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The Filter Cart provides a powerful way to query and access data for which you may be interested.  

A few points related to the filter cart are important to understand with the NDA Query/Filter implementation: 

First, the filter cart is populated asyncronously.  So, when you run a query, it may take a moment to populate but this will happen in the background so you can define other queries during this time.  

When you are adding your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the filter cart (whether it be a collection, a concept, a study, a data structure/elment or subjects). Not all data structures or collections will necessarily be displayed.  For example, if you select the NDA imaging structure image03, and further restrict that query to scan_type fMRI, only fMRI images will appear and only the image03 structure will be shown.  To see other data structures, select "Find All Subject Data" which will query all data for those subjects. When a secord or third filter is applied, an AND condition is used.  A subject must exist in all filters.  If the subject does not appear in any one filter, that subjects data will not be included in your filter cart. If that happens, clear your filter cart, and start over.  

It is best to package more data than you need and access those data using other tools, independent of the NDA (e.g. miNDAR snapshot), to limit the data selected.  If you have any questions on data access, are interested in using avaialble web services, or need help accessing data, please contact us for assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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NDA provides a single access to de-identified autism research data. For permission to download data, you will need an NDA account with approved access to NDA or a connected repository (AGRE, IAN, or the ATP). For NDA access, you need to be a research investigator sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with federal wide assurance. See Request Access for more information.

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Eysenck Personality Questionnaire



