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["Clinical Assessments","Federated","Federated; AGRE","Federated; ATP","Federated; IAN","Federated; SFARI","Neurosignal Recordings","Omics"]
["ABCD Release 2.0","ABCD Release 3.0","ABCD Release 4.0","ACE Common Measures","ACE Common Measures V2","AGRE","AMP SCZ","ATP","CPEA STAART","Connectome Coordination Facility (CCF)","IAN","NDA","NIAAA","NIH Toolbox","NIMH Common Data Elements","NINDS","Osteoarthritis Initiative","PING","Pediatric MRI","PhenX","SFARI"]
["ADHD","Abuse","Acoustics","Activity","Addiction","Adverse Events","Aggression","Agitation","Anger","Anxiety","Arousal","Attachment","Attention","Attitudes","Autism Spectrum Disorders","Avoidance","Barriers","Behavior","Belonging","Blood","Body Image","Bystander","COVID-19","Caregiving","Cell Preparation","Checklist","Childhood","Cognitive","Cognitive Discounting","Communication","Conduct Disorder","Conflict","Coping","Covid","Cultural Identity","Culture","DEXA","DTI","DTI, MRI, fMRI","Defeat","Delusions","Demographics","Depression","Development","Diagnostic","Diet","Digital Communication","Digital Keystroke Dynamics","Disability","Discrimination","Donor Information","EEG","EGG","EMG","ERP","Eating Disorder","Electrography","Emotions","Encopresis","Enrollment","Entry Form","Evaluated Data","Executive Function","Exercise","Exit Form","Experimental","Exposure","Eye Tracking","Family","Fatigue","Fear","Finances","Food","Food and Category","Gen Test","Goals","Gratitude","HIV","Hallucinations","Health","Hearing","Help","IQ","Interview","Knowledge","Lab","Life Events","Linked Data","Literacy","Loneliness","MEG","MRI","Mania","Med History","Memory","Mental Health","Mood","Movement","Mysticism","Nature","Negative Emotions","Network","Neurocognitive","Neurophysiology","Nutrition","OCD","Omics","PPG","PTSD","Pain","Panic","Parenting","Perception","Personality","Phobia","Phonetics","Phys Characteristics","Phys Exam","Physical Activity","Pleasure","Politics","Psychophysiology","Psychosis","Quality of Life","Questionnaire","Race","Recovery","Relationships","Religious Behaviors","Resolve Identifiers","Satisfaction","School","School Readiness","Screen","Seizure","Self-Concept","Self-Efficacy","Self-Harm","Sensory","Service Use","Sexuality","Side Effects","Sleep","Social","Social Adjustment","Social Responsiveness","Social Support","Socioeconomic","Somatic","Spectroscopy","Speech-Language","Spirituality","Stigma","Stress","Students","Substance Use","Suicidality","Suicide","Suicide Prevention","Summary","Symptom History","Task Based","Taste","Technology","Telemedicine","Temperament","Thoughts","Threat","Trauma","Treatment","Trial-level Behavior","Trust","Victimization","Violence","Virtual Reality","Vision","Well-Being","X-Ray"]
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No records found.
NIMH Data Archive (NDA) Data Dictionary

This page displays a list of all the structures currently supported in the NIMH Data Archive (NDA) Data Dictionary. Each structure represents a standardized definition of a measure that has been defined by researchers. On this list you can view:

  • Title: The name of the measure. This list is sorted alphabetically by title by default
  • Short Name: The NDA abbreviated ID for the structure
  • Shared Subjects: The number of unique subjects with shared data in this structure
  • Sources: Which NDA database(s) or federated systems include projects that have used this structure
  • Categories: The type of measure, relevant mental health issue, or other way of categorizing the structure
  • Submission: Some structures are obsolete, superseded by newer structures, or were created to support legacy projects. This column will display "Allowed" or "No" to indicate whether or not submissions of new data are currently accepted in this structure.

You can use the Search bar to filter the displayed structures based on category and title, or use the arrows in the header row to sort the current display based on that column. Once you’ve located a structure of interest, click on the title to enter the individual structure page.

You can use the check-boxes on the left to make selections and "Download" to add all data in those structures to your download cart. Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.