other
Query rev_mouthcleftlip String 50 Recommended Is there a cleft lip and/or cleft palate?
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_mouthcleftlip, medicalhist_mouth_cleftlip
Query rev_mouthcleftpalate String 50 Recommended Cleft Palate
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_mouthcleftpalate, medicalhist_mouth_cleftpalate
Query rev_mouthspeechdiff String 50 Recommended Speech Difficulties
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_mouthspeechdiff, medicalhist_mouth_speechdiff
Query rev_mouthnasalreg String 50 Recommended Nasal Regurgitation
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_mouthnasalreg, medicalhist_mouth_nasalreg
rev_mouthother String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_mouthother, medicalhist_mouth_other
Query rev_teethneonatal String 50 Recommended Neonatal Teeth
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_teethneonatal, medicalhist_teeth_neonatal
Query rev_teethdentalab String 50 Recommended Dental abnormalities
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_teethdentalab, medicalhist_teeth_dental_ab
rev_teethdentalabdesc String 255 Recommended Dental abnormalities: Describe Charge_medicalhist_rev_teethdentalabdesc, medicalhist_teeth_dental_abdesc
rev_teethdentalabother String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_teethdentalabother, medicalhist_teeth_dental_abother
Query rev_neckspinalab String 50 Recommended Spinal abnormalities
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_neckspinalab, medicalhist_neck_spinal_ab
rev_neckother String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_neckother, medicalhist_neck_other
Query rev_orthofracture String 50 Recommended Fractures
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthofracture, medicalhist_ortho_fracture
Query rev_orthofractureno Integer Recommended Fractures: Number Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthofractureno, medicalhist_ortho_fractureno
rev_orthofractureloc String 255 Recommended Fractures: Location Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthofractureloc
Query rev_orthojointdislocate String 50 Recommended Joint Dislocation
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthojointdislocate, medicalhist_ortho_joint_dislocate
rev_orthojointdislocatelist String 255 Recommended Joint Dislocation: Joints Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthojointdislocatelist
Query rev_orthoosteomylitis String 50 Recommended Osteomylitis
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthoosteomylitis, medicalhist_ortho_osteomylitis
rev_orthoother String 255 Recommended Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_orthoother, medicalhist_ortho_other
Query rev_skinbirthmark String 50 Recommended Birthmarks (e.g., cafe-au-lait spots, white spots)
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_skinbirthmark, medicalhist_skin_birthmark
Query rev_skineczema String 50 Recommended Eczema
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_skineczema, medicalhist_skin_eczema
Query rev_skinabcesses String 50 Required Skin Infections/Abcesses
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_skinabcesses, medicalhist_skin_abcesses
rev_skinabcessesnumtreat String 255 Recommended Skin Infections/Abcesses: Number/Treatment Charge_medicalhist_rev_skinabcessesnumtreat, medicalhist_skin_abcesses_num_treat
rev_skinother String 255 Recommended Skin Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_skinother, medicalhist_skin_other
Query rev_pulbreathab String 50 Recommended Abnormal Breathing
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulbreathab, medicalhist_pulm_breath_ab
Query rev_pulasthma String 50 Required Asthma
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulasthma, medicalhist_pulm_asthma
rev_pulasthmatrigg String 255 Recommended Asthma: Triggers Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulasthmatrigg, medicalhist_pulm_asthma_trigg
Query rev_pullungmalfunc String 50 Recommended Lung Malformations
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_pullungmalfunc, medicalhist_pulm_lung_malfunc
Query rev_pulpneumoniafreq String 50 Recommended Frequent Pneumonia
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulpneumoniafreq, medicalhist_pulm_pneumonia_freq
rev_pulpneumoniafreqages String 255 Recommended Frequent Pneumonia: Ages(S) Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulpneumoniafreqages, medicalhist_pulm_pneumonia_freq_onset
Query rev_pulaspiration String 50 Recommended Aspiration
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulaspiration, medicalhist_pulm_aspiration
rev_pulother String 255 Recommended Pulmonary Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_pulother, medicalhist_pulm_other
Query rev_cardiomalfunc String 50 Required Cardiac Malformation
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_cardiomalfunc, congenital_heart_problems, medicalhist_cardio_malform
Query rev_cardiomalfunclesion String 255 Recommended Cardiac Malformation: Lesion Charge_medicalhist_rev_cardiomalfunclesion, medicalhist_cardio_malform_lesion
Query rev_cardiocyanosis String 50 Recommended Cyanosis
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_cardiocyanosis, medicalhist_cardio_cyanosis
rev_cardioother String 255 Recommended Cardiac Other/Comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_cardioother, medicalhist_cardio_other
Query rev_gastrodysphagia String 50 Recommended Dysphagia
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastrodysphagia, medicalhist_gastro_dysphagia
Query rev_gastroreflux String 50 Required Reflux
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not sure Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastroreflux, medicalhist_gastro_reflux
Query rev_gastrorefluxmed String 50 Required Reflux: Medication Required
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastrorefluxmed, medicalhist_gastro_reflux_med
Query rev_gastroother String 50 Recommended Other feeding difficulties
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastroother, medicalhist_gastro_other