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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/project
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fieldvisit_date
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
sexString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Femalegender
epqr1IntegerRecommendedDo you have many different hobbies?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_44e
mpq47IntegerRecommendedI like to stop and think things over before I do them.0;11=True; 0=Falseepqr2
epqr3IntegerRecommendedHave you ever taken the praise for something you knew someone else had really done?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr4IntegerRecommendedDo you take much notice of what people think?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr5IntegerRecommendedAre you a talkative person?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_2e
epqr6IntegerRecommendedWould being in debt worry you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr7IntegerRecommendedDo you give money to ch?arities?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr8IntegerRecommendedWere you ever greedy by helping yourself to more than your share of anything?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr9IntegerRecommendedAre you rather lively?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_4e
epqr10IntegerRecommendedWould it upset you a lot to see a child or an animal suffer?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr11IntegerRecommendedDo you dislike people who don't know how to behave themselves?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr12IntegerRecommendedIf you say you will do something, do you always keep your promise no matter how inconvenient it might be?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr13IntegerRecommendedCan you usually let yourself go and enjoy yourself at a lively party?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqchild_61e, epqsf_8e
epqr14IntegerRecommendedShould people always respect the law?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr15IntegerRecommendedHave you ever blamed someone for doing something you knew was really your fault?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr16IntegerRecommendedDo you enjoy meeting new people?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_6e
epqr17IntegerRecommendedAre good manners very important?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr18IntegerRecommendedAre all your habits good and desirable ones?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
q57_social_occasionsIntegerRecommended57. I tend to keep in the background on social occasions.0;10 = No; 1= Yesepqr19
epqr20IntegerRecommendedWould you take drugs which may have strange or dangerous effects?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr21IntegerRecommendedHave you ever taken anything (even a pin or button) that belonged to someone else?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_16l
epqr22IntegerRecommendedDo you like going out a lot?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_74e
epqr23IntegerRecommendedDo you prefer to go your own way rather than act by the rules?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr24IntegerRecommendedDo you enjoy hurting people you love?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr25IntegerRecommendedDo you sometimes talk about things you know nothing about?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr26IntegerRecommendedDo you prefer reading to meeting people?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr27IntegerRecommendedDo you have enemies who want to harm you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr28IntegerRecommendedDo you have many friends?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr29IntegerRecommendedDo you enjoy practical jokes that can sometimes really hurt people?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr30IntegerRecommendedAs a child did you do as you were told immediately and without grumbling?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr31IntegerRecommendedWould you call yourself happy-go-lucky?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr32IntegerRecommendedDo good manners and cleanliness matter much to you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr33IntegerRecommendedHave you often gone against your parents' wishes?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr34IntegerRecommendedHave you ever broken or lost something belonging to someone else?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr35IntegerRecommendedDo you usually take the initiative in making new friends?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_10e
q24_quietIntegerRecommended24. I am mostly quiet when with other people.0;10 = No; 1= Yesepqr36
epqr37IntegerRecommendedDo you think marriage is old-fashioned and should be done away with?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr38IntegerRecommendedDo you sometimes boast a little?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr39IntegerRecommendedAre you more easy-going about right and wrong than most people?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr40IntegerRecommendedCan you easily get some life into a rather dull party?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_12e
epqr41IntegerRecommendedHave you ever said anything bad or nasty about anyone?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_40l
epqr42IntegerRecommendedDo you enjoy co-operating with others?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr43IntegerRecommendedDo you like telling jokes and funny stories to your friends?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_41e
epqr44IntegerRecommendedDo most things taste the same to you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr45IntegerRecommendedAs a child were you ever cheeky to your parents?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr46IntegerRecommendedDo you like mixing with people?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_15e
epqr47IntegerRecommendedDoes it worry you if you know there are mistakes in your work?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr48IntegerRecommendedHave people said that you sometimes act too rashly?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr49IntegerRecommendedDo you always wash before a meal?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr50IntegerRecommendedDo you nearly always have a "ready answer" when people talk to you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_5e
epqr51IntegerRecommendedDo you like to arrive at appointments in plenty of time?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr52IntegerRecommendedHave you ever cheated at a game?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr53IntegerRecommendedDo you like doing things in which you have to act quickly?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_25e
epqr54IntegerRecommendedIs (or was) your mother a good woman?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr55IntegerRecommendedDo you often make decisions on the spur of the moment?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
pei91IntegerRecommendedThere have been times when I took advantage of someone1;21=Yes; 2=Noepqr56
epqr57IntegerRecommendedDo you often take on more activities than you have time for?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr58IntegerRecommendedAre there several people who keep trying to avoid you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr59IntegerRecommendedDo you think people spend too much time safeguarding their future with savings and insurance?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr60IntegerRecommendedWould you dodge paying taxes if you were sure you could never be found out?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr61IntegerRecommendedCan you get a party going?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqchild_28e, epqsf_20e
epqr62IntegerRecommendedDo you try not to be rude to people?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr63IntegerRecommendedDo you generally "look before you leap"?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr64IntegerRecommendedHave you ever insisted on ha?ving your own way?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr65IntegerRecommendedCan you on the whole trust people to tell the truth?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr66IntegerRecommendedDo you always practice what you preach?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr67IntegerRecommendedIs it better to follow society's rules than go your own way?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr68IntegerRecommendedHave you ever been late for an appointment or work?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr69IntegerRecommendedDo you like plenty of bustle and excitement around you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_1e
