Getting Data - Data Access

Getting Data from the NIAAA Data Archive (NIAAADA)

As the NIAAADA program has only just begin, there are currently no NIAAA-funded data available for download in the repository. The first NIAAA-funded grants with NIAAADA data sharing expectations will start in the Fall of 2019, with the earliest data available Fall of 2023. Please check this page for updates regarding future data shared through NIAAADA, and how to query available data once released.

However - a great deal of data collected by other researchers in the field of mental health and beyond, including some data potentially relevant to alcohol research reside in NDA. These data are already available through the NDA Query Tools to those qualified researchers who have completed the steps described below.

NDA Query Tools

Once NIAAADA data are available for sharing they will be available in summary to all, even without an NDA account. This includes the number of participants with data available for each measure, and response/value distributions. For access to individual-level data however, researchers will need to receive authorization by completing the NDA Data Access Request (DAR) and satisfying several pre-requisites. DARs will be reviewed by a special committee at NIAAA to ensure that the researcher has made an adequate case for the responsible use of the data. Start the process to submit a DAR by creating an NDA account.

Data Access Pre-Requisites

  1. You must adequately describe a research-related need to access the data.
  2. You must be associated with an NIH-recognized research institution, defined as an institution registered in the NIH electronic research administration system (eRA Commons,) and have the approval of an authorized signatory official of that institution.
  3. Your institution must have an active Federalwide Assurance (FWA.)

Please contact us at the NDA Help Desk with any questions regarding access to data for secondary analysis.