Query rev_gastrohernia String 50 Recommended Hernia
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastrohernia, medicalhist_gastro_hernia
Query rev_gastroherniatype String 255 Recommended Hernia: Type Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastroherniatype, medicalhist_gastro_hernia_type
rev_gastroothercom String 255 Recommended Gastro Other/comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_gastroothercom, medicalhist_gastro_other_com
Query rev_genitorenalmalfunc String 50 Recommended Renal Malformation
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitorenalmalfunc, medicalhist_genito_rena_lmalfunc
Query rev_genitorenalmalfunctype String 255 Recommended Renal Malformation: Type Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitorenalmalfunctype, medicalhist_genito_rena_lmalfunctype
Query rev_genitouti String 50 Recommended UTI
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitouti, medicalhist_genito_uti
Query rev_genitoutinum Integer Recommended UTI: Number Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitoutinum, medicalhist_genito_utinum
Query rev_genitourinediscolor String 50 Recommended Discolored Urine
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitourinediscolor, medicalhist_genitourinediscolor
Query rev_genitourinediscolorage Integer Recommended Discolored Urine: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitourinediscolorage, medicalhist_genito_discolor_urine_age1
Query rev_genitourinecolor String 50 Recommended Discolored Urine: Color Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitourinecolor, medicalhist_genito_urine_color1
Query rev_genitocryptorchidism String 50 Recommended Cryptorchidism
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitocryptorchidism, medicalhist_genito_cryptorchidism
Query rev_genitocryptorchidismtype String 50 Recommended Cryptorchidism: Type Left;Right;Bilateral Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitocryptorchidismtype, medicalhist_genito_cryptorchidism_loc
rev_genitoother String 255 Recommended Other/comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_genitoother, medicalhist_genito_other
Query rev_endoprecocious String 50 Recommended Precocious Puberty
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endoprecocious, medicalhist_endo_precocious
Query rev_endoprecociousage Integer Recommended Precocious Puberty: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_endoprecociousage, medicalhist_endo_precocious_age
Query rev_endohypothyroidism String 50 Required Hypothyroidism
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endohypothyroidism, medicalhist_endo_hypothyroidism
Query rev_endohyperthyroidism String 50 Required Hyperthyroidism
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endohyperthyroidism, medicalhist_endo_hyperthyroidism
Query rev_endoobesity String 50 Recommended Obesity
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endoobesity, medicalhist_endo_obesity
Query rev_endodiabetes String 50 Required Diabetes
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endodiabetes, medicalhist_endo_diabetes
Query rev_endodiabetestype String 50 Required Diabetes: Type I;II;NA Charge_medicalhist_rev_endodiabetestype, medicalhist_endo_diabetes_type
Query rev_endodiabetesage Integer Recommended Diabetes: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_endodiabetesage, medicalhist_endo_diabetes_age
Query rev_endopancreasinsuff String 50 Recommended Pancreatic Insufficiency
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endopancreasinsuff, medicalhist_endo_pancreas_insuff
Query rev_endohypoglycemia String 50 Recommended Hypoglycemia
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_endohypoglycemia, medicalhist_endo_hypoglycemia
rev_endoother String 255 Recommended Endo Other/comments Charge_medicalhist_rev_endoother, medicalhist_endo_other
Query rev_hemanemia String 50 Recommended Anemia
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_hemanemia, medicalhist_hem_anemia
rev_hemanemiatype String 255 Recommended Anemia: Type Charge_medicalhist_rev_hemanemiatype, medicalhist_hem_anemia_type
Query rev_hembleeddisorder String 50 Recommended Bleeding disorder
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_hembleeddisorder, medicalhist_hem_bleed_disorder
Query rev_hembleeddisordertype String 255 Recommended Bleeding disorder: Type Charge_medicalhist_rev_hembleeddisordertype, medicalhist_hem_bleed_disorder_type
Query rev_immunorecurinfection String 50 Required Recurrent Infections((>2 pneum or sinus infect/yr, >8 OM /yr, absesses))
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunorecurinfection, medicalhist_immuno_recur_infection
Query rev_immunosepsis String 50 Required Sepsis
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunosepsis, medicalhist_immuno_sepsis
Query rev_immunosepsisage Integer Recommended Sepsis: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunosepsisage, medicalhist_immuno_sepsis_age
Query rev_immunosepsisorg String 255 Recommended Sepsis: Organism Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunosepsisorg, medicalhist_immuno_sepsis_org
Query rev_immunoosteo String 50 Recommended Osteomyelitis
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoosteo, medicalhist_immuno_osteo
Query rev_immunoosteoage Integer Recommended Osteomyelitis: Age(in months) 0 :: 1200 Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoosteoage, medicalhist_immuno_osteo_age
rev_immunoosteoloc String 255 Recommended Osteomyelitis: Location Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoosteoloc, medicalhist_immuno_osteo_loc
rev_immunoosteolocorg String 255 Recommended Osteomyelitis: Organism Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoosteolocorg, medicalhist_immuno_osteo_org
Query rev_immunoigdeficiency String 50 Recommended Ig Deficiency
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoigdeficiency, medicalhist_immuno_ig_deficiency
Query rev_immunocellimmunedef String 50 Recommended Cell Mediated Immune Def.