epqr70IntegerRecommendedWould you like other people to be afraid of you?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr71IntegerRecommendedDo you sometimes put off until tomorrow what you ought to do today?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr72IntegerRecommendedDo other people think of you as being very lively?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_70e
epqr73IntegerRecommendedDo people tell you a lot of lies?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr74IntegerRecommendedDo you believe one has special duties to one's family?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr75IntegerRecommendedAre you always willing to admit it when you have made a mistake?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr76IntegerRecommendedWould you feel very sorry for an animal caught in a trap?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_1IntegerRecommendedDoes your mood often go up and down?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_1n
epqr_2IntegerRecommendedDo you ever feel "just miserable" for no reason?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqchild_18n, epqsf_3n
epqr_3IntegerRecommendedDo you often worry about things you should not have done or said?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
ak064IntegerRecommendedI am a grouchy (irritable) person.
1 = True; 0 = False; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqr_4, epqsf_5n
bipolarii4IntegerRecommended4. My feelings are rather easily hurt.
1 = True; 0 = False; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqchild_45n, epqr_5, epqsf_7n
epqr_6IntegerRecommendedDo you often feel "fed-up"?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_9n
epqr_7IntegerRecommendedAre you often troubled about feelings of guilt?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_19n
epqr_8IntegerRecommendedWould you call yourself a nervous person?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_11n
epqr_9IntegerRecommendedAre you a worrier?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_13n
epqr_10IntegerRecommendedDo you worry about awful things that might happen?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_26n
epqr_11IntegerRecommendedWould you call yourself tense or "highly-strung"?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_14n
epqr_12IntegerRecommendedDo you worry about your health?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_13IntegerRecommendedDo you suffer from sleeplessness?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_14IntegerRecommendedHave you often felt listless and tired for no reason?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_15IntegerRecommendedDo you often feel life is very dull?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_22n
epqr_16IntegerRecommendedDo you worry a lot about your looks?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_17IntegerRecommendedHave you ever wished that you were dead?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_18IntegerRecommendedDo you worry too long after an embarrassing experience?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_16n
epqr_19IntegerRecommendedDo you suffer from "nerves"?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqsf_17n
epqr_20IntegerRecommendedDo you often feel lonely?
0 = No; 1 = Yes; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missing, not answeredepqchild_71n, epqsf_18n
epqr_21IntegerRecommendedAre you easily hurt when people find fault with you or the work you do?0;10 = No; 1 = Yesepqchild_29n
epqr_22IntegerRecommendedAre you sometimes bubbling over with energy and sometimes very sluggish?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_23IntegerRecommendedAre you touchy about some things?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_24IntegerRecommendedWhen your temper rises, do you find it difficult to control?0;10 = No; 1 = Yes
epqr_neuroticismIntegerRecommendedSum of Neuroticism Scale itemsepqchild_neuroticism, neuroticism_score
epqr_extraversionIntegerRecommendedSum of Extraversion Scale itemsepqchild_extraversion, extraversion_score
epqr_lieIntegerRecommendedSum of Lie Scale itemsepqchild_lie
epqr_psychoticismIntegerRecommendedSum of Psychoticism Scale items
version_formString100RecommendedForm used/assessment name
visnumFloatRecommendedNumeric Visit Number-1.5 = Pre-Screening; -1 = Screening; 0 = Baseline; ## = Visit ## (from 1 to 10); Whole numbers = standard monthly visits; #.001 - #.009 = Unscheduled; #.1 = End of Phase 1; #.2 = End of Phase 2; #.3 = End of Phase 3; #.4 = End of Open Choice Phase; #.5 = End of Study; #.6 = Genetic Analysis; 1000=all visitsvisit_number
epqchild_2nIntegerRecommendedAre you moody?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_6nIntegerRecommendedDo you very easily feel bored?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_8lIntegerRecommendedDo you always do as you are told at once?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_9e_rIntegerRecommendedWould you rather be alone instead of meeting other children?0::1; 99991=No; 0=Yes; 9999=Missing
bipolarii6IntegerRecommended6. Ideas run through my head so that I cannot sleep.0;11=True; 0=Falseepqchild_10n
epqchild_13eIntegerRecommendedAre you rather active and energetic?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_14nIntegerRecommendedDo lots of things annoy you?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_17eIntegerRecommendedDo you have lots of friends?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_21eIntegerRecommendedWould you like to explore an old haunted castle?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_33eIntegerRecommendedDo you think water skiing would be fun?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
ak022IntegerRecommendedI often feel tired for no reason.0;1;9991 = True; 0 = False; 999 = N/A, Not Ascertainable, or missingepqchild_34n
epqchild_37eIntegerRecommendedWhen you make new friends do you usually make the first move?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_38nIntegerRecommendedAre you overly sensitive about some things?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_48e_rIntegerRecommendedWould you rather sit and watch than play at parties?0::1; 99991=No; 0=Yes; 9999=Missing
capi25IntegerRecommendedI often feel very frustrated0;10=Disagree; 1=Agreeepqchild_49n
eysenck30IntegerRecommended30. Do you sometimes like doing things that are a bit frightening?0;11=True; 0=Falseepqchild_52e
jun_eysenck2IntegerRecommendedDo you sometimes get so restless that you cannot sit in a chair long?0;11=True; 0=Falseepqchild_53n
epqchild_56eIntegerRecommendedDo you like hanging out with other children?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_58eIntegerRecommendedWould you like parachute jumping (sky diving)?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_59nIntegerRecommendedDo you worry for a long while if you feel you have made a fool of yourself?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
scan_debrief17IntegerRecommendedDid you feel that life wasn't worth living?0; 10= no; 1= yesepqchild_62n
epqchild_64lIntegerRecommendedHave you ever talked back to your parents?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_65eIntegerRecommendedDo you often make up your mind to do things suddenly?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_66nIntegerRecommendedDoes your mind wander off when you are doing some work?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_67eIntegerRecommendedDo you enjoy diving or jumping into the sea or a pool?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_68nIntegerRecommendedDo you find it hard to get sleep at night because you are worrying about things?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_73lIntegerRecommendedDo you always share all the candy you have?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_76e_rIntegerRecommendedDo you find it hard to really enjoy yourself at a lively party?0::1; 99991=No; 0=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_77nIntegerRecommendedDo you sometimes feel specially cheerful and at other times sad without any good reason?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_79eIntegerRecommendedWould you call yourself easy going?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_80nIntegerRecommendedDo you often need kind friends to cheer you up?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
epqchild_81eIntegerRecommendedWould you like to drive or ride on a fast motor bike?0::1; 99990=No; 1=Yes; 9999=Missing
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: epqr01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.