Your Grant Application and Data Sharing Plan

NDA maintains the following template for a basic Data Sharing Plan that addresses all of the steps involved. Please use this in crafting the Data Sharing Plan located in the Resource Sharing Plan in your application. Click below to download:

NIAAADA Data Sharing Plan Template

Last modified on Mar 15, 2022

As part of your Data Sharing Plan, you will also need to consider the following:

  • Informed Consent: All participants whose data will be shared through NDA must have provided appropriate informed consent. A plain language description of NDA for use in crafting informed consent documents is available below, but please be advised that NDA does not provide feedback on specific informed consent language. Click the link below to download:
NIAAADA Sample Informed Consent Language

Last modified on Aug 5, 2019

  • Global Unique ID (GUID): When data are uploaded to NDA, each study participant will need an associated Global Unique ID, or GUID. This identifier is created using a free tool maintained by NDA and your NDA user account. To create a GUID you will need to collect a set of information from the participant's birth certificate, and account for this in your informed consent documents and with your IRB. For information on what needs to be collected and how to tool is used please visit our full page on the NDA GUID.
  • Budget Estimation - There is a labor cost associated with data sharing. This cost should be planned for and included in your grant application budget. An NDA Data Submission Cost Estimation Tool is provided below to help you calculate a reasonable budget estimate based on the nature and size of your project. The output of this tool should be included within your application, ensuring that you have the necessary resources to share your data. Click the link below to download:
NDA Data Submission Cost Estimation Tool

Last modified on Feb 18, 2021