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunocellimmunedef, medicalhist_immuno_cell_mediate_def
Query rev_immunoenvallergy String 50 Required Environmental Allergies
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoenvallergy, medicalhist_immuno_env_allergy
rev_immunoenvallergytype String 255 Recommended Environmental Allergies: Type Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoenvallergytype, medicalhist_immuno_env_allergy_type
Query rev_immunomedallergy String 50 Required Medication Allergies
NK = Not known; NA=Not Applicable Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunomedallergy, med_his_q_6_allergies, medicalhist_immuno_med_allergy, tsi_med_his_q_6_allergies
rev_immunomedallergymed String 255 Recommended Medication Allergies: Medications Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunomedallergymed, med_his_q_6_allergies_describe, medicalhist_immuno_med_allergy_med1, tsi_med_his_q_6_allergies_describe
Query rev_immunoimmunization String 50 Recommended Immunizations
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunization, medicalhist_immuno_immunization_status
Query rev_immunoimmunizdtap String 255 Recommended DTaP Up to date;Behind;None;NK NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizdtap, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_DTap
Query rev_immunoimmunizipv String 255 Recommended Immunizations: IPV
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizipv, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_IPV
Query rev_immunoimmunizhib String 255 Recommended Immunizations: HIB
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizhib, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_HIB
Query rev_immunoimmunizmmr String 255 Recommended Immunizations: MMR
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizmmr, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_MMR
Query rev_immunoimmunizhepb String 255 Recommended Immunizations: HepB
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizhepb, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_HepB
Query rev_immunoimmunizhepa String 255 Recommended Immunizations: HepA
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizhepa, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_HepA
Query rev_immunoimmunizvari String 255 Recommended Immunizations: Varicella
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizvari, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_Vari
Query rev_immunoimmunizprev String 255 Recommended Immunizations: Prevnar
Up to date;Behind;None;NK
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoimmunizprev, medicalhist_immuno_immuniz_Prev
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc String 255 Required Influenza Vaccines
NK = Not known Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1d Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 1 Day Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1d, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc1d
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1m Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 1 Month Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1m, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc1m
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1y Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 1 Year Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1y, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc1y
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2d Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 2 Day Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2d, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc2d
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2m Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 2 Month Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2m, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc2m
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2y Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 2 Year Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2y, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc2y
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3d Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 3 Day Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3d, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc3d
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3m Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 3 Month Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3m, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc3m
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3y Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 3 Year Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3y, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc3y
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4d Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 4 Day Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4d, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc4d
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4m Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 4 Month Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4m, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc4m
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4y Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 4 Year Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4y, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc4y
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5d Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 5 Day Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5d, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc5d
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5m Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 5 Month Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5m, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc5m
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5y Integer Recommended Influenza Vaccine 5 Year Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5y, medicalhist_immuno_influenz_vacc5y
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1_h1n1 String 15 Required Indicate the whether the vaccine 1 given was the H1N1 vaccine
999=NA/missing Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc1_h1n1
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2_h1n1 String 15 Required indicate whether the vaccine 2 given was the H1N1 vaccine
999=NA/missing Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc2_h1n1
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3_h1n1 String 15 Required Indicate whether the vaccine 3 given was the H1N1 vaccine
999=NA/missing Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc3_h1n1
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4_h1n1 String 15 Required Indicate whether the vaccine 4 given was the H1N1 vaccine
999=NA/missing Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc4_h1n1
Query rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5_h1n1 String 15 Required Indicate whether the vaccine 5 given was the H1N1 vaccine
999=NA/missing Charge_medicalhist_rev_immunoinfluenzvacc5_h1n1
sex String 20 Required Sex of subject at birth M;F; O; NR M = Male; F = Female; O=Other; NR = Not reported gender
visitnum Integer Recommended Visit number
drug_name String 25 Recommended Drug Name
drug_dosage Integer Recommended Drug Dosage 0;1 0 = Pre-dose; 1 = Post-dose
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.